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Track 2 - "Kanaria the Tactician!!"

Character Drama Vol. 2 - Track 2 - Top Picture

0:00 [Helicopter rotor whirling.]
0:03 Cat-Burglar You won't get away with this, Kunkun! You can wash your neck and await your execution! The next time for sure, I swear I will defeat you~!
0:13 Kunkun Mysterious thief Cat-Burglar...! As for me, I swear I'll catch you someday!
0:21 [Helicopter taking off.]
0:21 Cat-Burglar Hahahahahahahahahaha! Haah-hahahahahahahahahahaha...!
0:28 Kunkun Wait, mysterious thief Cat-Burglar! Waaaaait!
0:33 [Music starts.]
0:34 Hinaichigo [Flapping arms.] Kunkun~! Cat-Burglar got away from you~!
0:38 Shinku Calm down, Hinaichigo. Kunkun has not lost. He's going to allow his opponent to drop his guard, then follow him back to his hideout and apprehend him together with his accomplices. That is Kunkun's strategy.
0:51 Hinaichigo Ohhh! That's Kunkun for you!
0:54 Shinku The one who ultimately will win will be Kunkun. And that holds true no matter what opponent he may be up against.
0:59 [Door opening.]
1:00 Hinaichigo Ah! Jun! Welcome back ~na no!
1:03 Jun Yeah... Oh? Suiseiseki and Souseiseki aren't here today? And I see you two are watching Kunkun, as usual...
1:12 Hinaichigo Yeah!
1:13 Jun I'd think you'd get sick of it from watching it constantly like that. You could try watching a different program once in a whi-
1:18 [Smack!]
1:18 Jun Ow-! What the heck are you doing, Shinku-?!
1:21 Shinku Perfect timing, Jun. Bring me a fresh cup of tea.
1:25 Jun Don't smack people with your hair and start ordering them around the first thing when they walk in the door-!
1:28 Shinku Hurry up and do it. ... Honestly, such a useless servant you are.
1:32 Jun [Sigh.] Yeah, yeah... Right after I come back from putting my bag in my room.
1:37 [Music stops.]
1:39 [Clomp.]
1:40 Jun Shinku, you...! If you want something like that, get it yourself! Sheesh, every single time...
1:45 Kanaria Ooh-!
1:45 [Thump.]
1:46 Jun Uwaah-!
1:46 [Thump.]
1:47 Kanaria Ow-ow-ow... That hurts ~kashira!
1:50 Jun You're... Kanabun!
1:52 Kanaria I told you, it's Kanaria ~kashira! Huh? Shinku's Master! Don't tell me you were spying on Kana ~kashira?!
2:00 Jun No, I wasn't...
2:01 Kanaria Ah-! Heh-heh~! So that's the deal! Kana's shutting you up earlier is still fully in effect ~kashira!
2:08 Jun No, I don't remember that. But, it doesn't matter.
2:12 Kanaria Anyway, I won't allow you to interfere ~kashira! I just now finished setting a fearsome trap that will ensnare Shinku~!
2:19 Jun A fearsome trap...?
2:21 Kanaria Ufufufufu! By that I mean... THIS ~kashira!
2:24 [Bam!]
2:26 [Music starts.]
2:27 Jun A stuffed Kunkun toy?
2:29 Kanaria Exactly~! It's a rare, special limited-edition one that I got Micchan to order for me! When Shinku makes a grab for this, she'll instantly trip this thread! And then, this cage that I've set up will fall down and trap her inside of it! Yes, it will be...!
2:47 [Trill. Start of imagination sequence (with slightly echoing voices).]
2:50 [Jump.]
2:50 Shinku Eeeeek! Kunkuuun~!
2:53 Kanaria Now! You're mine ~kashira!
2:55 [Crash!]
2:56 Shinku W-what's this?! You've tricked me, Kanaria!
3:00 Kanaria Oh-hohoho! Shinku, may you rue and curse your foolishness ~kashira! You have lost - to me, Kanaria, the foremost tactician of the Rozen Maidens~!
