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Track 4 - "The Path to Becoming a Lady"

Character Drama Vol. 5 - Track 4 - Top Picture

0:00 [Birds singing.]
0:03 [Drapes being drawn.]
0:05 [Window being opened.]
0:07 [Footsteps.]
0:10 Jun [Groan.]
0:12 Shinku Good morning, Jun-sama.
0:16 Jun [Yawn.] 'Morning... Eh? "Jun-sama"?!!
0:23 Shinku [Chuckle.] It is such a fine day today. The breeze is gentle and feels so nice... does it not?
0:34 Jun Hah...
0:35 Shinku Jun... -sama, ah, I have prepared your breakfast, so will you not please wash your face and join me downstairs?
0:44 Jun What the heck have you been saying-?!
0:46 Nori [From downstairs:] [Scream.]
0:50 [Footsteps running up the stairs.]
0:50 Nori J-J-J-Juuun-kuuun~! I-i-it's awful~!
0:54 [Door slamming open.]
0:54 Jun W-what the heck is it?!
0:57 Nori Ahhh, i-thought-I'd-make-breakfast-but-someone-was-in-the-kitchen, the-kitchen-was-all-a-mess-and-it-was-like-boom-and-whoosh-and-the-
1:04 Jun Huh? What the?! What are you talking about-?!
1:07 Nori And-and-and, there-were-like-a-ton-of-things-that-were-taken-out-and-set-
1:12 Shinku ... Ahem.
1:13 Jun Ugh... Don't tell me you...?
1:16 [Box latch opening.]
1:18 Hinaichigo [Yawn.] Good morning ~na no...
1:22 Suiseiseki [Yawn.] What is with all this racket first thing in the morning...?
1:30 Shinku Oh my, Hinaichigo... -chan, Suiseiseki... -oneesama...
1:36 Hinaichigo Hweh?
1:38 Suiseiseki ... Hah?
1:39 Nori Hinaichigo... -chan...?
1:42 Jun Suiseiseki... -oneesama...?
1:46 Shinku Ahh... and you too, Nori-sama...
1:49 Nori Eh?! Nori... -sama...?!
1:53 Shinku Good morning, everyone~!
1:55 JunNori
1:59 [Music starts.]
2:03 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Ahh, what the heck is the matter with Shinku?!
2:05 Hinaichigo [Whispering:] It's kinda scary!
2:07 Nori [Whispering:] Sh-Shinku-chan... Ah! She must have eaten something bad by accident! Ahh, what should I do?! Maybe we should have a doctor - no, a doll-maker? - take a look at her? Oh, dear...!
2:19 Jun [Sigh.] What the heck is she thinking?
2:23 Shinku [Humming cheerfully.]
2:24 [Chime.]
2:26 Shinku Well, they're done!
2:26 [Footsteps.]
2:30 Shinku Sorry to keep you waiting~!
2:33 Jun [Retch.]
2:34 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] The toast... is totally...!
2:37 Hinaichigo [Whispering:] Burnt to a crisp ~na no!
2:39 Nori Oh my, that's really something, isn't it...!
2:42 Shinku Well, there's no need to hold back, so go-a-head-and-eat~!
2:47 JunNori
2:49 Shinku [Giggle.]
2:50 [Slap.]
2:51 Jun Ow-! Wha-?!
2:53 Shinku Hm?
2:54 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Hey, Jun!
2:55 Jun [Whispering:] What the heck was that for?!
2:56 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Do something about this ~desu!
2:58 Jun [Whispering:] Huh? "Something"...?
3:00 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Obviously, I mean that you should eat all of it yourself ~desu!
3:03 Jun Wha-?!! Don't be ridiculous!! Do you think there's any way I could eat that kind of crap?!!
3:08 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Shhh-! You're voice is too loud ~desu!
3:11 Shinku I see... After I slaved so hard to make it for you, you don't want to eat it... then?
3:19 Nori Eh? Umm, that is...!
3:22 Hinaichigo Th-that's not true...!
3:25 Suiseiseki R... right ~desu...! [Nervous laughter.] Here, Jun!
3:28 [Banging plate down on the table.]
3:28 Suiseiseki It looks so delicious, doesn't it ~desu?!
3:30 Jun G-get that away from me! Hey, wahhh-!!
