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Track 5 - "As You Are"

Character Drama Vol. 5 - Track 5 - Top Picture

0:01 [Knock knock.]
0:02 Jun Shinku, I'm coming in.
0:05 [Door opening.]
0:07 Jun [Sigh.]
0:09 [Footsteps.]
0:12 Jun Um, well, don't let what Suigintou was saying before get to you.
0:18 [Music starts.]
0:20 Jun Ah, and, that is, about what you were doing before not being finished... i-it's not as if it matters whether you can do it or you can't... ... What I'm trying to say is, Shinku, just be the way you usually are. If you don't, then, how should I say it... well... it just seems wrong... ... [Grunt.] Uh, so...
0:50 Shinku ...
0:52 Jun Huh?
0:53 [Step.]
0:54 Shinku What, Jun? Was that intended to console me?
0:58 Jun Yeah...
0:59 [Footsteps.]
1:00 Shinku I am not so weak that I should need to be consoled by a servant.
1:04 Jun Yeah?
1:06 Shinku Don't worry, though. I shall allow you to serve me more than you have before.
1:11 Jun Wha-?! What are you talking about?!
1:13 Shinku Oh, but would it not seem wrong, as you said, if i did not use you in the way that I usually do?
1:18 Jun What do you mean?! How do you get that interpretation out of what I said?!
1:22 Shinku Now then, go at once and make me some tea.
1:25 Jun Hah?
1:25 Shinku Yes. Some Darjeeling, straight would be nice. Make sure you allow the leaves to open properly as you make it. Be careful about it.
1:32 Jun Hey! Don't suddenly change the subject-!
1:36 Shinku Honestly! It causes one such hardship, to have a servant who talks back so much.
1:41 Jun Arghh! Geez! Listen to what people are saying to you!
1:45 [Door creaking open.]
1:47 Nori [Giggle.] Shinku-chan, Jun-kun...
1:50 Hinaichigo [Giggle.] The usual Shinku finally came back.
1:55 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] That's Jun-kun for you.
1:58 Suiseiseki Hmph! It would have been fine for Shinku to stay just a little bit more well-behaved! As usual, the puny human does such uncalled-for things ~desu!
2:07 Souseiseki What is it, Suiseiseki? Could it be jealousy?
2:12 Suiseiseki Whaaa-?! W-who would be jealous on account of the likes of Jun?!
2:16 Souseiseki It's because Jun-kun has been so concerned for Shinku that he hasn't paid any attention to you, isn't it.
2:21 Suiseiseki W-w-w-wha, what are you-?!
2:25 Hinaichigo Hey, hey, what's "jealousy"?
2:28 Suiseiseki I told you, it's not ~desu~! Puny-Ichigo, don't ask questions about every little thing ~desu!
2:34 Souseiseki Oh, brother. Suiseiseki and Shinku are both just as dishonest with their own feelings.
2:39 Suiseiseki Iii tooold youuu~! Listen when people are talking to youuu~! ~Desu!
2:52 [Music stops.]

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