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Track 4 - "Into the Dream"

Character Drama Vol. 6 - Track 4 - Top Picture

0:00 [Clatter.]
0:03 Nori [Sigh.] Hina-chan didn't come downstairs for dinner, either.
0:08 Jun Yeah.
0:09 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Jun! Jun!
0:11 Jun Hm? What?
0:13 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Come over here for a second ~desu!
0:15 Jun Uh, okay...
0:16 [Footsteps.]
0:18 [Door closing.]
0:18 [Music starts.]
0:20 Jun Eh-?! Into Hinaichigo's dream world?!
0:23 Suiseiseki Shhh! Your voice is too loud ~desu!
0:26 Jun W-what the heck? What are you talking about?
0:30 Souseiseki I think the reason Hinaichigo seems different from usual isn't because of that picture book. It's tied up with something that happened while it was being read to her.
0:39 Jun Yeah. Well, that could be. But it seems that there wasn't anything especially like that in what Kashiwaba told us.
0:47 Suiseiseki That's why we're going to enter Puny Ichigo's dream world and trace her memories ~desu.
0:52 Souseiseki Then, once we understand the cause, I'm sure that Hinaichigo will... Right, Suiseiseki?
0:58 Suiseiseki W-well... It's not particularly as if... Suiseiseki is worried too about Puny Ichigo acting different from usual ~desu, or said the slightest bit too much to her or anything...
1:10 Jun I see.
1:11 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] A-anyway, we're going to go confirm what the cause is ~desu.
1:17 Jun Okay. Well, be careful.
1:19 Suiseiseki What are you saying ~desu? Jun, you're coming too ~desu.
1:23 Jun Hah?! Why me?!
1:25 Suiseiseki Don't give me that "why me" ~desu! It's only natural, since you share half of the responsibility!
1:30 Jun How do you figure that?! What part of the responsibility for it is mine?!
1:32 Shinku Wait.
1:34 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] Sh-Shinku...?
1:37 [Footsteps.]
1:38 Shinku Suiseiseki, you're going into the dream world to...
1:41 Souseiseki Ah, you've got it wrong, Shinku! She's really doing this for Hinaichigo's sake-!
1:45 Suiseiseki Don't try to stop me ~desu! ... Well, I do think that it's wrong to peek in on people's dreams, but... But, we've got to find out what's causing this ~desu!
1:56 Shinku I'm coming too.
1:57 JunSuiseiseki
1:58 Shinku Come, let's go. ... What's wrong?
2:03 Suiseiseki ... Ah, no, never mind ~desu.
2:05 Souseiseki A-ah, I guess I was reading too much into it.
2:08 Shinku Hm? ... Let us make haste.
2:11 Souseiseki Yeah. Let's go.
2:13 Suiseiseki Well, Jun, are you ready ~desu?
2:15 Jun I told you, why should I have to go?!
2:17 Suiseiseki Ooooh-! What a rude fellow you are! Sui Dream~!
2:22 [Splash.]
2:23 Jun [Yelling.]
2:25 Suiseiseki There! Now, let's go ~desu.
2:28 Shinku [Sigh.] Honestly...
2:30 Souseiseki [Chuckle.]
2:33 [Music stops.]

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