3:32 [Cramming toast down Jun's throat.]
3:34 Suiseiseki Heeere you go, Jun! Eat plenty of it ~desu! Okaaay?
3:40 Jun [Yelling through mouthful of food:] S-stop-!!! [Choking.]
3:41 Shinku I see... So he doesn't want to eat it, after all...
3:46 [Cramming sounds stop.]
3:46 Jun [Gasping for breath.] B-bitter... ... YOU'RE DAMNED RIGHT I DON'T-!!
3:50 [More cramming.]
3:50 Jun [Choking.]
3:53 Suiseiseki Heeere, here you go, Jun! There's plenty more left! Don't be-shy-a-bout-it-~de-su!! [Punctuated with punching sounds.]
4:00 Jun [Choking. Screaming, abruptly cut off.]
4:05 [Thump.]
4:06 [Music stops.]
4:07 Suiseiseki [Nervous laughter.] ... Oh that Jun, he found Shinku's cooking so delicious that he ended up eating all of our portions, too ~desu! H-honestly, how hopeless he is!
4:19 Hinaichigo Suiseiseki, you're amazing...!
4:22 Shinku Is that so? But, Jun - I mean, Jun-sama - ate it all, so... there's no longer any breakfast left for everyone else.
4:33 SuiseisekiHinaichigo [Gulp.]
4:34 Shinku So I'll make some more right away!
4:36 Hinaichigo NOOOO ~na no!!
4:38 Suiseiseki H-h-h-h-h-hold on just a minute ~desu!
4:40 Shinku Oh? What is it?
4:42 Suiseiseki Ah, th-that is... Ah! I-it would be a sin for us to rely on Shinku so much ~desu! So, we'll be fine with making our own breakfasts ~desu!
4:53 Shinku But...
4:54 Suiseiseki "He who does not work, shall not eat ~desu"! Isn't that right, Hinaichigo?
5:00 Hinaichigo Hweh? Ah, y-yeah ~na no!
5:04 Shinku Yes? All right, then...
5:07 SuiseisekiHinaichigo [Sigh.]
5:08 Shinku In that case, I think I'll go do the laundry next.
5:15 [Music starts.]
5:15 [Clinking of tableware.]
5:18 Suiseiseki Ah, Nori's cooking really is the best after all ~desu!
5:23 Nori [Giggle.] Thank you, Suiseiseki-chan. But, will this be all right? Jun-kun, Shinku-chan-
5:31 [Door opening.]
5:32 Souseiseki Hello!
5:33 Nori Oh, welcome, Souseiseki-chan!
5:36 [Footsteps.]
5:36 Suiseiseki Souseiseki! What brings you here so early in the morning?
5:40 Souseiseki Ah, well, there was some black smoke coming out of this house, so I flew down here thinking there might be a fire or something.
5:46 Nori [Nervous laughter.] Well, you see, that was Shinku-chan's cooking.
5:50 Souseiseki Eh?! Shinku's... cooking?!
5:54 Suiseiseki And to prove it, here we have a fallen sacrificial victim.
5:58 Souseiseki Eh? Ahh-! J-Jun-kun...
6:02 [Stirring sounds.]
6:02 Jun [Groan.]
6:04 Hinaichigo Ah-! Jun! Jun's awake!
6:07 Jun The... the inside of my mouth... ... W-water...!
6:12 Nori Ah, here, Jun-kun!
6:13 [Setting down glass.]
6:15 Jun [Gulping sounds.] ... But, what the heck could Shinku be thinking?!
6:22 Suiseiseki Honestly! Cooking breakfast and cleaning and what-not... I don't know what twist of fate could have brought this about ~desu!
6:30 Nori Seriously, I wonder what happened?
6:33 Souseiseki Cooking, and cleaning...? ... I see! It's probably about Kunkun, isn't it?
6:41 Jun Kunkun?!
6:42 Suiseiseki I see! That business from yesterday, right?
6:46 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] Shinku's trying to come closer to the image of Kunkun's ideal woman, that he was talking about yesterday!
6:53 Hinaichigo Hweh... "Kunkun's ideal woman"?
6:57 Suiseiseki Honestly! Despite it being so out of character for her, what could Shinku be thinking ~desu?
