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Track 1 - "Hansel and Gretel"

Character Drama Vol. 6 - Track 1 - Top Picture

0:00 [Song: "The Near Yet Far Dream". See script of Track 7 for the lyrics and translation.]
2:59 Hinaichigo Tomoe, Tomoe! Can we play?
3:01 [Glomp.]
3:01 Tomoe Ah-! All right, Hinaichigo. What shall we do today?
3:07 Hinaichigo Um, let's see, let's see... Today, would you read me a book?
3:12 Tomoe Okay. So then, which book would be good?
3:17 [Pulling book off shelf.]
3:18 Tomoe Would this book be good, do you think?
3:19 Hinaichigo Yay! A picture book ~na no!
3:21 Tomoe [Giggle.] This book is one that I used to love.
3:26 Hinaichigo Really? Hey, hey, what kind of story is it?
3:30 Tomoe This is a story about a candy house.
3:34 Hinaichigo A candy... house?
3:36 [Music starts.]
3:37 Hinaichigo Candy?! A house that's made of candy ~na no?!
3:40 Tomoe That's right. It's a story about a brother and sister named Hansel and Gretel, and about the witch of the candy house.
3:47 Hinaichigo A witch... Is she scary?
3:51 Tomoe Hmm... Let's see... It's fine. She's not scary, because she's a nice witch.
4:01 Hinaichigo A nice witch? Hey, Tomoe, read it to me, read it to me!
4:05 Tomoe Okay. Well then, let's read it, shall we?
4:09 Hinaichigo Yayy!
4:10 [Page turning.]
4:12 Tomoe "Once upon a time there was an older brother named Hansel and his younger sister named Gretel, who got along very well and were together wherever they went."
4:21 Hinaichigo Oh boy, oh boy...!
4:23 Tomoe "However, their family was extremely poor, and all the two of them had to eat each day was a single piece of bread."
4:31 Hinaichigo Uyu? They must have been starving ~na no...
4:34 Tomoe "The two of them would each take half of the piece of bread and eat it."
4:39 [Page turning.]
4:40 Tomoe "One day, their mother took Hansel and Gretel out to gather berries."
4:47 Hinaichigo Berries?! To gather berries?!
4:49 Tomoe [Giggle.] Yes. "Their mother brought them into the deep, dark forest, to a thicket in which many raspberries were growing."
5:02 Hinaichigo Yay! Tons of raspberries! And then what, and then what?!
5:06 Tomoe "Hansel and Gretel were overjoyed."
5:09 [Page turning.]
5:10 Tomoe "'I will come to fetch you home after you have filled your baskets with raspberries.' Having so said, their mother went home by herself."
5:18 Hinaichigo Uyu? The mother went home?
5:23 Tomoe "Hansel and Gretel worked with all their might to gather raspberries. And, by the time their baskets were full, it had become very dark."
5:34 Hinaichigo [Whimper.]
5:36 Tomoe "'Mother? Mother?' ... No matter how many times Hansel and Gretel would cry out, there was no reply. Their mother had left the two of them behind inside the dark forest."
5:51 Hinaichigo Hweh? The mother won't come to fetch them?
5:56 Tomoe No. "Their mother had abandoned Hansel and Gretel."
6:03 Hinaichigo Ehh?!
6:05 Tomoe "So poor was their family that their mother and father were not able to go on supporting Hansel and Gretel."
6:13 Hinaichigo [Whimper.] ... That can't be true! Because, the mother promised! She promised she would come fetch them home once they got a lot of raspberries! And they got a lot of raspberries like they were told to, and...! And... they should... be able to go back home... [Crying.]
6:33 Tomoe Uh-huh. "And the two of them, inside the dark forest, could no longer find their way home."
6:42 Hinaichigo [Crying.] ... That can't be true ~na no!
6:46 [Music stops.]
6:46 [Getting up.]
6:47 Tomoe Ah...! H-Hinaichigo...?
6:49 Hinaichigo She said she'd come to fetch them home! She promised!
6:53 Tomoe Say, Hinaichigo... This is just a story in a picture book, so...
6:58 Hinaichigo I still don't like it ~na no! That's no good ~na no~!
7:02 Tomoe [Sigh.]
7:04 Hinaichigo [Crying.] No one will come to fetch them home! Waiting for so long is lonely...!
7:12 Tomoe ... Hinaichigo.
7:14 Hinaichigo Hina... doesn't like being lonely ~na no! [Crying.]
7:21 Tomoe Look, Hinaichigo. Even so, I think Hansel and Gretel were fine.
7:28 Hinaichigo ... Why?
7:30 Tomoe To have been abandoned by their mother and father, I think they would have been sad at first. But, they weren't alone. There were the two of them - Hansel and Gretel. They were together.
7:43 Hinaichigo The two of them... together?
7:45 Tomoe Yes. Hansel and Gretel were siblings who got along very well, and they were always together.
7:53 Hinaichigo ... They weren't alone so... it wasn't lonely...?
7:58 Tomoe Right.
8:00 Hinaichigo ... But... Hina...
8:04 Tomoe Hinaichigo?
8:07 Hinaichigo Tomoe... Tomoe, will you stay together with Hina?
8:12 Tomoe Hinaichigo...
8:13 Hinaichigo Will you be with me forever?
8:17 Tomoe Yes.
8:19 Hinaichigo Really?
8:21 Tomoe Yes, really. I promise.
8:25 Hinaichigo You promise...? Tomoe!
8:29 [Glomp.]
8:30 Tomoe Ah-!
8:31 Hinaichigo Tomoe! Tomoe! [Giggle.] Yeah! It's a promise! Together forever - the two of us together won't be lonely!
8:40 Tomoe Hinaichigo... [Giggle.] You're right.
8:45 Hinaichigo Hey, Tomoe. Keep on... keep on reading!
8:48 [Flipping through book.]
8:48 Tomoe [Giggle.] Oh, Hinaichigo... Well, then, I'll continue reading, okay?
8:56 Hinaichigo Yeah!
8:58 Tomoe "And then, when the two of them were walking inside the forest..."
9:03 Hinaichigo "When they were walking inside the forest..."!

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