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Track 6 - "Shinku's Everyday Routine II"

Character Drama Vol. 5 - Track 6 - Top Picture

0:00 [Kunkun theme music starts.]
0:03 Hinaichigo It was an awesome one again today~!
0:05 Suiseiseki But, that mysterious cat thief - I don't like how she's deliberately trying to seduce Kunkun ~desu!
0:11 Shinku It will be all right, Suiseiseki. There's no way - absolutely no way - that Kunkun would allow himself to be fooled by that little tramp!
0:21 Souseiseki Yeah! I can't wait for the next episode!
0:23 Jun Really? It's the same plot development as always, so I think it's getting boring, but...
0:27 [Whip-crack.]
0:28 Jun [Yelp.]
0:29 Kunkun Hey, everyone out there in TV land! It's me - Kunkun! Today I'm going to read another one of the fan letters that you all sent in! Let's see, this one is from a friend by the pen-name of "Roja-san" from Tokyo. Ah, "I always enjoy watching your show". Ahah, thanks. "There are always so many attractive women around you, so, have you ever thought about one of them, 'I'd really like to allow myself to be seduced by her'? Even though you know it'd be dangerous, please tell me what type of woman is one you could fall in love with like that in spite of yourself." ... Hmm, I see... A slightly dangerous "adult love", eh?
1:18 EHHH-?!!
1:20 Shinku Kunkun's...?
1:22 Suiseiseki Slightly dangerous...?
1:23 Souseiseki "Adult love"?!
1:25 Hinaichigo Hweh?
1:26 Jun Huh? What the hell?
1:29 Kunkun The type of woman I could fall in love with in spite of myself, even though I knew it'd be dangerous... That would, of course, be...!
1:37 ShinkuSuiseiseki
1:39 Kunkun One who is selfish...
1:40 ShinkuSuiseiseki
1:41 Kunkun And self-centered...
1:43 ShinkuSuiseiseki
Uh-huh, uh-huh...!
1:45 Kunkun And hot-tempered...!
1:47 Suiseiseki Huh? ... Is this...?
1:50 Souseiseki Yeah. Beyond a doubt.
1:53 Shinku ... Wait a minute. Why are you all looking at me?
1:56 Kunkun ... A girl who is always saying unreasonable things! In reality it'd be terrible to be with her, and yet, at the same time, I'd want her to abuse me and toy with me thoughtlessly!
2:13 Jun Huh? Do you think Kunkun could be a masochi-
2:16 [Whip-crack.]
2:16 Jun [Yelp.]
2:17 Hinaichigo Ah-! Jun!
2:18 Kunkun Well then, see you all again next weeKunkun!
2:25 [Kunkun theme music stops.]
2:26 [Door opens.]
2:27 [Slow footsteps.]
2:29 Suiseiseki [Sigh.] That's so nice for you, isn't it, Shinku?
2:35 Shinku What is?
2:36 Suiseiseki Kunkun's ideal "adult love" partner is just like you ~desu! Although it is a little disappointing.
2:44 Souseiseki Yeah. It's a perfect streak.
2:45 Shinku H-hey...
2:48 Suigintou [Echoing voice:] Hold it right there, Shinkuuu~!
[Magic sounds.]
2:51 Shinku [Gasp.]
2:52 ShinkuJun
2:54 Suigintou ... Shinkuuu, don't get too stuck up about this~.
2:58 Shinku What are you talking about?
2:59 Suigintou Don't play dumb with me! I'm talking about what Kunkun said just now. Selfish, self-centered, and hot-tempered... Beyond a doubt, he's talking about you, isn't he~?
3:09 Shinku As if you're one to talk!
3:11 Suiseiseki [Whispering:] Does this mean...?
3:14 Souseiseki [Whispering:] It looks like she's become a little bit more self-aware.
3:17 Jun [Whispering:] And Suigintou doesn't have the slightest bit of self-awareness herself, does she?
3:20 Shinku You, there!
3:21 Suigintou Shut up!
3:22 [Whip-crack.]
3:23 [Feather whistling past.]
3:23 Jun [Yell.]
3:24 [Thump.]
3:24 Hinaichigo Ahhh, Jun-!
3:25 Suigintou Hmph! I'll keep it at that and withdraw for today, but don't get too full of yourself, Shinkuuu~! When next we meet...
3:35 [Magic sounds.]
3:36 [Flying off.]
3:38 Jun Ow-ow-ow... Geez, what the heck was that about?!
3:44 Shinku Jun, more importantly, tidy this place up.
3:48 Jun Hah? What the...? Hm? What're these? Suigintou's...?
3:53 [Music starts.]
3:54 Hinaichigo A ton of her black feathers fell off.
3:56 Shinku Precisely.
3:58 Jun H-hey, wait! Suigintou came to see you, Shinku, didn't she?! Why should I-?!
4:03 Shinku Why, because this is your room, Jun, is it not? A room's owner ought to be the one to tidy it up.
4:09 Jun Wha-?! So only at times when it's convenient for you do you...!
4:13 Shinku Well then, if you please... "Jun-sama".
4:16 [Footsteps.]
4:19 Suiseiseki Ahhh, in the end she's the same as always, without having changed at all.
4:22 Souseiseki Yeah. Well, that's the way Shinku is, so it's all right, I suppose.
4:28 Jun It's not all right! She ought to behave a little-!!
4:30 [Whip-crack.]
4:30 Jun [Yelp.]
4:31 Shinku And when you're done cleaning, go make me some tea.
4:34 Jun [Gnashing teeth.] WHY YOUUU...!!
4:43 [Music stops.]

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