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Track 5 - "Hinaichigo and the Witch of Memories"

Character Drama Vol. 6 - Track 5 - Top Picture

0:00 [Spooky ambient sounds.]
0:03 [Magic sound.]
0:06 [Thud.]
0:06 Jun [Yell.] Ow-ow-ow... Where are we?
0:11 [Magic sound.]
0:12 [Step.]
0:13 Shinku A gloomy forest. ... This ought to have been the inside of Hinaichigo's dream, but...
0:18 Suiseiseki The inside of it should have been related to her memories of that book...
0:22 Souseiseki Hide! Someone's coming!
0:24 [Rustling of bushes.]
0:24 Jun Eh-?! Wah-!
0:25 [Flop.]
0:26 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Jun!
0:27 Jun Ow-ow-ow...
0:28 Souseiseki Jun-kun, hurry!
0:30 [Footsteps approaching.]
0:30 Shinku It's no use. He won't make it in time.
0:32 Hinaichigo Hansel~!
0:34 Jun Huh?
0:35 SuiseisekiSouseisekiShinku Huh? Hinaichigo?!
0:37 [Music starts.]
0:38 Jun O-oh, it's just you, Hinaichigo. Are you okay now?
0:43 Hinaichigo Hweh? What are you talking about, Hansel?
0:46 Jun Huh? "Hansel"?
0:48 Suiseiseki This seems kind of strange ~desu.
0:51 Souseiseki She called Jun-kun "Hansel" just now...
0:54 Shinku I see. That means this place must be a "Hansel and Gretel" world, within Hinaichigo's dream.
1:02 Hinaichigo Oooh...! Hansel, you shouldn't leave Gretel behind ~na no! The two of us should always be together!
1:10 Jun Yeah... [Thinking:] I see. So that's what it's about... [Aloud:] [Clears throat.] Yes, I'm sorry, Gretel.
1:20 Suiseiseki Ah! It seems like Jun managed to notice ~desu!
1:23 Shinku Yes. Let's allow Jun to play the part of Hansel for a while and observe.
1:29 Souseiseki Yeah.
1:30 Hinaichigo Um, you see, you see, the birdie told us to follow her.
1:34 Jun Bird?
1:35 Hinaichigo Yeah! Up there!
1:36 [Strange croaking noise.]
1:38 Jun Hah... A bird, eh...? What a strange shape...
1:42 Hinaichigo Let's go, Hansel!
1:43 Jun Ah, yeah, Hina - I mean, Gretel.
1:47 [Footsteps.]
1:48 Souseiseki Ah, it looks like they're going somewhere!
1:50 Suiseiseki Let's follow them ~desu!
1:51 Shinku Yes.
1:52 [Music stops.]
1:53 [Spooky ambient sounds.]
1:54 [Footsteps.]
1:58 Suiseiseki But what a gloomy forest this is. It has nothing but strange plants, for one thing. Where the heck are they going, I wonder?
2:07 Shinku Well, according to how the story develops, after this they should go to the candy house.
2:14 Souseiseki Yeah, if I remember correctly, the brother and sister find the candy house after losing their way, and there they get captured by the wicked witch...
2:22 Suiseiseki Wicked witch? ... Hmm...
2:26 Shinku Is something wrong, Suiseiseki?
2:28 Suiseiseki Ah, nothing. It's just that, for a story that Puny Ichigo likes so much...
2:34 Souseiseki Yeah.  Hansel and Gretel get captured by the wicked witch at the candy house and meet with a terrible fate. Although after that, Gretel uses her wits to defeat her...
2:45 Shinku That's right. The manner of that defeat is quite brutal. It's a bit questionable, isn't it, that Hinaichigo would like the story so much.
2:54 Suiseiseki ... Ahh! It's come into view ~desu! That's...! The c-candy... house... ~desu?
3:02 Souseiseki Y-yeah... Well, it's because this world is based on Hinaichigo's image of it, right?
3:10 Shinku A world based on that picture... How fearsome...
3:13 [Music starts.]
3:15 Hinaichigo Yayy! We're here!
3:17 Jun This is... the candy... house...?
3:22 Hinaichigo Well, let's hurry up and go inside!
3:24 [Door creaking open.]
3:27 [Footsteps.]
3:28 Tomoe Ah...! Who's there?
3:30 Hinaichigo Witch-san, hello ~na no!
3:33 Tomoe Hinaichigo?!
3:34 Jun Uh...! Kashiwaba?!
3:36 Tomoe Sakurada-kun!
3:37 Jun Why are you...?
3:38 Tomoe That is... A dream door appeared... and then...
3:43 Hinaichigo Uyu? Hansel, do you know the witch?
3:47 Tomoe "Hansel"?
3:49 Jun Witch? Kashiwaba is...? I see.
3:54 Tomoe Eh? Sakurada-kun?
3:56 Jun No. This is the first I've met her, Gretel.
3:59 Tomoe "Gretel"? Hinaichigo is...? ... Oh.
4:05 Jun [Whispering:] Yeah. Please...
4:07 Hinaichigo Umm, you see, witch-san, Hansel and Gretel got lost. So we can't get home, and now we ended up getting hungry!
4:15 Tomoe Is that so? That's awful, isn't it. In that case, I'll make preparations for dinner at once.
4:22 Hinaichigo Yayy! Thank you ~na no! ... Hansel?
4:28 Jun ... Huh?! Ah...! That would help out a lot. Yes, witch-sama, thank you very much.
4:35 Tomoe Here.
4:36 [Snaps fingers.]
4:36 [Magic sound.]
4:39 Hinaichigo Yayy! Awesome! It's a feast ~na no!
4:43 Jun Wow!
4:44 Tomoe [Giggle.] Go ahead and eat.
4:47 Hinaichigo Let's eat ~na no!
4:50 [Clinking of tableware.]
4:52 Shinku Be that as it may, for Tomoe to be the witch...
4:56 Souseiseki Yeah. I guess that's probably it.
4:59 Suiseiseki ...? What do you mean ~desu?
5:01 Shinku In all likelihood, when Tomoe read the picture book to Hinaichigo, I believe she must have changed some parts of the story for her benefit.
5:09 Souseiseki She made it so that the person they met at the candy house was not a wicked witch, but a good witch who helped Hansel and Gretel out.
5:17 Suiseiseki I see! If so, then Hansel and Gretel, and their mother and father, would all have a happy ending ~desu!
5:25 Shinku Yes. That would suffice to explain both why Tomoe is the witch, and why Hinaichigo likes "Hansel and Gretel" so much.
5:35 Suiseiseki [Sigh.] But still, for the feast to be a full course meal of strawberries...!
5:43 Souseiseki The appetizers and soup are made of strawberries... And e-even the main dish is strawberries...?
5:49 Shinku Tomoe... is an unexpectedly bold girl, isn't she.
5:57 [Music stops.]

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