3:11 Shinku Oh my god! As expected of Kanaria. You are not an opponent I was capable of beating!
3:17 Kanaria Of cooourse not ~kashira! Oh-hohohohohohohoho!
3:21 [Trill. End of imagination sequence.]
3:22 Kanaria ... like that-!
3:24 Jun What century did that trap come out of?! No, it's not a matter of what century... Do you believe that'll actually work-?!
3:31 [Door starts to squeak open.]
3:32 Kanaria Ahh-! Someone's coming ~kashira! I'll bet it's Shinku!
3:35 Jun Ehh?!
3:36 Kanaria Come over here ~kashira, Shinku's Master!
3:37 [Drag. Scuffling.]
3:39 Kanaria I won't let you interfere with Kana ~kashiraaa!
3:41 [Struggling sounds.]
3:41 Jun Ah-! Hey-! Stop pulling on me-!
3:43 [Door opens.]
3:44 Shinku What are you doing, Jun? Hurry up and bring me my t-... ...? [Squeals.]
3:50 [Tinkling, bursting sound.]
3:51 Shinku [Breathlessly:] T-this is... This is one of those stuffed Kunkun toys that are nearly impossible to acquire, even among his fans...! A "Yukemuri Kunkun", all alone!
4:03 Kanaria [Stage whisper:] Yess~! It's affecting her exactly as I planned ~kashira!
4:07 Jun [Stage whisper:] I told you, with such an obvious trap, there's no way...
4:10 Shinku [Breathing heavily.]
4:12 Jun [Stage whisper:] ... S-such an obvious trap...?
4:15 Shinku Eeeeek, Kunkuuun~!
4:18 Jun Huh? Hey-!
4:18 [Running footsteps.]
4:19 Kanaria Now! You're mine ~kashira!
4:21 [Crash. Music stops.]
4:22 Jun S-she was so easily fooled...
4:26 Kanaria [Whooping insanely.] At last the day has come ~kashira! Shinku, may you rue and curse your foolishness ~kashira! You have lost - to me, Kanaria, the foremost tactician of the Rozen Maidens~!
4:41 Shinku Ahhh Kunkun, Kunkun...!
4:46 Kanaria Huh?
4:47 Shinku Ahh...! To run into you in such a place... What a wonderful day it is today! My love for you has linked us together, hasn't it, Kunkun!
4:57 Kanaria H-hey, Shinku, look over here, and not just at Kunkun ~kashira! Shinku~!
5:04 Shinku Oh. Kanaria.
5:05 Kanaria Don't give me that "oh, Kanaria" ~kashira! Shinku, you have lost - to me, Kanaria, the foremost tactician of the Rozen Maidens-!
5:12 Shinku Could it be, that you're the one who brought this here?
5:15 Kanaria Eh? ... Well, yeah, but...
5:17 Shinku Thank you, Kanaria! For you to give me such a wonderful thing as a present...!
5:22 Kanaria Present~?! W-what are you talking about ~kashira?! Try taking a look at the predicament you're in right now ~kashira!
5:29 Shinku Predicament? ... Oh, what's this? It's in my way.
5:34 [Clatter.]
5:34 Kanaria Uhh-!
5:35 Jun Of course she'd be able to easily move it aside, an ordinary little cage like that.
5:40 Shinku Thank you, truly, Kanaria! [Breath catches.] If you like, would you care to join us here for tea? ... Ah, Kunkun...!
5:49 [Receding footsteps. Door closes.]
5:51 Hinaichigo [In the distance:] Ahh-! Where'd you get that, Shinku?!
5:54 Shinku [In the distance:] [Giggle.] Kanaria gave it to me as a present.
5:58 Hinaichigo [In the distance:] Oooh! You're so lucky, you're so lucky!
6:02 [Flop.]
6:03 Kanaria Kana should have beaten her, but... what's with this sudden feeling of defeat ~kashira?
6:10 Jun That's the feeling you'd get from being defeated like that, I'd think.
6:13 Kanaria [Whine.] Kana's strategy has barely begun ~kashira!
6:17 Jun Eh-?! You've still got more?!
6:19 Kanaria The next one I finish off will be...! [Cackle.]

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