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Track 4 - "I'll Be Waiting"

Character Drama Vol. 7 - Track 4 - Top Picture

0:01 [Sirens in the distance and ambient night sounds.]
0:05 Megu What are you watching?
0:08 [Rustle.]
0:11 Megu The full moon. So pretty... Say, Suigintou? ... With the moonlight shining down on you, you're pretty too, Suigintou.
0:27 Suigintou Hm? ... I was thinking you were about to say something like that...
0:33 Megu Just like an angel.
0:35 Suigintou [Grunt.] Didn't I tell you to stop calling me that?
0:39 Megu [Giggle.] Oh, what's wrong with it? With the moonlight shining on you, my dear black angel gleaming with a silvery light.
0:50 Suigintou [Grunt.]
0:52 Megu Your hair twinkling, swaying just as if it were flowing - you're really pretty.
1:01 Suigintou ... Hmph. Say it, why don't you.
1:04 Megu Yes. My dear black angel, mine alone.
1:11 Suigintou ... Don't get so full of yourself.
1:14 Megu [Giggle.]
1:17 Suigintou Hmph.
1:17 [Music starts.]
1:20 Megu I had a physical check-up again today.
1:23 Suigintou ... Oh?
1:26 Megu The usual check-up, the usual meal... and the usual nurse telling me, "You'll get well soon now, so hang in there, okay?" [Sigh.] It's stupid, isn't it? Because, my heart has been defective since the time I was born, so there's no way that it could get better...
1:57 Suigintou ...
1:59 Megu It's useless giving me check-ups. They're the ones who should understand that the most... [Giggle.] It's comical, isn't it? ... They, too, must be thinking, "How long can she survive?" and, "When will she die?" But I don't die, and everyone gets tired out... I wonder, for what purpose was I born? Say, Suigintou?
2:47 Suigintou What?
2:49 Megu When are you going to use my life energy?
2:54 Suigintou Hah?
2:56 Megu I wish you would use it soon.
3:00 Suigintou ...
3:02 Megu Please...
3:03 Suigintou Cut it out!
3:05 Megu Suigintou?
3:06 Suigintou I don't care what you wish for! I don't take orders from anyone! If you want to die so badly, then you should die on your own!
3:14 [Standing up.]
3:16 Megu Are you leaving?
3:17 Suigintou It's none of your business where I go. But, yes... If I were to try and grant what you wish for, then your chances would be better if I were to go out rather than staying here like this...
3:34 [Wings unfurling.]
3:36 Megu Suigintou?
3:38 Suigintou However, it would be the same whether I had your power or not. Because I, Suigintou, have no need for any Medium.
3:48 Megu Say, Suigintou? ... I'll leave the window open for you, so...
3:57 Suigintou ... Do as you like.
3:58 [Taking flight.]
4:04 Suigintou Megu's life energy... Megu's wish? "For what purpose was I born?" she asks?! What the hell is that about?! So stupid! My wish, my objective, is only one thing - to win the Alice Game. If I had the need... [Chuckle.] I would use as much of her life energy as I wanted! After all, that is what a Medium is for! Yes... Because, the only one who is waiting for me is Father!
4:40 [Music stops.]

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