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By this point in time, I think we're all aware that Jun is a complete pervert. Nevertheless, the artist Raul at Arinomama no Toshio (アリノママノトシオ) apparently feels there are some areas to Jun's perversion that have not been sufficiently explored. Hence this strip named "Barairo no Hibi" (Rose-Colored Days).


(1) The roman letter "S" is a commonly used abbreviation for sadist or sadism in Japanese, and likewise "M" for masochism. I've left it as just the letters (with a translation note), since there is wordplay involving this in some of the strips.

(2) I'm not too proud to admit I have no clue what the reference is to "Mitsui" (a common Japanese surname) in the aside in strip #9. If anyone knows, please help! Perhaps it's just the name of a similar-looking character in another manga who is prone to exaggerated reaction shots or something.

7/26/2006: Thanks to a number of site readers who were helpful enough to inform me that this is a reference to a character from  the manga series Slam Dunk. BarmenFondles elaborates by telling me that Jun's face and outburst in the last panel are supposed to evoke the character Kogure Kiminobu from the same series.
I've updated the comic slightly to reflect the reference.

(3) The "komanechi" is the name of a suggestive-looking move/gesture from a comedy routine by "Beat" Takeshi Kitano.

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