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Track 1 - "One Who Has No Fear"

Character Drama Vol. 2 - Track 1 - Top Picture

[Song: " A Fine Pizzicato Day". See script of Track 7 for the lyrics and translation.]
1:12 [Thunder.]
1:17 Kanaria At last... this day has arrived ~kashira, Pizzicato!
1:21 Pizzicato [Tinkle.]
1:22 Kanaria The Kana of today is a bit different from the usual cheerful, cute Kana ~kashira! Today Kana will... BECOME A DEMON ~KASHIRAAA!!
1:32 [Thunderclap.]
1:34 Kanaria This right here is the Kana who has overcome so many... truly so many failures and humiliations ~kashira! Reborn, Kana will first of all thoroughly research about Shinku and the others!
1:47 [Typing and electronic sounds.]
1:49 Kanaria And then develop some "Super Items" that will exploit their weaknesses!
1:54 [Mechanical sounds.]
1:58 Kanaria Now my preparations are complete! Today is the day... Today is the day I will show... will show Shinku and the others... the true meaning of terror-!!
2:09 [Thunder abruptly stops.]
2:09 Jun What do you mean, "true meaning of terror"?
2:11 Kanaria Well, you see... Huh? Uwaaah~!
2:14 [Music starts.]
2:15 Kanaria Y-you're... Shinku's Master...?!
2:18 Jun If I remember right, you're, uh, Kana... Kanazawa?
2:23 Kanaria Kanaria ~kashira!!
2:24 Jun Ah, oh yeah. So, Kanagawa, what're you doing?
2:28 Kanaria Ka... Kanaria ~kashira!! Geez~! How did you discover about Kana before I even infiltrated ~kashira?!
2:36 Jun Well of course you'd get discovered, shouting at the top of your lungs like that in front of someone's house!
2:41 Kanaria Uwaaah~! Oh crap ~kashira!
2:43 Jun What are you, an idiot?
2:44 Kanaria T-that "idiot" remark was uncalled for ~kashira! You happen to be addressing the most intelligent of the Rozen Maidens~!
2:51 Jun Intelligent, huh?
2:53 Kanaria To suddenly stumble right from the very beginning... At this point I would ordinarily withdraw, but today Kana is a bit different ~kashira!
3:02 Jun Different? How so?
3:04 Kanaria Heh-heh...! I'm gonna shut you up...!
3:08 Jun "Shut me up"? You mean... shut me up?!!
3:11 Kanaria Fufufufufu! I have no choice about it, do I ~kashira?!
3:14 Jun W-what do you intend to do to me?!
3:17 Kanaria I hope you don't take this personally ~kashira, Shinku's Master! Eat THIS ~kashira!
3:22 [Whomp! Whomp!]
3:23 Jun Aaaaagh-!
3:24 [Collapse. Drop.]
3:26 Kanaria I'll give you this boxed lunch, so please turn a blind eye to me today ~kashira!
3:30 [Twang!]
3:30 Jun Uhh...
3:31 Kanaria Go on! Eat it ~kashira!
3:33 Jun That's what you meant by "eat this"?!
3:35 Kanaria Oooh... Forgive me, Micchan. When you went to so much trouble to make it for Kana, please don't think badly of me ~kashira!
3:45 Jun [Sigh.]
3:46 Kanaria [Whine.] [Crying:] And today's boxed lunch was full of sweet fried eggs, too~!
3:54 [Crow cawing and flapping its wings.]
3:55 Kanaria Ahhh-! W-w-what's going on ~kashira?! Kana's being attacked by a crow yet again ~kashira~!
4:02 [Music stops.]
4:03 Kanaria Ahhh, Kana's fried eggs~! "Drop"...
4:09 Jun What are you, an idiot...?
4:10 Kanaria S-saying I'm an idiot again, were you?!
4:13 Jun Oh, do whatever you want. For one thing, I don't think you'd be able to manage to do anything to Shinku or the others. Later.
4:19 [Receding footsteps.]
4:20 [Door opening.]
4:21 Jun I'm back!
4:22 [Clink.]
4:23 [Wind blowing.]
4:26 Kanaria Oooh...! How humiliating ~kashira! I won't forgive you for this, Shinku's Master! You and Shinku both can wash your necks and await your executions ~kashira!
4:36 [Crow cawing and flapping its wings.]
4:38 Kanaria Eeeek! You came yet again ~kashira~?! [Whine.]

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