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Track 3 - "The Candy House"

Character Drama Vol. 6 - Track 3 - Top Picture

0:00 [Music starts.]
0:04 Tomoe Hello.
0:05 [Footsteps.]
0:05 Nori Oh my, Tomoe-chan! Welcome!
0:07 Tomoe Sorry to intrude.
0:08 Shinku Tomoe, we don't have much here, but please make yourself at home. Jun! What are you doing? Prepare some for Tomoe at once.
0:18 Jun Yeah, yeah.
0:19 [Footsteps.]
0:19 Nori Ah, it's all right, Jun-kun. I'll pour her some.
0:23 Tomoe Ah, that's...
0:25 Jun It's no problem, a thing like this.
0:25 [Clinking of tableware.]
0:28 Tomoe Thank you, Sakurada-kun.
0:30 Suiseiseki That Jun, I wonder whyyy is he putting on such a nice-guy act?!
0:38 [Tea being poured.]
0:35 Souseiseki Suiseiseki. Could it be that you're jealous...?
0:38 Suiseiseki Y-you're wrong ~desu!
0:41 [Bag rustling.]
0:41 Tomoe Ah, here. It's a gift for you.
0:44 Nori Thank you, Tomoe-chan! Oh my, strawberry rice cakes? Hina-chan will be so happy~!
0:50 Tomoe Um, where is Hinaichigo...?
0:53 Nori Ah... Yes, well, about that...
0:56 Suiseiseki She's sulking in Jun's room ~desu.
0:58 Jun Because Suiseiseki was teasing her.
1:01 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] You're wrong ~desu! That's an unjust accusation! I told you, Suiseiseki-
1:08 Tomoe [Giggle.] I see. Oh, that Hinaichigo!
1:12 Souseiseki But, I wonder what happened with Hinaichigo? She seemed somehow different from her usual self.
1:18 Jun Yeah, that's for sure.
1:20 Tomoe Oh?
1:22 Jun She seemed kind of desperately stuck on the idea of some "candy house".
1:26 Tomoe Eh? A candy house?
1:28 Shinku Yes. Hinaichigo was drawing a candy house in her sketch book.
1:34 Suiseiseki Well, just her usual scribblings ~desu... Hmm, well, if I had to choose one or the other, I'd feel it looks closer to a monster or something, though.
1:45 Souseiseki ... Is something the matter?
1:48 Tomoe Eh? ... A-ah, well... I'm sorry. That's not it. I just felt a little bit concerned about...
1:56 Jun Huh?
1:58 Shinku There would appear to be something deeper to this candy house, wouldn't there.
2:01 Tomoe Yes... I wouldn't really call it something deep, but... Earlier, I read a picture book to Hinaichigo.
2:10 Suiseiseki Ahh, Grimm's Fairy Tales, right? "Hansel and Gretel".
2:15 Jun [Snickering.]
2:17 Suiseiseki Grrrr-!
2:19 Shinku So?
2:20 Tomoe Ah, yes...
2:22 [Music stops.]
2:22 Tomoe At the part where Hansel and Gretel were abandoned, at first she became lonely and started to cry, but... when I read on to her, she found it extremely fun. Hinaichigo came to like that picture book so much that we reread it many times, and while reading it together she memorized all of the lines in it.
2:46 Shinku So that was it.
2:48 Jun I see. Of course she'd get mad when someone made fun of a book she liked that much.
2:55 Suiseiseki [Whimper.]
2:57 Souseiseki Let's go make a proper apology, okay, Suiseiseki?
3:00 Suiseiseki Mmm well, I have no choice ~desu.
3:04 Nori Hmmm...
3:07 Shinku Is something wrong, Nori?
3:08 Jun What is it? Do you have to go to the bathroom?
3:10 Nori Y-you're wrong! That's not it. I just wondered, is that the only reason Hina-chan is...
3:16 Suiseiseki What do you mean?
3:19 Nori I just wondered, would that by itself be enough to pout so much that she wouldn't even eat her beloved snacks...? You could say that Hina-chan doesn't seem like her usual self.
3:28 Suiseiseki Now that you mention it, it's true. It's not possible for that Puny Ichigo, who is always such a glutton, to turn down snacks ~desu!
3:36 Souseiseki Yeah, that's for sure.
3:38 Nori I know! If Tomoe-chan went to call her, then she might come downstairs! Right, Tomoe-chan?
3:43 Tomoe ... No, I'll abstain.
3:46 Nori Eh?
3:47 Shinku ... Yes. Even if Tomoe were to resolve this, nothing would come of it.
3:51 Nori ...
3:53 Shinku Hinaichigo needs some time to sort out her feelings. As do we, as well... After Tomoe has come all this way, shall we have our tea now before it ends up becoming cold?
4:07 Jun Ah. That's right.
4:10 Tomoe Yes. Well then, let's drink.
4:13 Souseiseki Let's drink!
4:14 [Clinking of tableware.]
4:15 Nori Let's drink!
4:15 Suiseiseki Let's drink ~desu!
4:19 [Music starts.]
4:21 Tomoe Sorry to have intruded.
4:22 Nori I'm sorry, Tomoe-chan. Even though you went to the trouble of buying that gift for her, you weren't able to see Hina-chan...
4:29 Tomoe No, that's...
4:31 Shinku Tomoe, come again any time you like. You would be welcome.
4:36 [Smack.]
4:36 Shinku Come now, Jun, you too...!
4:37 Jun Ow-! ... Mm, yeah, well... Hinaichigo would be glad, for one thing.
4:43 Tomoe [Giggle.] Thanks. Well then, thanks again for the tea. Now please excuse me.
4:50 [Door closing.]
4:50 [Birds singing.]
4:52 Tomoe [Sigh.] Hinaichigo... Yes. She'll be fine. After all...
5:09 Hinaichigo Tomoe...
5:13 Tomoe [In flashback:] "Once upon a time there was an older brother named Hansel and his younger sister named Gretel, who got along very well and were together wherever they went."
5:21 Hinaichigo [In flashback:] "They got along very well~!"
5:24 Tomoe [In flashback:] "However, their family was extremely poor, and all the two of them had to eat each day was a single piece of bread. The two of them would each take half of the piece of bread and eat it."
5:38 Hinaichigo [In flashback:] "Half a piece of bread~!"
5:40 [Page turning.]
5:41 Tomoe [In flashback:] "One day, their mother took Hansel and Gretel out to gather berries."
5:47 Hinaichigo [In flashback:] "Took them to gather berries~!"
5:50 Tomoe [In flashback:] "Their mother brought them into the deep, dark forest, to a thicket in which many raspberries were growing."
5:59 Hinaichigo [In flashback:] "Brought them there~!"
6:06 [Music stops.]

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