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Track 3 - "Kanaria the Tactician(?)"

Character Drama Vol. 2 - Track 3 - Top Picture

0:01 [Door opens.]
0:01 [Approaching footsteps.]
0:02 Shinku Ah! Sit over here, Kanaria! Come now, make some space for her, Hinaichigo. Jun, go make some tea for Kanaria at once. ... Oh, what would you prefer for snacks? I hope we have something that you'll approve of, Kanaria, but don't be shy - you can ask for anything at all that you'd like!
0:20 Jun You're really too outspoken, you know.
0:23 Shinku Never mind that, hurry up and go make our tea. If you keep a guest of mine waiting, you will be a failure as a servant.
0:30 Jun [Grunt.]
0:31 Kanaria [Uneasily:] Uh, thanks, Shinku! Actually, Kana brought a gift for you all ~kashira!
0:37 [Thump.]
0:38 Hinaichigo Wow! It's a whole lot of unyuu~!
0:41 Shinku My, you're really so considerate today, Kanaria! To bring gifts not just for me, but for Hinaichigo as well...
0:49 [Music starts.]
0:50 Kanaria [Stage whisper:] Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh! Enjoy yourselves while you still can ~kashira!
0:54 Jun [Stage whisper:] What the heck do these strawberry rice cakes have to do with your strategy?
0:57 Kanaria [Stage whisper:] This is why stupid people are such a bother ~kashira! Actually, inside one of these strawberry rice cakes, I put some poison ~kashira!
1:05 Jun [Stage whisper:] P-poison-?!!
1:06 Kanaria [Stage whisper:] When Hinaichigo eats that...! [Giggle.]
1:10 [Trill. Start of imagination sequence.]
1:12 Hinaichigo Yayy~! Let's eat ~na no!
1:16 [Pop!]
1:16 Hinaichigo [Munch munch.] ... [Choking sounds.] Hina's... in pain...!
1:24 Kanaria Ohh-hohoho! Hinaichigo, may you rue and curse your foolishness ~kashira! You have lost - to me, Kanaria, the foremost tactician of the Rozen Maidens~!
1:36 Hinaichigo [Pained.] ... Oh, crap... Hina... has lost... "Drop"...
1:42 Kanaria Ohh-hohohohohohohoho!
1:46 [Trill. End of imagination sequence.]
1:47 Kanaria L-like that...!
1:50 Jun Poison, where... where the heck did you get a hold of something like that?!
1:53 Kanaria From the kitchen at Micchan's place ~kashira.
1:55 Jun Ki...?! She keeps stuff like that in her kitchen...?!
1:58 Kanaria She'll think to try eating some sweet, sweet strawberry rice cakes, and then what'll happen ~kashira? Inside the same red-colored filling there will be stuffed - oh my god! - a whole lot of red pepper~!
2:09 Jun R-red pepper...! ... Red pepper?
2:11 Kanaria And not just that! I blended in some wasabi and mustard, too ~kashira!
2:16 Jun Oh, is that all. Don't scare me like that...
2:19 Kanaria One could easily predict that pig Hinaichigo will end up eating all of the strawberry rice cakes herself. Now then, I wonder when she'll end up eating the one with the red pepper in it ~kashira?! This time for sure, you will all bow down before Kana's fearful strategy!
2:34 Jun Fearful? That?
2:36 Hinaichigo Yayy~! Let's ea-!
2:38 Shinku Wait, Hinaichigo.
2:39 Hinaichigo Hweh?
2:40 Kanaria [Stage whisper:] Shinku...?! Don't tell me you've noticed Kana's strategy ~kashira?!
2:45 Jun [Stage whisper:] Well, when you talked about it that loudly...
2:48 Shinku Kanaria.
2:49 Kanaria Eh?!
2:50 Shinku ... These strawberry rice cakes. You...
2:53 Kanaria [Whimper.]
2:55 Shinku ... Won't you join us in eating them?
2:57 Kanaria Eh?
2:58 Shinku We've already gone to the trouble of having some tea made. Please eat them with us. It's all right, isn't it, Hinaichigo?
3:04 Hinaichigo Yeah! It tastes better when we all eat together!
3:08 Kanaria [Stage whisper:] Ahh, thank god~! I wasn't revealed ~kashira!
3:12 Shinku Well, hurry up and sit down, Kanaria.
3:15 Kanaria ... W-well then, don't mind if I do ~kashira!
3:17 [Step. Sit.]
3:18 Hinaichigo Here, please have some ~na no, Kanaria!
3:20 Shinku Well then, shall we eat?
3:22 Hinaichigo Let's eat ~na no!
3:22 Kanaria Let's eat ~kashira!
3:25 Jun H-h-hey-!
3:27 [Pop-pop-pop!]
3:27 [Munching sounds.]
3:30 Jun Uhh, Kanaria...? I'm just telling you 'cause it seems as if you've totally forgotten, but didn't you say there was red pepper inside one of those? Well, I guess there's no way you'd pick the one with the red pepper in it, though...
3:44 Hinaichigo Yayy~! They're yummy! I'm gonna eat another one!
3:48 Shinku What an exquisite flavor. It goes well with the tea, also. It is a superb item. Kanaria, you've shown me something nice. Oh?
3:57 Kanaria ...!
3:59 Shinku Kanaria?
4:00 Kanaria Oooooh...!!
4:03 Jun You're kidding me...
4:04 [Flames roaring.]
4:04 Kanaria [Garbled nonsense] ~kashira!
4:09 Shinku What's wrong, Kanaria?!
4:11 Hinaichigo Awesome! She's like a monster ~na no!
4:14 Jun I don't know whether she's an idiot or just unlucky... No, she's both.
4:18 Kanaria [Garbled:] Woe is me ~kashira...
4:23 [Flop.]
4:24 Shinku Kanaria!
4:24 Hinaichigo Kanaria!
4:25 [Music stops.]

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