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Track 4 - "Kanaria the... Tactician..."

Character Drama Vol. 2 - Track 4 - Top Picture

0:00 [Door opening. Footsteps approaching. Door closing.]
0:04 Jun There...
0:04 [Rustle.]
0:06 Hinaichigo Hang in there, Kanaria!
0:09 Shinku For her to suddenly faint, what on earth...?
0:11 Jun S-she probably just got tired, right? It's no big deal, I'm telling you.
0:16 Shinku Could it be, that she sacrificed her health this much in the process of searching for my stuffed Kunkun toy?! Oh no, for her to do this for me...!
0:25 Jun Well, you're not wrong that she did it for you, but...
0:28 Hinaichigo Kanaria is sooo nice today. It's weird!
0:33 Shinku You ought not say something like that! I'm sure that this is how the real Kanaria is.
0:39 Jun Anyway, it's nothing to worry that much about, so go on downstairs. She probably won't be able to relax with you two hanging around here...
0:46 Shinku ... That's true. Let's go, Hinaichigo.
0:51 Hinaichigo Yeah! Bye, Kanaria!
0:54 [Receding footsteps. Door opens.]
0:56 Shinku Jun! Take good care of Kanaria, do you hear? Right now, Kanaria is far more important to me than you are, so...
1:06 Jun Hah?
1:07 Shinku Honestly Jun, I wish you'd learn even one-hundredth of the manners that Kanaria has.
1:14 [Receding footsteps. Door closes.]
1:15 Jun A single stuffed toy makes her behave like that?! I'm the one who ought to be saying "honestly"!
1:21 Kanaria Oooh...
1:23 Jun [Sigh.] But why am I covering for all of her failures? Well, it's true that I thought I'd like to see Shinku get into some trouble, just a little bit, but...
1:34 Kanaria [Groan.] Shinku's... Master...
1:38 Jun Yeah. Are you OK?
1:40 Kanaria My tongue still stings ~kashira...
1:43 [Thump.]
1:43 Jun Here, I brought you some water.
1:46 Kanaria Thanks ~kashira... [Glug glug.] Gehh...
1:51 Jun You sure do seem depressed, don't you.
1:54 Kanaria Where am I?
1:55 Jun My room. Shinku and Hinaichigo are downstairs.
1:59 Kanaria I see... Ahhh... I can't believe the ingenious strategies brought forth from Kana's ingenious brain are failing one after another...
2:10 Jun Ingenious? You mean those?
2:13 Kanaria And they even backfired on me... How pathetic for me, the most intelligent of the Rozen Maidens... [Crying.]
2:21 Jun [Sigh.] Aw, c'mon.
2:24 Kanaria Uhh?
2:25 Jun The part where you baited the trap with Kunkun was a good idea, wasn't it?
2:29 Kanaria Eh?
2:30 Jun The problem was with the trap itself. If you were to use something that would cause Shinku more trouble, instead of that cage, you see...
2:37 Kanaria Yeah, yeah!
2:38 Jun She took off with that doll, but there are plenty of other Kunkun goods here that she treasures...
2:45 [Rustle.]
2:45 Kanaria Yes! That's it ~kashira!
2:47 [Music starts.]
2:47 Jun Whaa?!
2:48 Kanaria Kana hasn't lost yet! You've given me a great idea ~kashira! And to let your mouth slip like that in front of Kana... you are such a foolish Master ~kashira!
3:00 Jun [Sigh.] You're really happy-go-lucky, do you know that?
3:03 Kanaria I know that Shinku's treasures are in that bookcase! [Giggle.]
3:07 [Footsteps. Grab.]
3:09 Kanaria This! This is it! Using it, this time for sure I'll ensnare Shinku in a trap such that she won't be able to recover from, and I'll have her kneeling before my feet ~kashira!
3:18 Jun Well, if you can get it to work.
3:20 Kanaria Well, now that that's decided, let's go to Shinku and Hinaichigo at once~!
3:25 [CRASH!]
3:25 Kanaria [Scream.]
3:25 Jun [Scream.]
3:28 Suiseiseki Ah, here you are, puny human. Suiseiseki and Souseiseki came over to play again today ~desu.
3:35 Jun Y... y... y-y-y-y-
3:37 Suiseiseki What's the matter? So happy you can't speak ~desu?
3:40 Jun Y-y-you guys-!! Breaking the window glass again-!!
3:44 Souseiseki We're sorry, Jun-kun! We became late in getting here today, so Suiseiseki panicked and... H-huh?
3:51 Kanaria Gulp...!
3:52 Suiseiseki Kanaria! What are you doing in Jun's room ~desu?
3:56 Kanaria Well, that is...
3:59 Souseiseki And moreover, what you've got there is... [Gasp.] Isn't that Shinku's treasure?
4:04 Kanaria Gulp-gulp-gulp!
4:06 Suiseiseki This is suspicious ~desu! I smell the scent of an evil plot ~desu! What were you doing, Kanaria?
4:13 Kanaria K-Kana... Kana was... c-cleaning up ~kashira!
4:19 Suiseiseki Cleaning~? Really?!
4:23 Kanaria Really really for real ~kashira!
4:25 Suiseiseki No, that is such a lie ~desu!
4:27 Kanaria It's the truth ~kashira!
4:28 Suiseiseki It's a lie ~desu!
4:29 Kanaria It's the truth ~kashira!
4:30 Suiseiseki It's a lie ~desu!
4:31 Kanaria It's the truth ~kashira!
4:32 Suiseiseki It's the truth ~kashira...
4:33 Kanaria It's a lie ~desu! ... Uwaaah-!!
4:35 Suiseiseki So you were lying after all ~desu!!
4:37 Kanaria T-that was sneaky ~kashira! You caught me in a trap ~kashira!
4:41 Jun Don't let yourself get caught!
4:42 Suiseiseki What are you plotting ~desu?! If you don't completely cough it up at once, I'll interrogate you physically ~desu!
4:52 Kanaria [Whimper.]
4:53 Suiseiseki I'll do this...!
4:55 [Whip crack.]
4:56 Suiseiseki And that...!
4:58 [Drill sound.]
5:01 Suiseiseki And this, too...!
5:03 [Drumming noise and explosion.]
5:06 Suiseiseki I'll use them all on you together ~desu!!
5:09 Kanaria Waaaahh~! S-someone...!
5:13 Jun Knock it off already!
5:15 Kanaria Eh?
5:16 Suiseiseki Jun. Why are you stopping me ~desu?
5:18 Jun Well, that's... It's kinda my fault for saying things that would lead her on to...
5:24 Suiseiseki Hah? What kind of nonsense are you talking about ~desu? Don't interfere with Suiseiseki ~desu!
5:30 Souseiseki Calm down, Suiseiseki. As Jun-kun says, let's let her off with just this. It looks like she hasn't done anything yet, right?
5:37 Suiseiseki [Grumble.] ... Mmm... Oh, all right ~desu.
5:41 Kanaria [Sigh.] I-I'm saved ~kashira...

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