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Track 6 - "Being Together"

Character Drama Vol. 6 - Track 6 - Top Picture

0:02 [Clinking of tableware.]
0:03 Hinaichigo Thanks for the meal~!
0:04 Jun [Groan.] Th-thanks for the... meal...
0:08 Tomoe It was my pleasure. Now then, here...
0:12 [Bell ringing.]
0:13 [Magic sound.]
0:16 Jun ...! Look at all the jewels...!
0:20 Tomoe If you bring these home with you, your family will all be able to live happily together.
0:24 Jun Umm... Witch-san, thank you very much!
0:28 Tomoe No, there's no need to thank me. I am a witch. It's only natural for me to help everyone out so that they can live in happiness. You must be tired from your day. Please stay the night here. Take your time in resting yourselves, and when morning comes, I will guide you to the path home.
0:51 Hinaichigo ... No...
0:52 Jun Huh? Hina - I mean, Gretel?
0:55 Tomoe ...?
0:57 Hinaichigo I don't wanna! I don't wanna go home!
1:00 Jun Eh?
1:01 Tomoe Hinaichigo?
1:02 Hinaichigo I wanna live happily like this together with Hansel and witch-san! That way is more fun!
1:09 Jun Hinaichigo...
1:11 Hinaichigo You... promised...
1:14 Jun Promised?
1:16 Tomoe Hinaichigo...
1:17 Hinaichigo 'Cause, there's a candy house here! You promised we'd be together forever! If we go back, there won't be any candy house!
1:29 Suiseiseki Hinaichigo...
1:31 ShinkuSouseiseki ...
1:34 Tomoe Yes... But... that's wrong, Hinaichigo.
1:41 Hinaichigo Hweh? How so...?
1:43 [Music starts.]
1:45 Tomoe Sure, here there is a candy house. However, this is a world that someone created. There's no real candy house.
1:56 Hinaichigo But... Tomoe, you're here!
1:59 Tomoe I can't stay here forever. This is a dream world. When we open our eyes, it will no longer exist. It will disappear.
2:09 Hinaichigo I don't want that ~na no! We'll... We'll be together forever! I don't wanna be alone ~na no!
2:16 Jun Hinaichigo...
2:18 Tomoe It's all right. You won't be lonely.
2:22 Hinaichigo Tomoe?
2:24 Tomoe Hinaichigo, Sakurada-kun will always be with you. And Nori-san, and Shinku-chan, Suiseiseki-chan, and Souseiseki-chan, too, will be there.
2:35 Jun Kashiwaba...
2:37 Hinaichigo But...
2:38 Tomoe Say, Hinaichigo?
2:40 Hinaichigo ...?
2:41 Tomoe Everyone is always thinking about you, Hinaichigo. And, they consider you to be precious to them.
2:50 Hinaichigo ...
2:51 Tomoe What I think is that, being with someone always doesn't necessarily mean literally being at their side.
2:58 Hinaichigo Hweh?
2:59 Tomoe I think that being together means that you feel that they're with you. That you feel how much you think about them, and how much you're being thought about by them. That's why I'm not lonely. After all, I'm always thinking about you, Hina, and I know that you're always thinking about me, too.
3:25 Hinaichigo Tomoe...
3:26 Tomoe Also, we can meet once in a while like this, right?
3:33 Hinaichigo Tomoe... Tomoe~! [Crying.]
3:36 [Glomp.]
3:36 Hinaichigo [Crying.]
3:38 Tomoe Hinaichigo.
3:40 Jun Kashiwaba...
3:43 Tomoe Yeah. Well, shall we go home?
3:45 Hinaichigo [Crying.] ... Uh-huh!
3:50 Suiseiseki [Sigh of relief.] Hinaichigo...
3:53 ShinkuSouseiseki Ohhh?
3:54 [Music stops.]
3:55 Suiseiseki Ah-! Nooo, I mean... Suiseiseki wasn't particularly worried on behalf of Puny Ichigo or anything...!
4:01 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] Isn't that nice?
4:03 Suiseiseki [Whimper.]
4:05 Souseiseki But, that's what it was. Hinaichigo wasn't pouting. She was frightened.
4:10 Shinku She is scared of being left alone, and in her mind she linked the candy house together with Tomoe's promise to her.
4:18 Suiseiseki That's why, when Suiseiseki said that a candy house is something from a fairy tale that doesn't really exist anywhere...
4:25 Shinku But, sooner or later, Hinaichigo would have to resolve that. It just means that this now proved to be the opportunity for her to do so. ... Suiseiseki, you mustn't blame yourself.
4:41 Souseiseki Yeah. Also, Suiseiseki was this worried on behalf of Hinaichigo, so...
4:46 Suiseiseki Th-that was...! [Whimper.] I-told-you...!
4:52 Souseiseki [Chuckle.]
4:54 [Magic sound.]
4:56 Suiseiseki Ah! It looks like a dream door opened ~desu!
5:00 Souseiseki Yeah. It's the exit door.
5:03 Shinku Come. Let us go home, too.
5:06 [Music starts.]
5:11 [Door opens.]
5:12 Tomoe Hello.
5:13 Hinaichigo Ah! Tomoe!
5:14 [Running footsteps.]
5:15 [Glomp.]
5:15 Tomoe Ah! Hinaichigo!
5:17 Hinaichigo Yayy! Tomoe!
5:20 Nori Welcome, Tomoe-chan! I was just about to make some tea.
5:23 Tomoe Ah, thank you very much. You don't have to go to any trouble-
5:27 Shinku Tomoe, there's no need to be shy. Hey, Jun!
5:31 [Clinking of tableware.]
5:31 Jun Yeah, yeah. I'm already doing it.
5:35 Tomoe Ah, thank you.
5:37 Suiseiseki That Jun, putting on the nice-guy act again ~desu!
5:41 Souseiseki Suiseiseki, are you jealous again?
5:44 Suiseiseki I told you, you're wrong ~desu!
5:47 Hinaichigo Tomoe!
5:48 Tomoe [Giggle.] Hinaichigo, have you been well?
5:51 Hinaichigo Yeah!
5:53 Tomoe Say, Hinaichigo.
5:55 Hinaichigo What is it, Tomoe?
5:57 [Tea being poured.]
5:57 Tomoe Do you like Sakurada-kun?
5:59 [Tea being spilled.]
5:59 Jun [Yelp.] ... Hot-hot-hot...!
6:02 Hinaichigo Yeah! I like him!
6:03 Tomoe [Giggle.] Is that so?
6:06 Hinaichigo Yeah! Jun, and Nori, and Souseiseki and Shinku, and... even though she teases me a little bit, Suiseiseki... I love everyone!
6:17 Tomoe Is that so?
6:18 Suiseiseki Honestly, that part about "teasing" was uncalled for ~desu!
6:21 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] It kinda makes me blush.
6:24 Hinaichigo And, and... Tomoe, too! I love-love-love LOVE you!
6:31 Tomoe Thank you, Hinaichigo.
6:36 Tomoe [Narrating:] Perhaps I was the one who was really lonely. But, I'm not lonely anymore, am I? Neither Hina nor myself... Because, there are this many people with us that care about Hina and myself. That's why I'm... we're not alone. Because everyone is together with us.
7:08 [Page turning.]
7:09 Hinaichigo [In flashback:] And then, riding on the bird's back, after they crossed a great river they could see their house. When they arrived home, their mother and father gave them a nice hug. And so, everyone lived happily ever after.
7:42 [Music stops.]

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