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Track 2 - "Hinaichigo's Picture Book"

Character Drama Vol. 6 - Track 2 - Top Picture

0:00 [Music starts.]
0:05 [Scribbling sounds.]
0:05 Hinaichigo "Following the white bird, the two of them kept walking forward step-by-step, step-by-step through the forest, when... they found a small house! 'Knock-knock-knock'! They knocked on the door, which was..." [Giggle.] "... made out of biscuits!" [Singing:] Biscuits~! Crisp, delicious biscuits~!
0:35 Jun [Sigh.]
0:36 Shinku Hinaichigo seems to be enjoying herself.
0:38 Jun Yeah. Well, not that I really mind.
0:42 Hinaichigo And the windows were made of hard candies~! [Giggle.] Draw-draw-draw-draw! The chimney was... cake roll! Swirly-swirly-swirly cake roll~!
0:56 Jun Now that I think of it, what have you been drawing all this time?
0:59 [Getting up.]
0:59 Hinaichigo Ah, Jun! [Giggle.] You see, this is a candy house ~na no!
1:04 Jun A candy house? ... Ahh, the one from "Hansel and Gretel", right?
1:09 Hinaichigo [Giggle.] And the walls were...
1:13 [Scribbling sounds.]
1:13 Hinaichigo ... they were chocolate ~na no! Sweet, delicious chocolate~! The white, fluffy sofa was... unyuu ~na no!
1:23 Jun Let me see... Uh-huh... Was it?
1:29 Hinaichigo It was all made out of candy ~na no!
1:31 [Door opens.]
1:31 [Music stops.]
1:32 Suiseiseki Hey, Jun! Are you here ~desu?
1:34 Jun Yeah. What is it?
1:36 [Footsteps.]
1:36 Suiseiseki Today, because Suiseiseki just felt like it, I baked some scones as a special favor ~desu! I'm going to make some tea, so... ah, I... I give you special permission to eat some, so you should come downstairs ~desu!
1:50 Souseiseki [Sigh.] Geez, you should just be honest and say that you made them for Jun-kun's sake.
1:54 Suiseiseki Sh-shut up ~desu! I did no such thing ~desu!
1:58 Jun Hah...
1:59 Shinku Perfect timing. It's nearly time for tea anyway, so shall we go?
2:04 Suiseiseki [Sigh of relief.] C-come on, Puny Ichigo, you come too... Ah, so what is that?
2:12 Hinaichigo Hm? [Giggle.] You see, this is a candy house ~na no!
2:18 Suiseiseki A candy house? ... Ah! If I recall correctly, that's from Brief's Fairy Tales, right?
2:26 Jun ... Grimm's.
2:27 Suiseiseki [Stammering.] S-s-s-so I made just a slight little mistake ~desu.
2:30 Jun You call that "slight"?
2:32 Souseiseki [Chuckle.]
2:33 Suiseiseki Grrrr-! [Whimpering.] ... Here, Puny Ichigo, let me see that for a second.
2:39 [Grab.]
2:39 [Music starts.]
2:40 Hinaichigo Ahh! Don't ~na no! I'm still working on it ~na no!
2:43 Suiseiseki It won't do any harm to look, so don't be so stingy ~desu! ... Hmm, let's see here...
2:49 [Pages flipping.]
2:53 Suiseiseki ... So, what's this supposed to be?
2:56 Hinaichigo Ooooh... I told you, it's a candy house ~na no!
3:00 Souseiseki ...
3:03 Suiseiseki It's impossible to tell what's been drawn ~desu!
3:05 Hinaichigo That's not true! Right, Jun?
3:08 Jun Eh-?! D-don't drag me into this!
3:11 Shinku Oh? You were looking at it a moment ago, so why not interpret it for her?
3:14 Jun Ugh... Don't say such unreasonable things... Umm, uh, first this... door? ... is made of - biscuits, right? And the windows are... candy, and this chimney-like sort of thing is... uhh... Baumkuchen?
3:33 Hinaichigo Cake roll!
3:34 Jun Uh, yeah, that's right... And then, the walls are chocolate, and the sofa is, uh... "unyuu"...
3:43 Suiseiseki Ahh... N-now that you say so, it does... kinda look a little bit like...
3:50 Hinaichigo There! You see? It's a candy house ~na no!
3:54 Souseiseki That's amazing, Jun-kun.
3:55 Jun No, well... She just told me what they were a minute ago, so...
3:59 Suiseiseki Well, that sort of thing doesn't matter ~desu! Because the scones that Suiseiseki made are a million times more delicious! You should hurry up and come eat some ~desu!
4:09 Hinaichigo Ooooh...!
4:10 Souseiseki U-uh... Is something the matter, Hinaichigo?
4:14 Hinaichigo Oooh... The candy house... is delicious!
4:18 Jun Hah?
4:19 Suiseiseki Hahh~? Puny Ichigo, what are you talking about ~desu?
4:26 Suiseiseki What you're saying makes no sense... Don't compare that weird candy picture with Suiseiseki's scones ~desu! In any case, candy houses are things out of fairy tales, and they don't exist in the real world ~desu!
4:40 Hinaichigo Ah...
4:41 Nori [From downstairs:] Everyone~? Sorry for the wait~! Tea is ready~!
4:46 Souseiseki ... Okay~!
4:47 Suiseiseki Come on, let's have tea ~desu.
4:49 [Footsteps.]
4:52 Jun ... Oh? Hinaichigo?
4:54 [Music stops.]
4:55 Hinaichigo ...
4:57 Jun Huh?
4:58 Hinaichigo Hina's... not coming!
5:00 Suiseiseki Hah?
5:01 Souseiseki ... Hinaichigo, what's wrong?
5:05 Hinaichigo Hina doesn't want to eat that stuff! Hina has her candy house!
5:10 Suiseiseki There Puny Ichigo goes again with her selfish talk ~desu. Don't worry, though - Suiseiseki will eat Puny Ichigo's portion of the snacks ~desu!
5:20 Hinaichigo Oooh...! I don't care anymore! I hate both Jun and Suiseiseki! Hmph!
5:26 [Running footsteps.]
5:27 [Diving under sheets.]
5:28 Souseiseki Geez, Suiseiseki. You ought to be nicer to Hinaichigo.
5:32 Suiseiseki What are you talking about ~desu? As if she isn't bad enough already, Puny Ichigo would act even more selfishly, so nothing good would come of spoiling her ~desu. Come on, let's hurry up and go ~desu.
5:43 [Footsteps.]
5:44 Souseiseki Uh... yeah...
5:47 Jun [Sigh.] Sheesh...
5:52 [Door opening.]
5:53 [Footsteps.]
5:53 Nori Oh, my. Where's Hina-chan?
5:54 Jun Ah... Well, you see...
5:56 Suiseiseki If it's Puny Ichigo you're looking for, she's sulking in Jun's room ~desu.
6:00 Nori My my, Suiseiseki-chan, were you fighting again?
6:04 Suiseiseki No. Suiseiseki didn't do anything ~desu.
6:07 Jun Although you said some things that were uncalled for.
6:10 Nori Mmm... Well then, I guess I'll bring Hina's portion to her later.
6:15 Shinku Yes. But more to the point, the tea you went to so much trouble to make is going cold.
6:20 Nori Ahhh, I'm sorry!
6:21 [Doorbell.]
6:22 Nori Oh my, it sounds like someone is here.

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