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Track 6 - "Kana and Micchan"

Character Drama Vol. 2 - Track 6 - Top Picture

0:00 [Ambient outdoor sounds. Slow footsteps. Birds calling.]
0:05 Kanaria [Sigh.] [Whimper.] I thought today would be the day, but I only ended up getting even more tired than usual ~kashira...
0:13 [Crow cawing and flapping its wings.]
0:14 Kanaria Eeeeek, it's that crow again...! Geez, I don't have anything ~kashiraaa!
0:20 [Crow flies off.]
0:23 Kanaria [Crying:] Geez, this is harsh ~kashira!
0:26 [Approaching footsteps.]
0:27 Jun Hey!
0:28 Kanaria ...! Shinku's Master!
0:29 [Music starts.]
0:29 Kanaria W-what did you come here for ~kashira?!
0:32 Jun Here.
0:32 [Toss.]
0:33 Kanaria Huh?
0:34 Jun Here - your backpack. You left it behind in my room.
0:39 Kanaria ... Y-you came all the way out here to bring it for me ~kashira?
0:42 Jun Not really for you. It's just that it'd be a nuisance if it were in my room.
0:46 Kanaria ... U-uh, umm... T-thank you ~kashira...
0:52 Jun Yeah... And, I'm sorry, for saying such weird things to you.
0:58 Kanaria Oh?
0:59 Jun If I hadn't told you about Shinku's treasure, it might not have turned out like that.
1:04 Kanaria If you hadn't told...? Then, don't tell me that you helped me out on purpose...?
1:09 Jun W-well, bye!
1:11 [Footsteps running off.]
1:14 Kanaria Ah... Shinku's Master... [Sigh.]
1:20 [Music stops.]
1:21 [Tinkling/magical sound.]
1:22 Kanaria I'm home, Micchan...
1:24 [Running footsteps.]
1:24 Micchan Ahhh, Kanaaa~!
1:27 [Glomp!]
1:28 [Twisting sounds.]
1:28 Micchan Kana-Kana-Kana-Kana-Kana-Kana-Kana~!
1:29 Kanaria Ahhh-! M-Micchan...! You don't have to call my name so many times and hug me so hard like that! Kana's right here ~kashira!
1:37 Micchan Today I wanted to play with you a lot so I took off work and came home~! Where were you?!
1:43 Kanaria A-at Shinku's place ~kashira.
1:46 Micchan Oh? At Shinku's...? [Sigh.] You're so lucky... I wonder if they'll all be able to come over here to play sometime soon...?!
1:56 Kanaria ... Say, Micchan...
1:58 Micchan Hm? What?
2:00 Kanaria I think I've become a little bit envious of Shinku and the others...
2:06 Micchan Huh?
2:07 Kanaria I don't really understand, but... Shinku's Master seems like a pretty nice guy...
2:15 Micchan Kana... you can't mean... [Blubbering.]
2:20 [Twisting sounds.]
2:21 [Music starts.]
2:22 Micchan [Crying:] You'd prefer to stay over there?! You'd prefer Shinku-chan's Master?! Oh nooo~! I'm your Master, Kana~!!
2:32 Kanaria M-Micchan, calm down ~kashira! I didn't particularly say a word about preferring him over you ~kashira!
2:41 Micchan Honest?
2:42 Kanaria K-Kana's most precious Master is you, Micchan ~kashira!
2:47 Micchan Kana... Kanaaa~!!
2:50 [Squeezing sounds.]
2:50 Kanaria [Strangled noise.]
2:52 Micchan Ahh, Kana is the best after all! Won't you try on these clothes I went and bought earlier?
2:57 [Jangle.]
2:57 Micchan And won't you also try on this pendant? And there are lots and lots of fried eggs cooked up for you! Go on, eat up! Here! [Pop!] Here! [Pop!] Here-here-here! [Pop-pop-pop!]
3:06 Kanaria [Muffled noise.] I-I can't eat this many of them ~kashira!
3:09 Micchan Kana, you're going to be with me forever~!
3:13 [Glomp!]
3:13 Micchan Kanaaa~!!
3:14 Kanaria Eeeee-! ~kashira!
3:26 [Music stops.]

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