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Track 1 - "Shinku's Everyday Routine"

Character Drama Vol. 5 - Track 1 - Top Picture

0:00 [Song: "Nameless Forest". See script of Track 7 for the lyrics and translation.]
3:16 [Running footsteps.]
3:18 Hinaichigo Nooo~! Give it back ~na no!
3:21 Suiseiseki No way! This is now one of Suiseiseki's things ~desu!
3:22 [Footsteps stop.]
3:25 [Shoving sounds.]
3:25 Hinaichigo Hey, Jun!
3:26 Jun [Groaning.]
3:26 Hinaichigo Hey, Suiseiseki took...!
3:29 Suiseiseki Jun! Don't let her fool you ~desu.
3:30 Jun [Groaning.]
3:30 [Thumping sounds.]
3:31 Suiseiseki Puny-Ichigo is a loser. And losers need no such thing as pity ~desu!
3:36 HinaichigoSuiseiseki Juuun~!
3:38 Jun Ahh geez, don't drag me into this!
3:40 [Shoving sound.]
3:40 Suiseiseki
3:42 Hinaichigo Wahh, Jun got mad~!
3:44 Suiseiseki Humans really are barbarians! Delicate little Suiseiseki is going to be eaten up by him ~desu!
3:51 Jun Y-you guys, cut it-!
3:53 Shinku Cut it out!
3:55 Jun
3:56 [Footsteps.]
3:57 Shinku Honestly... I can't even read my book in peace! ... Oh?
4:02 Jun Hm?
4:02 Hinaichigo Hweh?
4:03 [Music starts.]
4:03 [Footsteps.]
4:06 Shinku Hinaichigo. How many times must I tell you, you must not cross this line? Now tidy up this place at once!
4:14 Hinaichigo [Whimpering.] Uh... uh-huh, alright~!
4:17 [Running footsteps.]
4:19 Suiseiseki [Cackle.] It's because you always behave so slovenly that this happens ~desu!
4:24 Shinku Are you in any position to laugh at her, Suiseiseki? You tidy it up, as well.
4:28 Suiseiseki Huh? W-why should I ~desu? Suiseiseki-
4:32 Shinku You also made a mess of this room, did you not?
4:35 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] A... alright ~desu...
4:40 [Rummaging around.]
4:42 Suiseiseki [Grumbling.] Honestly! It's Puny-Ichigo's fault that this ridiculous quarrel happened ~desu!
4:48 Hinaichigo There... there...
4:50 Suiseiseki Heeere, Puny-Ichigo. Tidy this up, too ~desu.
4:54 Hinaichigo [Sigh.] Suiseiseki, you've got to help too~!
4:57 Suiseiseki I told you, for a while now I've properly been providing you with my moral support ~desu!
5:01 Hinaichigo All you do is talk ~na no! Suiseiseki, you've got to clean up too like you should, or you're gonna get in trouble ~na no!
5:06 Suiseiseki I don't wanna ~desu! If I do, then my clothes will get all dirty.
5:09 Hinaichigo That's mean~!
5:12 Jun ... [Sigh.] At last things have calmed down. Well then, where was I? ...
5:16 Shinku Jun?
5:17 Jun Huh? What?
5:18 Shinku The origin of all of this, if I may mention it, is that you are not firm enough with them. Reflect on your conduct, please.
5:23 Jun W-why me?!
5:25 Shinku Is it not natural that a servant should endeavor to create a pleasant environment for his mistress?
5:29 Jun Hah?
5:30 Shinku Honestly... When one has a useless servant, it causes one such hardship.
5:34 Jun Wha-?!
5:35 [Running footsteps.]
5:35 Hinaichigo We're done tidying up~!
5:37 Shinku My, that was fast.
5:39 Suiseiseki Good grief, after all I ended up being made to help her ~desu! Thanks to that, my clothes got all dirty ~desu.
5:46 Shinku Oh?
5:47 [Footsteps.]
5:49 Shinku Excuse me, you two.
5:51 [Wipe.]
5:52 Shinku What might this be?
5:53 Hinaichigo Hweh?
5:54 Shinku I'm asking you what this is on my fingertip.
6:00 Suiseiseki It's... dust, isn't it?
6:03 Shinku [Fuming.] Have I not constantly told you that you must sweep the floor properly when you clean?!
6:07 Suiseiseki
6:09 Shinku Honestly! Just whose room do you think this is?!
6:12 Jun It's my room!!
6:13 [Music stops.]
6:18 Hinaichigo [Sigh.]
6:22 Suiseiseki [Sigh.] I... I'm exhausted ~desu...
6:27 Shinku Hmph. Well, I might give it a barely passing grade, I suppose.
6:31 Suiseiseki Whaaa~?! Please, give me a break ~desu!
6:36 Hinaichigo I can't move another inch~!
6:38 [Window sliding open.]
6:40 Souseiseki Hello! ... O-oh? What happened, you two?
6:45 [Window sliding closed.]
6:45 [Music starts.]
6:45 Suiseiseki Souseiseki~! If you were gonna come over, you should have gotten here sooner ~desu!
