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Track 3 - "I Am Strong"

Character Drama Vol. 1 - Track 3 - Top Picture Character Drama Vol. 1 - Track 3 - Top Picture 2

0:00 [Door creaking open.]
0:02 [Echoing footsteps.]
0:02 Suigintou It would seem that I've wasted my time. Such a thing as that, the relationship between doll and Medium...
0:11 [Settling down.]
0:12 Suigintou What's the point in getting any closer to them than is necessary, stupidly becoming like friends and family? [Chuckle.] I don't understand it at all.
0:24 [Magic sounds.]
0:27 Suigintou Have you come back again, Laplace's Demon? I took you up on your nonsense and ended up doing something foolish.
0:37 [Whoosh.]
0:38 Barasuishou ... Ended up doing something foolish...
0:41 Suigintou [Grunt.]
0:41 [Music starts.]
0:43 Barasuishou Suigintou...
0:45 Suigintou Barasuishou...! [Chuckle.]
0:47 [Stands up.]
0:49 Suigintou So it's you this time? What did you come here for? Or would it be useless to ask?
0:58 Barasuishou ... There is only one thing... that a Rozen Maiden must do...
1:03 [Crash.]
1:04 Suigintou [Gasp.]
1:06 Barasuishou Come... for Father's sake, let us begin the Alice Game...
1:12 Suigintou [Gulp.] Father...!
1:14 [Music changes.]
1:14 Suigintou ... Yes... I've been thinking about things that don't matter, haven't I.
1:24 [Swoop.]
1:26 Suigintou Of Mediums... and that human... Such things as those don't matter. The only thing that matters is to defeat all of you, and become Alice-!!
1:36 [Fighting sounds.]
1:40 Barasuishou As expected...
1:41 [Crash.]
1:43 Suigintou [Yell.]
1:44 [Fighting sounds.]
1:46 Barasuishou [Grunt.]
1:47 Suigintou [Laugh.] You're too careless! You're back is wide open!
1:52 [Fighting sounds.]
1:54 Suigintou [Yell.]
1:57 [Crash.]
1:58 Barasuishou [Grunt.] ... You are... strong, after all...
2:05 Suigintou Yes! Even without a Medium, I'm strong!
2:12 Barasuishou But... I am strong, too.
2:15 Suigintou ...?
2:16 [Crash.]
2:19 Suigintou [Grunt.] ... You don't know when to quit...!
2:22 [Fighting sounds.]
2:26 Suigintou There are... too many of them...! [Scream.]
2:28 [Crash.]
2:30 [Thwip!]
2:31 Suigintou ... Damn! I can't... move my arms and legs!
2:34 [Music stops.]
2:34 [Footsteps.]
2:37 Barasuishou Caught you.
2:39 [Clink.]
2:41 Barasuishou You've fallen short of my expectations... I'd thought you were stronger...
2:46 Suigintou Why you...! You...!!
2:49 Barasuishou With only your own power... you can't break this crystal cage... But you do have it, don't you...? More power...
3:03 Suigintou [Grunt.] I don't need...! [Grunt.]
3:09 Barasuishou If you don't... then it's...
3:12 [Whoosh.]
3:15 [Music starts.]
3:15 Suigintou I... can't be beaten... here-!
3:20 Megu [Singing:] Dreams are the wind...
3:22 Suigintou [Gasp.] This is...!
3:27 Barasuishou It's over for you now...
3:32 Suigintou Don't make... light of me!!
3:37 [Shatter.]
3:39 Barasuishou [Grunt.] ... The crystal cage... It's not possible, that with only your own power...
3:48 Suigintou Didn't I tell you? Even without a Medium, I'm strong!
3:54 Barasuishou [Grunt.]
3:55 Suigintou [Laugh.] Well, shall we continue? Now I'll rise to your expectations, and show you more of a fun time...!
4:08 [Crash.]
4:09 [Shatter.]
4:11 [Music stops.]

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