7:04 Jun [Grunt.] So that's why she's making this kind of burnt cooking and stuff. ... Huh? Now that I think of it, where... where did Shinku go?
7:13 Nori Eh? Earlier, she said she was going to do the laundry...
7:16 Jun Wait a minute! Shinku, doing laundry...?! Somebody stop her!
7:21 Suiseiseki There's no particular problem, is there? If she wants to do the laundry, then we should let her do it ~desu.
7:26 Nori That's right. Since Shinku-chan has gotten up the urge to do it.
7:30 Hinaichigo Shinku is working hard!
7:32 Nori Also, the washing machine is fully automatic, so it'll be all right!
7:35 Jun No, but...! It's impossible. This is Shinku we're talking about.
7:41 Shinku My, how rude.
7:42 [Footsteps.]
7:44 Nori Shinku-chan! Is the laundry doing all right?
7:48 Shinku Yes. The washing machine is working away quite noisily. Honestly... To be worried about me doing such a simple thing...
7:56 Nori Th-that's right! You see, Jun-kun? It's all right, isn't it?
8:00 Jun [Grunt.]
8:01 Shinku Ahem. ... By the way, Nori - I mean, Nori-sama - what should we do about all those bubbles?
8:10 Nori Bubbles?
8:11 Shinku Yes. They started rapidly piling out of the washing machine, and the room has become completely filled with bubbles, but... Is there something you could do about that washing machine, I wonder?
8:21 JunNori
8:23 Nori O-o-o-o-oh, oh nooo~!! [Panting.]
8:24 [Running footsteps.]
8:28 Nori [From the next room:] Ahhh~! Bubbles... Bubbles are...!!
8:34 Jun [Sigh.]
8:40 [Music stops.]
8:42 Nori At any rate, let's wait until the bubbles die down, alright?
8:45 Suiseiseki Even the hallway was full of bubbles ~desu.
8:47 Hinaichigo Hweh...! It's all slippery! I was surprised!
8:52 Jun I told you so...
8:54 Shinku It would seem that I performed the job too well.
8:57 Souseiseki No, I don't think that's it, Shinku...
9:03 Shinku Ahem... Well then, next, I think I'll tidy up the room.
9:08 Jun Weh-?! No, that's okay!
9:10 Shinku To tidy things up and arrange things in their proper order, this is what is expected of a lady. Where is the vacuum cleaner?
9:16 Nori The vacuum cleaner is upstairs, so hold on a minute, okay?
9:20 [Footsteps going upstairs.]
9:22 Suiseiseki Ugh... I've got kind of a bad feeling about this ~desu...
9:25 Hinaichigo Vacuum cleaner... The vacuum cleaner is scary when it gets mad! It's dangerous!
9:31 Souseiseki Ah, I'd better get going, then...
9:33 Suiseiseki S-S-Souseiseki?! Do you intend to escape all by yourself?!
9:37 Hinaichigo Souseiseki, that's no fair!
9:39 Souseiseki I'm not "escaping"! It's just that, you see, I'd get in the way of her tidying up the room if I were here, and...
9:43 Suiseiseki I won't let you escape ~desu!
9:45 [Grab.]
9:46 [Struggling sounds.]
9:46 Souseiseki Ahh-! L-let go of me, Suiseiseki-!
9:49 Suiseiseki No way ~desu! I don't remember raising you to be the kind of child who would escape on her own ~desu!
9:55 Souseiseki You didn't "raise me" at all!
9:57 Suiseiseki Since when did you become such a coward ~desu?!
10:01 Souseiseki Ow-! Suiseiseki, Grandpa is waiting for-!
10:03 Suigintou [Echoing voice:] Ohh~? What's with all the commotion~?
10:06 SuiseisekiSouseiseki Eh?!
10:07 [Music starts.]
10:07 [Magic sounds.]
10:10 Suigintou Shinkuuu... Oh? [Giggle.] What is with those clothes~? They look so laaame~!
10:18 Shinku Hmph... This style of clothing is called a kappougi*. It is a traditional outfit that prevents one's clothes from getting dirty while one is cleaning the room... ah... Suigintou... -oneesama.
[* kappougi: a Japanese-style apron worn for cooking or cleaning]
10:34 Suigintou Hah? "O-Onee-"?!
10:36 Shinku [Nervously:] I know! Why don't you join in helping me clean up?