6:50 [Footsteps.]
6:51 Hinaichigo I don't wanna clean any more ~na no!
6:54 Shinku Messes that you make yourself, you should clean up yourself. That's all I'm saying.
6:58 Souseiseki Hmm, I see... So Suiseiseki and Hinaichigo were creating a loud nuisance of themselves, which ended up interfering with Shinku, who was reading. Then, Shinku got angry and made them clean up the room thoroughly, bringing them to their current state of total exhaustion...
7:20 Suiseiseki Whaa-?!
7:22 Souseiseki Furthermore, as for Jun-kun, hmm... Judging from his absence, it would seem that he fled for fear of getting dragged into the affair. There are no note-taking things or textbooks on his desk, so... I surmise he went out headed for the library?
7:40 Suiseiseki Souseiseki, were you watching ~desu?!
7:43 Hinaichigo Awesome! You got it all right! You're like Kunkun ~na no!
7:47 Souseiseki No, well, it's the usual pattern, for one thing, and I don't think it's that big of a deal.
7:53 Shinku All it means is that you lack even that much ability to learn.
7:57 Suiseiseki Ugh...
7:58 Hinaichigo Shinku's being mean to me, too ~na no...
8:02 Suiseiseki Ho... What's with that "too"?
8:07 Hinaichigo Nooo! Help me, Souseiseki~!
8:09 Souseiseki [Laughter.]
8:11 Nori [Calling from downstairs:] Everyone~! It's snack time~!
8:14 Hinaichigo Ah?
8:15 [Standing up.]
8:15 Hinaichigo Yayyy! Snacks ~na no!
8:16 [Running footsteps.]
8:17 [Music stops.]
8:18 Suiseiseki And to think, up until a minute ago she'd been saying "I can't move another inch"! What a simpleton ~desu!
8:23 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] That's so like Hinaichigo, isn't it.
8:26 Shinku Well then, shall we go as well?
8:30 [Music starts.]
8:33 Hinaichigo It's yummy~!
8:35 Souseiseki Yeah! It's delicious!
8:38 Suiseiseki Ahh~! I can't get enough of the exquisite harmony of these tart strawberries and fresh cream ~desu!
8:46 Nori Really? I'm so glad you like it~! Shinku-chan, how is it?
8:50 Shinku The tea is lukewarm, Nori.
8:52 Nori [Whimper.] I-it was no good, again?
8:55 Shinku I'd give it, perhaps 65 points? You still have much to learn.
9:00 Nori [Whimper.] I'll try my best...
9:02 [Plate clinking.]
9:02 Suiseiseki [Munching sounds.] [Slurp.] [Sigh.] Nori, don't let her get to you ~desu. Shinku's just especially critical in what she says. It was delicious enough for Suiseiseki ~desu.
9:20 Hinaichigo [Through mouthful of food:] Yeah ~na no! The tea Nori made for us... [Gulp.] ... is really yummy! The strawberry cake was perfect, too ~na no!
9:30 Shinku Hinaichigo. Stop talking with your mouth full.
9:34 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] Well, we're being treated to this by her, so it's just proper manners to thank her for it, I'd think.
9:40 Suiseiseki That's right! Anyway, if you're going to talk like that, Shinku, you should make the tea yourself ~desu.
9:46 Shinku This and that having nothing to do with each other.
9:49 Suiseiseki ... Ha-ha~? Shinku, could that mean...
9:52 Shinku What?
9:54 Suiseiseki You aren't capable of making tea yourself, are you ~desu!
9:58 Shinku ... That's not true.
10:00 Suiseiseki Oh really? But, we've never seen Shinku making tea or cooking, have we?
10:07 Hinaichigo That's right ~na no...
10:08 Shinku W-well, how about yourself, then, Suiseiseki?
10:12 Suiseiseki Cooking is Suiseiseki's specialty.
10:14 Souseiseki Yeah. In particular, the sweets that Suiseiseki makes. They're exquisite!
10:18 Nori Now that you mention it, we've made them together before earlier, haven't we? Suiseiseki-chan, you're an excellent cook!
10:25 Hinaichigo Wow! Suiseiseki is awesome~!
10:29 Shinku [Grunt.] ... O-oh my, look at the time. Kunkun is going to start.
10:36 [Music stops.]
10:36 [Footsteps.]
10:37 Nori Oh, Shinku-chan? You've still got some cake left...
10:41 Hinaichigo She's gone...
10:43 Suiseiseki She ran away.
10:45 Souseiseki She ran away...

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