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Track 2 - "Lovers' Terms"

Character Drama Vol. 5 - Track 2 - Top Picture

0:00 [Kunkun theme music starts.]
0:03 Hinaichigo It was an awesome one again today~!
0:05 Suiseiseki But, that mysterious vixen thief - I don't like how she's trying to seduce Kunkun ~desu!
0:11 Shinku It will be all right, Suiseiseki. Kunkun would never allow himself to be fooled by a disgusting woman like that!
0:17 Souseiseki Yeah! I can't wait for the next episode!
0:21 Kunkun Hi there! It's me - Kunkun! Today I'm going to read another one of the fan letters that you've all sent in! Well, this one that I'm going to read is from a friend with the pen-name "Fujita-san" from Tokyo. Ah, "I always enjoy watching your show". Oh, thanks! "This time, I have a question for you, Kunkun". Uh-huh. "Kunkun, what type of woman do you like?" ...?!
0:48 Shinku
0:49 Hinaichigo Hweh?
0:50 Kunkun "If you would, please tell me what is your ideal type of woman". ... I see!
0:57 Shinku K... Kunkun's...?!
0:59 Suiseiseki Ideal type...?
1:00 Souseiseki Of woman, he asks?!
1:02 Hinaichigo What's "ideal type of woman" mean?
1:05 Kunkun Hmm... Well, let's see...
1:08 Hinaichigo Hey, Shinku...!
1:09 Shinku Shhh-! Be quiet!
1:11 Suiseiseki Shut up ~desu!
1:12 Kunkun Of course, that would be...!
1:14 Shinku
1:16 Kunkun Someone who is ladylike...
1:18 Shinku
1:19 Kunkun And modest...
1:20 Shinku
Uh-huh, uh-huh...!
1:22 Kunkun Someone who is a good cook...
1:24 Suiseiseki Ahhh-! Without a doubt, he's describing Suiseiseki~desu!
1:27 Shinku Hold on a minute! The "good cook" part is the only thing that you've got, isn't it?!
1:31 Suiseiseki What are you saying ~desu?! Ladylike, modest, lovely, and elegant... Without a doubt, he's describing Suiseiseki ~desu!
1:38 Souseiseki No, you're adding on things...
1:40 Kunkun And also...!
1:42 Shinku
1:43 Kunkun Someone who is especially good at cleaning and doing laundry, at looking after people's needs and enjoys helping them, and who takes the lead in performing chores that others find unpleasant. I'd love a woman like that!
1:52 Hinaichigo Hweh...!
1:54 Suiseiseki [Grunt.] That's setting the hurdle rather high, isn't it...
1:59 Souseiseki Yeah. As expected of Kunkun.
2:02 Shinku [Breathing shakily.]
2:03 Kunkun Also...
2:04 Suiseiseki Th... there's more ~desu?!
2:07 Kunkun On the other hand, I don't care for women who are self-centered, or hot-tempered, or who quickly resort to violence...! ... Everyone, you watch out for them too, okay? Well then, see you all again next weeKunkun!
2:28 [Kunkun theme music stops.]
2:28 Shinku
2:29 [Switching TV off.]
2:30 [Footsteps.]
2:31 Nori Ahh, I'm done tidying up... Oh? What's the matter, everyone, heaving sighs like that...?
2:37 Hinaichigo Ah, Nori!
2:38 [Standing up.]
2:39 Shinku ... Oh?! Everyone let's all improve our characters and aspire as best we can to become ladies worthy of Kunkun!
2:45 Suiseiseki What are you saying, Shinku? When Kunkun was talking about his ideal type of woman a minute ago, I learned something ~desu!
2:54 Shinku And what might that be?
2:56 Suiseiseki That would be... that Kunkun's ideal type of woman... is the exact opposite type from Shinku ~desu!
3:05 Shinku Wha... what did you say?!
3:07 Suiseiseki All of the features of the type he disliked applied to you ~desu!
3:11 Shinku Wha...?!!
3:13 Hinaichigo Hweh...
3:14 Nori Oh, dear...
3:15 [Footsteps.]
3:16 Jun I'm back... Huh? Did something happen?
3:20 Shinku In just what respect am I not ladylike or lacking in modesty?!
3:24 Jun Huh? Hmm, well, let's see... If I had to say it, you're kinda selfish and hot-tempered, aren't you?
3:32 Shinku Silence!!
3:33 [Whip-crack.]
3:34 Jun [Yelp.]
3:34 [Thump.]
3:35 Hinaichigo Ah-! Jun!
3:35 [Footsteps.]
3:36 Souseiseki Ah... That was some bad timing, Jun-kun...
3:40 Suiseiseki Well, not that it's anything you didn't deserve, but... More importantly, Shinku...
3:47 Shinku What is it-?!
3:49 Suiseiseki That part of your character is no good ~desu!
3:53 Shinku [Whimper.] Shut up...!
3:57 Suiseiseki Kunkun will hate you ~desu!
4:00 Shinku [Breathes shakily.]
4:00 [Footsteps.]
4:02 [Door slams closed.]

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