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Track 2 - "Doll and Medium"

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0:00 [Page turning.]
0:00 Jun Huh? This guy wasn't the culprit?
0:04 Shinku Jun.
0:05 [Page turning.]
0:05 Jun If all of the foreshadowing up until now was just a decoy, then who the heck is the real culprit?
0:10 Shinku Jun.
0:10 [Page turning.]
0:11 Jun No way! For this guy to be the real villain...! You're great, to be able to see through that, Kunkun! Even a grownup reading it wouldn't see through this trick!
0:21 Shinku Jun!
0:21 [Smack!]
0:22 [Music starts.]
0:22 Jun Uwaah-! Stop, stop-! Don't pull on me-!
0:22 [Crash.]
0:26 Jun Ow-ow... Hey! Shinku!
0:28 [Pound.]
0:28 Jun What's the big idea of tripping me suddenly with your cane?!
0:33 [Slow footsteps.]
0:33 Suiseiseki Sneak... sneak...
0:36 [Clink.]
0:36 Shinku My tea has gone cold. Go pour me a fresh cup. In addition, I haven't yet read that copy of "Detective Kunkun: The Novel," so do not speak of its plot developments out loud.
0:48 [Weird noise.]
0:48 [Slow footsteps.]
0:48 Suiseiseki Sneak... sneak...
0:52 Jun You could get your own tea, couldn't you?
0:55 [Smack! Smack!]
0:55 Jun [Groan.]
0:57 [Slow footsteps.]
0:57 Suiseiseki Sneak... sneak...
1:01 Shinku How impertinent, for a servant to talk back to his mistress. It would appear that you need some re-education.
1:06 [Smack! Smack!]
1:06 Jun Uwaaah-! Alright!
1:09 [Slow footsteps.]
1:09 Suiseiseki Sneak... sneak...
1:12 Shinku Better for you to have behaved yourself and said so from the beginning. You really are so foolish. Oh yes, and don't ask Nori to do it for you. Unless you do it yourself, it won't be any good for your re-education.
1:25 Jun Yeah, yeah.
1:26 Shinku Say yes, once.
1:27 Jun Y-E-S.
1:30 [Slow footsteps.]
1:30 Suiseiseki Sneak-sneak-sneak... Sneak-sneak-sneak...
1:35 [Music stops.]
1:35 Suiseiseki [Cackle.] My covert approach to the target with the stupid face is going perfectly ~desu! So perfectly that I can't resist this shout of victory welling up from inside of me ~desu!
1:49 [Drumbeat.]
1:49 Jun So, why have you been lurking around behind me and trying to hunt me for the past few minutes, you wicked doll?
1:55 [Music starts.]
1:55 Suiseiseki W-w-w-w-w... w-w-what are you talking about ~desu?! Why would Suiseiseki need to be stalking you ~desu?! Don't get so full of yourself all of the time ~desu!
2:08 Jun Well, for one thing, your eyes plainly look like those of a hunter aiming at prey.
2:11 [Rattle.]
2:11 Suiseiseki I-I-I-I-I-I wasn't particularly trying to ride on top of your head or anything like that ~desu!
2:21 [Fidgeting sounds.]
2:21 Suiseiseki J-just because Puny-Ichigo is always doing it, it didn't make me the slightest bit... jealous, or anything...! Make no mistake about it - and if you do, I'll clobber you!
2:27 Jun Yeah? Well, fine, but don't go getting any funny ideas. You're heavier than Hinaichigo, so my neck would get snapped.
2:36 [Pop!]
2:36 Suiseiseki Grrrr-!
2:36 [Ring.]
2:38 [Rattle.]
2:38 Suiseiseki What the hell are you saying, you puny human?!! ... You've violently shattered Suiseiseki's heart of glass ~desu!
2:49 [Pop! Pop!]
2:49 Suiseiseki Ora-ora! Be quiet, dammit, and let Suiseiseki ride you ~desu!
2:53 [Whomp! Whomp!]
2:53 Jun Ughhh-! I think you meant bulletproof glass, didn't you? Hey, get off of me! Stop twisting my neck!
2:57 [Music stops.]
3:01 Suiseiseki [Grunt.] Why does the mountaineer climb the mountain? Because it is there ~desu!
3:05 Jun What are you talking about...?!
3:07 Shinku Jun, is my tea ready yet?
3:09 Jun Isn't there anything else you can say in a situation like this?!
3:12 [Swoop.]
3:14 Shinku Oh?... No, it couldn't be. Be that as it may... Jun! Stop fooling around, and bring me my tea this instant.
3:25 Jun You...! Don't you ever think about anything besides tea and Kunkun?!
3:30 [Music starts.]
3:30 [Footsteps.]
3:31 Hinaichigo Yaay! Yaay! It's Tomoe's room ~na no!
3:34 Tomoe If you run like that you'll fall down, Hinaichigo.
3:37 Hinaichigo [Giggle.] Okaay, ~na no! Hey, Tomoe?
3:41 Tomoe What is it?
3:43 Hinaichigo Do I have to be patient until I get back home?
3:46 Tomoe Hmm... They're supposed to be a present to bring back to everyone, but I guess there's no choice. Just one, though.
3:53 Hinaichigo Hurray! Tomoe, I love you ~na no!
3:56 [Footsteps. Rummaging around.]
3:58 Hinaichigo Piping hot unyuu ~na no! Thanks for the food ~na no[Munch munch munch.]
4:03 Tomoe If you eat it that fast it'll get caught in your throat!
