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Track 3 - "Fantasy and Reality"

Character Drama Vol. 5 - Track 3 - Top Picture

0:00 Shinku I-it can't be, that Kunkun could h... hate...
0:07 [Trill. Start of imagination sequence.]
0:09 [Music starts.]
0:10 Kunkun Come to me, my cute "Sweet Honey"!
0:15 Shinku [Squealing:] Kunkuuun~!
0:17 Suiseiseki There-!
0:19 Shinku [Gasp.] Kunkun...?!
0:22 [Rustling sounds.]
0:23 Suiseiseki Ahh, Kunkun...!
0:27 Kunkun Ahh, my cute "Sweet Honey"! So ladylike, so modest, so lovely and elegant... Suiseiseki, you are truly my ideal woman.
0:40 Suiseiseki Ohh, Kunkun, you! When you say that so straightforwardly, you really make me blush ~desu! [Giggling.]
0:48 Kunkun [Laughing.] Oh, you...
0:52 Suiseiseki Ahh, Kunkuuun~!
0:56 Shinku That's...! What... what about me?!
1:00 Suiseiseki Oh, Shinku. I didn't know you were here ~desu.
1:02 Shinku Suiseiseki...!
1:04 Kunkun Who's this? An acquaintance of yours?
1:06 Shinku [Gasp.]
1:07 Suiseiseki Who knows? There's no way the magnificent Suiseiseki would be acquainted with such a self-centered, haughty, violent woman as this ~desu.
1:16 Kunkun That's true.
1:18 Shinku This can't be! Wait, Kunkun!
1:20 Kunkun Ah, I don't know who you are, but I wish you wouldn't address me in such a familiar fashion.
1:25 Shinku Eh?!
1:26 Kunkun [Chuckle.] I hate women like you.
1:30 Shinku [Gasp.]
1:32 Kunkun Well, shall we go, Suiseiseki?
1:35 Suiseiseki Where to?
1:36 Kunkun Isn't it obvious? Onward, into our bright future together!
1:42 Suiseiseki Yes ~desu!
1:44 Shinku [Whimper.]
1:45 Kunkun
1:53 Shinku Wait, Kunkun!
1:55 [Scrabbling sounds.]
1:57 Shinku Wait, Kunkun...! ... Wait, Kunkun! Ah-! ... KUNKUUUUN~!! ...
2:05 [Music stops. End of imagination sequence.]
2:08 Shinku [Gasping for breath.] Th-that can't be...! That kind of thing is...!
2:15 Suiseiseki [In flashback:] Kunkun will hate you ~desu.
2:19 Kunkun [In flashback:] [Chuckle.] I hate women like you... hate women like you... hate women like you...
2:28 Shinku [Sobbing:] That can't be...! To be... to be hated by Kunkun, I... I... Ahhh...!

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