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Track 1 - "Within Sleep"

Character Drama Vol. 4 - Track 1 - Top Picture

0:01 [Song: "Sleeping Castle". See script of Track 6 for the lyrics and translation.]
3:25 [Footsteps.]
3:25 [Creepy ambient sounds.]
3:32 Souseiseki ... Where is this place? ... An N-Field? Why just me, in a place like this...?
3:44 [Magic sound.]
3:45 [Footsteps stop.]
3:46 Suiseiseki Souseiseki.
3:48 Souseiseki Suiseiseki! You've come here too? I wonder where this place is? ... Huh?
3:56 Suiseiseki [Giggle.] Die ~desu!
4:00 [Thwip thwip thwip.]
4:01 [Jump.]
4:01 Souseiseki [Yelp.] What's the matter?! Why are you attacking me?!
4:06 Suiseiseki Shut up ~desu! Tah-!
4:09 [Smack.]
4:09 Souseiseki [Scream.]
4:10 [Flop.]
4:12 Souseiseki W-why?
4:14 [Footsteps.]
4:14 Suiseiseki [Giggle.] Why? It's obvious ~desu. We are dolls of the Rozen Maidens. It's because we were born in order to play the Alice Game. In order to fight.
4:30 Souseiseki [Gasp.]
4:32 Suiseiseki Now, Souseiseki! I will defeat you and take your Rosa Mystica ~desu!
4:39 Souseiseki That's...!
4:41 Suiseiseki [Cackle.]
4:45 Souseiseki Something like this can't... it can't be...!!
4:49 [Box latch opening.]
4:49 Souseiseki [Panting.] ... A dream...?
4:54 [Box latch opening.]
4:55 Suiseiseki Mmm, what is it, in the middle of the night like this?
5:01 Souseiseki ... S-sorry.
5:04 Suiseiseki For you to shout like that, did you have a scary dream or something ~desu?
5:09 Souseiseki N-no, nothing like that...
5:12 Suiseiseki Well, either way, just hurry up and get back to sleep ~desu. [Yawn.]
5:21 [Box latch closing.]
5:23 Souseiseki ... A dream? ... No, it's no dream. That was...

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