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Track 1 - "Megu and Suigintou"

Character Drama Vol. 1 - Track 1 - Top Picture

0:00 [Image song: "Kanata kara no REKUIEMU" ("Requiem from Afar").
See script of Track 5 for the lyrics.]
3:06 [Clinking of plates.]
3:07 Nurse Oh? Megu-chan, today you've touched just a little bit of it, haven't you? Usually you won't even try to eat a single bite.
3:16 Megu I had just a little bit today. I felt like it.
3:20 [Clinking of plates.]
3:22 Nurse Yes? If you keep up with that kind of attitude from now on, I'm sure you'll get better!
3:28 Megu Yes. Thank you, nurse.
3:32 Nurse Y-yes... Well then, call me if there's anything you need, okay?
3:36 [Footsteps receding.]
3:39 [Door slides open and shut.]
3:41 Megu ... It's alright now.
3:43 [Magic sounds.]
3:45 [Swoop.]
3:47 Megu Hello, angel.
3:50 Suigintou Haven't I told you to stop calling me that?
3:54 Megu Yes... Oh? What's the matter? You have an amazed look on your face.
4:01 Suigintou I do not have any such look on my face.
4:06 Megu That's too bad... I thought maybe I had gotten to understand you a little.
4:14 Suigintou Don't get so conceited.
4:17 Megu Alright.
4:19 Suigintou I was merely thinking about how I saw something funny.
4:23 Megu Funny?
4:24 [Wind gusts.]
4:25 Suigintou Your showing of some courtesy to that human in white.
4:29 Megu White...? Ah, you mean the nurse? [Giggle.]
4:37 Suigintou What?
4:39 Megu That was just a whim.
4:41 [Music starts.]
4:42 Megu From time to time I play up to the sense of self-satisfaction of people like the doctors or nurses, who want to be thanked by me.
4:50 [Wind gusts.]
4:54 Suigintou Is that such cause for enjoyment?
4:56 Megu But it's funny! For those people, who are totally unable to do anything to fix this broken body of mine... For them to want to be thanked for their actions...
5:12 Suigintou It's a cruel punishment, is what you're trying to say.
5:15 Megu The only time that I'll ever give my heartfelt thanks, will be when my true wish is granted... Say-
5:24 Suigintou I don't know what you expect of me, but I haven't the least intention of playing up to your sense of self-satisfaction.
5:32 Megu [Giggle.]
5:33 Suigintou What's so funny?
5:36 Megu Perhaps a doll and her Medium resemble one another.
5:44 Suigintou Brazenly making a contract with me on your own... I still haven't acknowledged you as my Medium, you know.
5:54 Megu But you used my life energy to-
5:56 [Whoosh.]
5:57 [Glass shattering.]
5:57 Suigintou That has nothing to do with it!
5:58 [Music stops.]
5:59 Suigintou Even without using a human's energy, I'll be the one to win the Alice Game. I'm not like Shinku and the others, who can't do anything without relying upon a Medium.
6:10 Megu Suigintou...
6:11 [Footsteps.]
6:13 Megu Where are you going?
6:15 Suigintou Somewhere you aren't.
6:17 Megu I see...
6:20 Suigintou Try as best you can to die on your own.
6:23 [Swoop.]
6:26 [Music starts.]
6:28 Suigintou I don't get it. What is that human's problem? Is each and every Medium like that?
6:39 [Wind gusts.]
6:42 Suigintou What the hell is it that I want to do? I ought to leave such a human as that, but...
6:50 [Whoosh.]
6:53 [Swoop. Tap.]
6:54 [Footsteps.]
6:55 Suigintou Doll and Medium... Never before now have I thought about it. To go so far as to join herself in a contract with me like that, against my will...
7:06 [Music changes.]
7:06 [Magic sounds. Footsteps.]
7:07 Suigintou [Grunt.] An N-Field...?
7:11 Laplace's Demon The reason you've never thought about it, is that you've never needed to think about it. That, my dear black angel, is because you've never even once before had a Medium of your own.
7:24 Suigintou Laplace's Demon...!
7:26 Laplace's Demon They say that people think with their feet... Well well, then, I wonder whether it is thus for my dear black angel?
7:36 Suigintou Did you come here to spout such stupid nonsense?
7:39 [Footsteps.]
7:39 Suigintou Also... Don't call me that!
7:42 [Flap.]
7:44 Laplace's Demon Indeed, indeed. Might one say, that it is a name you will not permit to pass the lips of any but your beloved? Just like one of those fleeting romances sung of by the bards, is it not?
8:00 Suigintou [Grunt.]
8:00 [Attacking sounds.]
8:03 Laplace's Demon Oh my, this is dangerous.
8:06 Suigintou I'll only tell you this once. Begone!
8:09 Laplace's Demon That being the case, I'll not make you tell me more than once, first doll of the Rozen Maidens, who was formerly one without. Farewell.
8:22 [Magic sounds.]
8:25 [Music stops.]
8:25 [Birds sing in the distance.]
8:26 Suigintou As always, such a shady-looking rabbit. "One without"...?
8:34 [Swoop.]
8:35 [Wind blowing.]
8:36 Suigintou I don't particularly care about Mediums, but... [Chuckle.] I don't much feel like fighting right now, so I suppose it would be a good way to ward off boredom.
8:49 [Swoop.]

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