4:06 Hinaichigo Yaay ~na no!
4:08 Tomoe [Giggle.]
4:10 Hinaichigo Huh? Tomoe, why are you laughing?
4:14 Tomoe Mm... I was just thinking, I'm glad you seem to be having so much fun since you've been staying at Sakurada-kun's house.
4:20 Hinaichigo Yeah! Jun's real nice, and Nori's cooking is yummy, and Shinku and Suiseiseki are there too, and Souseiseki and Kanaria come over to play, too, so it's real fun!
4:32 Tomoe It is? That's great. All I could ever do was make you sad.
4:39 Hinaichigo Huh?! That's not true!
4:41 Tomoe Oh?
4:42 Hinaichigo It's not your fault, Tomoe! So, even if you're not my Medium anymore, I love you! I love Jun and the others too, but, Tomoe, I love you the best ~na no!
4:54 Tomoe Hinaichigo... Thank you.
4:56 [Swoop.]
4:56 [Music stops.]
4:57 Tomoe Oh? Did some kind of big shadow fly off from outside of the window just now?
5:02 Hinaichigo [Mumble mumble.]
5:04 Tomoe Ah, Hinaichigo, don't! Didn't I tell you you could have only one?
5:08 Hinaichigo [Choking sounds.]
5:10 [Pounding on the back.]
5:11 Tomoe Oh geez, you're so hopeless!
5:15 [Clock chiming.]
5:15 [Clinking.]
5:20 [Footsteps.]
5:20 Souseiseki Grandpa, I brought you some tea.
5:22 Grandpa Ahh, thank you, Souseiseki.
5:26 [Clink.]
5:27 [Sitting down.]
5:27 Grandpa Well then, let's take a break, shall we?
5:30 Souseiseki Yes.
5:31 [Music starts.]
5:32 Grandpa [Sipping.] Ohh! That's good! Better even than Grandma's!
5:40 Souseiseki Really? [Laughs softly.] I'm so glad! All that practice has paid off!
5:45 Grandpa Ohh? You've been practicing, have you?
5:49 Souseiseki Yes! In addition to that, I'm glad that grandma's been teaching me things like how to cook, and clean, and do laundry!
5:58 Grandpa Is that so? ... But, it's alright for you to not mind us sometimes and just go have fun, you know?
6:07 Souseiseki [Laughs softly.] Thank you. But I like doing housework.
6:15 Grandpa Hmm... Really, you're such a nice, domestic child, Souseiseki!
6:23 Souseiseki [Giggle.] I'm going to learn many more things! Then, I'll be of use to you and Grandma!
6:33 Grandpa Souseiseki... You're such a fine granddaughter, you're wasted on the likes of us.
6:43 Souseiseki Granddaughter...! But I'm not human-
6:46 Grandpa What are you saying? Whether you're a human or a doll, you're a dear, dear member of our family!
7:01 Souseiseki Grandpa...
7:02 [Swoop.]
7:03 [Music stops.]
7:03 Souseiseki Ah...
7:04 Grandpa Hm? Ah, is something the matter?
7:07 Souseiseki Ah, no, it just seemed like there was someone on the other side of the mirror... No, it was just my imagination.
7:15 [Clatter.]
7:17 [Sizzle.]
7:17 Micchan Okay, sorry for the wait! Kana's full-tilt sugar-filled sweet fried eggs are done!
7:23 [Clink.]
7:24 Kanaria Yaay! Micchan, I've been waiting for this ~kashira!
7:26 Micchan Go on, eat up!
7:29 Kanaria I'll take a break from my 876th infiltration attempt today to eat some fried eggs ~kashira! [Munch munch munch.]
7:37 Micchan How do they taste?
7:39 Kanaria GOOD ~kashira! Sweet and fluffy, they make my cheeks puff out so much I think they're going to burst~!
7:47 [Tinkling sound.]
7:47 Micchan Ka... Kana...!
7:49 [Reverberating sound.]
7:50 Kanaria [Mumble mumble.]
7:50 Micchan [Heavy breathing.]
7:52 Kanaria Huh? Micchan, what's wrong ~kashira? You're kinda breathing heavily, and your eyes are glittering ~kashira.
8:00 [Plink!]
8:00 Micchan That's because... Kana... you're so...! CUUUUUTE~!!!
8:05 [Glomp!]
8:07 [Music starts.]
8:08 Kanaria [Gurgle.]
8:08 [Crash.]
8:09 [Pinch pinch.]
8:09 Micchan Ahhh, you're just so CUUUTE~! With that cute forehead and those cheeks, I want to eat you up! Mmmm~!
8:12 [Squish squish.]
8:17 Kanaria Urghh...! It would be a problem for me to be eaten ~kashira! Ah-! Mi-! Micchan-! If I get hugged that tightly... my guts will come out ~kashira...!
8:30 [Music stops.]
8:31 Suigintou What's going on here seems unimportant.
8:33 [Swoop.]
8:35 Kanaria I... I don't really understand, but... I have the feeling I've been harshly insulted ~kashira!
8:42 [Pop!]
8:42 Micchan Huh...? Kana?!
8:44 [Plonk.]
8:44 Micchan No! Open your eyes! Please, don't leave me alone~!
8:45 [Clattering, shaking sounds.]
8:49 Kanaria Don't shake me so strongly, Micchan...! If you shake me that strongly...
8:56 [Gong.]
8:56 Kanaria Kana... will break ~kashira...!
9:02 [Light slapping sounds.]
9:02 Micchan Kana! KANAAA~!!

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