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Track 5 - "A Strategic Withdrawal ~Kashira"

Character Drama Vol. 2 - Track 5 - Top Picture

0:00 [Door opens.]
0:00 Kanaria Oh-?!
0:02 Shinku ... Oh, Suiseiseki.
0:04 Hinaichigo And Souseiseki, too! Welcome ~na no!
0:07 Kanaria Shinku! Hinaichigo!
0:09 Shinku I came up here thinking I'd heard some kind of commotion. What are you doing?
0:13 Suiseiseki Nothing really~. We were just trying to teach that Kanaria a lesson ~desu.
0:18 Shinku To Kanaria?
0:19 Hinaichigo Why ~na no?
0:20 Kanaria [Crying:] I wasn't really...!
0:23 Suiseiseki It's because she was trying to do something suspicious with Shinku's treasure.
0:26 [Boom!]
0:26 Kanaria [Screams.]
0:29 [Music starts.]
0:31 Kanaria G-game over ~kashira! Everything's going to be found out ~kashira! [Sob.] While Kana is surrounded by the four of them, unable to even run away...!
0:43 [Start of imagination sequence.]
0:46 Shinku So that's what was going on, was it?
0:48 Hinaichigo I thought something seemed funny!
0:50 Shinku Using Kunkun to try to catch me in a trap... I won't forgive you!
0:56 Suiseiseki Today is the day I'm going to completely destroy you ~desu!
1:00 Souseiseki Goodbye, Kanaria.
1:02 Dolls Fufufufufu...
1:04 Kanaria [Whine.]
1:07 [End of imagination sequence.]
1:09 Kanaria [Whine.] Farewell, Micchan!
1:14 Jun Y-you guys! This is, uh...!
1:16 Shinku So that's what was going on, was it?
1:18 Kanaria [Whine.]
1:19 Jun Hey, Shinku!
1:20 Shinku Kanaria... Thank you!
1:24 Kanaria [Whine.] ... -Eh?
1:26 Jun Huh?
1:26 [Music stops.]
1:28 Shinku You were intending to give me another present, weren't you?
1:32 Kanaria A present?
1:34 Souseiseki What do you mean, Shinku?
1:35 Shinku The truth of the matter is like this. Behold this stuffed Kunkun toy.
1:40 Suiseiseki Ahh! Where did you get that?!
1:42 Souseiseki You didn't have that before, did you, Shinku?
1:45 Shinku A short time earlier, Kanaria gave it to me as a present.
1:48 Suiseiseki Kanaria did?!
1:50 Souseiseki That's unexpected!
1:51 Shinku After seeing my joyful face, Kanaria thought to bring me another present again. But, in order to avoid disappointing me in the worst case, she was confirming in advance which goods I already owned. And because she wanted to keep the present a secret until then, she could not tell Suiseiseki or any of you. As a result, it appeared as if she were taking part in some kind of alarming activity. The mysteries have all been solved!
2:20 [Bang.]
2:22 Dolls Ohhh!
2:23 Jun What do you mean "ohhh"?! How can you believe that convenient an explanation?!
2:27 Shinku Thank you, Kanaria, truly. Your consideration has touched my heart.
2:33 Kanaria Y-yeah...
2:35 Suiseiseki Kanaria, that's no fair! Give something to Suiseiseki too, not just to Shinku ~desu!
2:42 Kanaria Eh?! Something...?!
2:44 Suiseiseki What's with this big backpack? There are some gifts for Suiseiseki inside of here, aren't there ~desu?
2:50 [Dump, clatter.]
2:50 [Music starts.]
2:51 Kanaria Ooooh-! Inside of there are some traps-! Er, no, I mean, there's nothing that great in there ~kashiraaa!
2:56 Suiseiseki Some false ears...? A fishing rod...?
3:00 Souseiseki These are those things you use for scooping goldfish... Why do you even have things lke these?
3:04 Suiseiseki There's really not anything worthwhile. ... Shinku...
3:09 Shinku W-what?
3:11 Suiseiseki I wonder, why did only Shinku get a present ~desu?
3:15 Shinku That's because... Kanaria and I are soul-mates.
3:21 Suiseiseki Eh-heh-heh-heh...? No, I've never heard of such a thing ~desu! It's no fair! Give that thing to Suiseiseki ~desu!
3:30 Shinku Y-you've got to be kidding! Absolutely not!
3:33 Suiseiseki Just give it here ~desu!
3:35 Shinku [Gasp.]
3:35 [Struggling sounds.]
3:37 Suiseiseki Let-go-of-it ~desu!!
3:39 Shinku Certainly... not...!
3:41 Souseiseki Cut it out, Suiseiseki!
3:43 Hinaichigo Suiseiseki's a big fan of Kunkun, too?
3:46 Souseiseki Well, in her case, it's more that she just doesn't like to lose...
3:51 Suiseiseki ... Give it to me ~desu!
3:52 Shinku No!
3:53 Suiseiseki It's no fair keeping it to yourself ~desu!
3:54 Shinku Kunkun is... He's my Kunkun!
3:56 Souseiseki Hey, Suiseiseki...!
3:59 Hinaichigo Shinku will let you borrow it!
4:02 Kanaria I-I don't have any clue what's going on here ~kashira...
4:07 Jun Hey, Kanaria.
4:08 Kanaria [Gasp.] Shinku's Master...?
4:10 Jun Go on, hurry. Now's your chance to escape.
4:13 Kanaria Huh? Why?
4:14 Jun Just go! While these guys have forgotten about you.
4:18 Kanaria Y... yeah! But, don't relax! I may have failed today, but Kana will not be discouraged by such as this ~kashira! Because Kana is-!
4:28 Jun The most intelligent of the Rozen Maidens, right? I've memorized it by now.
4:33 Kanaria Uh... I-I'll be back again ~kashira! Until that day, farewell ~kashira!
4:38 [Receding footsteps.]
4:40 [Door closes.]
4:41 Jun [Sigh.]
4:42 Souseiseki Hey, wait, everyone!
4:45 Suiseiseki What is it, Souseiseki?
4:47 Souseiseki If you look at this doll closely, its stitching doesn't match up.
4:51 Suiseiseki Stitching...?
4:53 Shinku ...? [Gasp.] I-it's true!
4:58 Souseiseki The finishing work is also kinda rough... Do you suppose this could be a fake?
5:04 ShinkuSuiseiseki A fake?!
5:05 Shinku T-that's...! It couldn't be...!
5:10 Hinaichigo Huh? The name written here... Instead of "Kunkun", it says "Gungun" ~na no.
5:15 Shinku [Yelps.]
5:17 Suiseiseki Ahh, how stupid, to be taken in by a fake... I'll let Shinku have a thing like that ~desu.
5:24 Shinku H... how can this be...?!
5:27 Souseiseki ... H-hang in there, Shinku! I'm sure you'll get a hold of a real one soon!
5:33 Hinaichigo Cheer up, Shinku~!
5:36 Shinku [Shakily:] ... Jun... My throat is dry...
5:40 Jun Huh?
5:41 Shinku Make me some tea.... DO IT AT ONCE, JUN!!!
5:45 Jun [Sigh.] Yeah, yeah...
5:49 [Music stops.]

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