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Track 4 - "Megu's Song"

Character Drama Vol. 1 - Track 4 - Top Picture

0:02 Megu [Singing:] Dreams are the wind... Light-
0:11 [Swoop.]
0:13 [Footsteps.]
0:14 Megu Suigintou? ... Thank you. I'm glad you came to me.
0:22 Suigintou ...
0:24 Megu I thought that maybe you wouldn't come back to me again. So, I'm really thankful.
0:35 Suigintou Is that also one of your whims?
0:38 Megu Oh? ... No, it's not. I'm truly glad.
0:46 Suigintou I didn't grant your wish.
0:51 Megu Yes. This ring didn't become hot at all. Even though you're that hurt.
1:01 Suigintou So, in spite of that, why are you so glad?
1:05 Megu Come over here for a minute.
1:06 [Pat pat.]
1:08 Suigintou Why should I have to sit on your bed?
1:12 Megu Just do it.
1:15 Suigintou [Sigh.] Don't blame me if I get it dirty.
1:19 Megu You aren't dirty, Suigintou.
1:23 [Rustle.]
1:25 [Music starts.]
1:27 Megu May I touch your hair?
1:31 Suigintou As you please.
1:33 Megu Yes.
1:35 [Brushing sounds start.]
1:36 Suigintou What are you doing?
1:38 Megu I'm fixing your hair with a hairbrush. I don't like for your hair to be mussed up.
1:46 Suigintou ...
1:50 Megu Suigintou, your hair is really so gorgeous. It's like the silver-colored light of the moon is flowing through your hair... True, you won't grant my wish. I'm a little bit sad about that. But, this afternoon, when you left and I thought that you wouldn't come back to me again, a little part of me felt much more sad. That's why I want to show my heartfelt gratitude that you've now returned to me.
2:37 Suigintou Megu...
2:38 Megu ...? Did you just say something?
2:44 Suigintou ... Not really. More importantly, how long do you intend to continue doing this?
2:49 Megu I don't think I can stop, Suigintou. [Chuckle.] Your hair takes the brush so well, it feels very nice. So nice that it makes me want to keep doing this forever.
3:08 Suigintou ... I don't particularly need your power. You're unnecessary.
3:16 Megu Oh.
3:17 Suigintou I never intended to come here, either.
3:20 Megu Yes.
3:23 Suigintou If only I didn't hear that...
3:27 Megu Oh?
3:29 [Music stops.]
3:30 Suigintou ... I think my wings must be broken. For them to bring me to such a place as this on their own... [Chuckle.] How truly... stupid...
3:43 [Music starts.]
3:44 Megu Suigintou? You just smiled...
3:47 Suigintou Oh? I know nothing about that... By the way, are you done fixing my hair yet?
3:55 Megu Please, just a little bit more.
3:58 Suigintou I wonder how many wishes you'll ask of me?
4:02 Megu I'm surprised about it myself, too. My only wish should have been for you to take my life away with you, angel, but... after I met you, Suigintou, it seems as if my wishes have multiplied.
4:20 Suigintou ... [Whispering:] Humans... I don't really understand them. Nor myself, either...
4:29 [Brushing sounds stop.]
4:29 Megu What, Suigintou?
4:32 Suigintou That song...
4:33 Megu Oh?
4:34 Suigintou The one you were singing before. Who told you to stop singing it?
4:40 Megu Yes...
4:41 [Brushing sounds resume.]
4:42 Megu [Singing:] You are like a glass window...
4:49 Suigintou In the end I still don't understand anything about it, but, at least, when Father said to become Alice...?
4:58 Megu Suigintou, for a while you've just been saying something to yourself...
5:05 Suigintou It's no matter of concern to you. So keep singing.
5:12 Megu Okay...

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