10:41 Suigintou Hah? [Giggle.] Honestly, I'd always thought of you as a foool, but now you're really proving yourself to be one, aren't you~? There's no reason why a proud doll of the Rozen Maidens such as myself should have to clean! Truly, it seems so foolish~!
10:48 Shinku [Chuckle.] Keep on making fun of me as much as you like. The one to cry later will be you.
11:04 Suigintou Hm~? What kind of nonsense are you spouting~?
11:07 Souseiseki No, it's just as Shinku says.
11:12 Suigintou What do you mean?
11:13 Suiseiseki From yesterday's "Detective Kunkun", we learned what kind of woman is Kunkun's type ~desu!
11:19 Suigintou Eh-?! Kunkun's... type...?!
11:23 Suiseiseki Ah, no, on second thought this kind of talk has no connection with you, Suigintou. Just forget I brought it up ~desu!
11:28 Souseiseki That's right. Now that you mention it, there's no way that Suigintou would have any interest in Kunkun, is there.
11:33 Suiseiseki And with that said, if you've got no business here, then hurry up and leave ~desu.
11:38 Suigintou Wa... wait a minute-!
11:40 Suiseiseki Hm?
11:41 Suigintou ... It's all right, so continue.
11:43 Suiseiseki Hah?
11:44 Suigintou I'm telling you to continue what you were talking about! ... I-it's not that I particularly care about what kind of woman is Kunkun's type! It's just that, well... I-it irritates me when people stop halfway through what they're saying, that's all!
11:59 JunSuiseiseki
12:02 Suigintou W-why the hell are you all looking at me like that?! D-do you actually think that I would fall in love with the likes of a mere dog detective?!
12:09 Jun Well, yeah...
12:11 Shinku It seems something has caught her.
12:12 Suiseiseki Hmmm? Well, fine. Um, uh, where was I again?
12:20 Suigintou ... You were talking about what kind of woman is Kunkun's type!
12:23 Suiseiseki Oh, yeah, that's right. Kunkun's ideal type of woman is...
12:28 Souseiseki Ladylike and modest, someone who is especially good at cooking and cleaning, and likes looking after peoples needs. But...
12:36 Suigintou ... Hmmm~? I see... "But"...?
12:42 Suiseiseki But... [Cackle.] Here's the best part...!
12:47 Shinku [Wince.]
12:48 Suigintou Hm?
12:48 Suiseiseki On the other hand, he dislikes women who are self-centered, hot-tempered, and quickly resort to violence ~desu!
12:56 [Music stops.]
12:56 Suigintou [Laughter.] Why, he's describing Shinku perfectly, isn't he~? Ahh, that's hilarious~! [Laughter.]
13:04 Shinku What did you say?!!
13:06 Suigintou [Laughter.] Overbearing, haughty, and - theeere, you see~? - she bursts out in anger right away when you just tease her a little bit~!
13:13 Shinku [Fuming.] W-who on earth could you be talking about?! Are you sure you aren't looking into a mirror, Suigintou-oneesama?!
13:22 Suigintou Hmph! I don't know how you think just acting like that is going to change you, but, it really doesn't suit you~! [Laughter.]
13:33 [Flying off.]
13:36 [Magical sounds.]
13:36 Jun [Grunt.] ... Geez...
13:41 Suiseiseki Ahh... What the heck did Suigintou come here for?
13:45 Souseiseki I don't know.
13:47 Hinaichigo Oh? Shinku?
13:49 Shinku [Gnashing teeth.]
13:50 [Running footsteps.]
13:51 [Door slams closed.]
13:52 Hinaichigo What's the matter with Shinku?
13:55 SuiseisekiSouseiseki [Sigh.]
13:55 [Footsteps.]
13:56 Jun [Sigh.]
13:58 Nori Hey, what happened? Just now Shinku-chan-
14:03 Jun [Grunt.]
14:05 Nori Jun-kun?
14:06 Hinaichigo Ah, Jun! Wait! Hina's coming too...! Eh?
14:08 [Footsteps. Grab.]
14:09 Hinaichigo Eh?
14:10 Souseiseki Let's let Jun-kun handle this.
14:12 Suiseiseki Yes. Puny-Ichigo, leave them be ~desu.
14:16 Hinaichigo Oooh...

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