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Coming close on the heels of Shinku's Character Drama CD is Volume 6, released on February 7, 2007 and dedicated to the Puny Ichigo. The story it presents is rather uncomplicated and very typical of Hina. While this one didn't have any moments that really made me laugh out loud, it develops the characters of Hina and also Tomoe a bit more as well as the relationship between them. I found myself more interested in Tomoe's character here, as she's a bit of a cipher in the anime with respect to her feelings and motivations. The drama would be placed chronologically somewhere in the middle of Träumend, and it focuses mainly on the Sakurada household crew - no Suigintou, Kanaria, or Barasuishou in it this time.

The series finally comes to a close next month with the release of Barasuishou's drama. Whatever that one's about, hopefully it will be a quick job to translate, as I expect it will be full of a lot of grunts, long silences, and parroting of lines...

2/10/2007: Thanks to reader kacpy for pointing out a couple of typos in my initial scripts for Shinku's and Hina's dramas.

Rozen Maiden Character Drama Vol. 6 ~ Shinku (Cover)
Rozen Maiden Character Drama (CD)
Vol. 6 ~ Hinaichigo


Track Title Duration
1  Hansel and Gretel 9:05
2  Hinaichigo's Picture Book 6:26
3  The Candy House 6:07
4  Into the Dream 2:34
5  Hinaichigo and the Witch of Memories 5:58
6  Being Together 7:46
7  Song: The Near Yet Far Dream [DRAMA VERSION] 3:03

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