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Track 2 - "Because We're Twins"

Character Drama Vol. 4 - Track 2 - Top Picture

0:00 [Music starts.]
0:01 [Clinking of tableware.]
0:02 Nori Everyone, sorry for the wait! Tea is served!
0:06 Hinaichigo Yaaay! There's some cake, too~!
0:09 Nori Here. This is for Souseiseki-chan, and this is your serving, Suiseiseki-chan.
0:14 Souseiseki Thank you.
0:16 Suiseiseki Th-thanks ~desu...
0:19 Nori Hm? What's the matter, Suiseiseki-chan? You seem kind of depressed, but...
0:24 Suiseiseki I-I am nothing of the sort ~desu! Suiseiseki is full of a hundredfold measure of cheer and cuteness, the same as always! Ahh, what delicious-looking cake! Thanks for the food ~desu! [Gobbling.] [Humming through mouthful of food.] [Choking.]
0:43 Nori Oh dear, how awful!
0:45 Shinku It's because you won't calm down while you eat.
0:46 Jun Here, have a tissue. Are you okay?
0:48 Suiseiseki Eh-?! I... I-I-I-I-I'm fine ~desu! There's no need for your uncalled-for concern!
0:54 Jun Huh?
0:55 Suiseiseki [Sigh.] I-I just remembered something urgent I had to do ~desu. I'll excuse myself here for today ~desu. G-goodbye ~desu!
1:05 [Box latch closing.]
1:05 [Flying sound effect.]
1:06 Souseiseki Ah-! Wait, Suiseiseki! Sorry, everyone. We'll be leaving here for today...
1:12 [Box latch closing.]
1:12 [Flying sound effect.]
1:13 Jun What's with her?
1:15 Shinku It's tough for Suiseiseki as well, having to deal with...
1:19 Jun Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
1:21 Shinku Who knows?
1:25 [Music stops.]
1:28 [Flying sound effect.]
1:29 Souseiseki Suiseiseki! Wait!
1:31 [Whoosh.]
1:32 Suiseiseki S-Souseiseki... W-what did you come here for?
1:39 Souseiseki You were acting kind of strangely. What's wrong? Did something happen?
1:43 Suiseiseki N-nothing in particular...
1:46 Souseiseki You can't keep a secret from me, your own twin sister. Come on, try telling me about it.
1:52 Suiseiseki ...
1:55 [Music starts.]
1:56 Suiseiseki Y... you won't tell anyone else ~desu?
1:59 Souseiseki I won't tell.
2:01 Suiseiseki You won't laugh ~desu?
2:03 Souseiseki I won't laugh.
2:04 Suiseiseki Absolutely, absolutely positively not?
2:07 Souseiseki I promise! So?
2:11 Suiseiseki Well... Do you remember Barasuishou?
2:17 Souseiseki ... Yeah. I remember her well. The seventh doll of the Rozen Maidens, whom no one has ever met before now.
2:28 Suiseiseki The fact that she showed up means that the Alice Game will begin now for real ~desu.
2:34 Souseiseki [Gasp.] ... Yeah.
2:38 Suiseiseki If that happens, then, as the only one of us not to have made a contract with a Medium, I...
2:44 Souseiseki ...
2:45 Suiseiseki I'm sure that Barasuishou would aim straight for Suiseiseki! If things go on like this, then delicate little Suiseiseki will end up being forced to end Barasuishou's all-too-short life that has just barely begun ~desu!
2:57 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] I don't know about that "delicate" part.
3:02 Suiseiseki What was that?
3:03 Souseiseki A-ah, sorry. So?
3:06 Suiseiseki Anyway, at this rate things will become dangerous ~desu!
3:10 Souseiseki I see. In other words, Suiseiseki, you're thinking of finding some Medium and making a contract with him, right?
3:17 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] S-since you say it so directly, yes, but...
3:23 Souseiseki So, do you have any prospects?
3:25 Suiseiseki Hmph! If I did then I wouldn't be so troubled right now ~desu! Of course it's not that easy to find a human with the qualifications to be a Medium to the beautiful Suiseiseki - the most elegant and lovely of the Rozen Maidens ~desu!
3:39 Souseiseki You think so?
3:41 Suiseiseki W-what? What are you trying to say ~desu?
3:45 Souseiseki Nothing really. It's just that, when I saw how you looked earlier, I thought maybe you might have found one already.
3:52 Suiseiseki [Gasp.] What are you talking about ~desu?! Y-you're wrong! It's not Jun! There's no way I'd consider making a contract with the likes of Jun ~desu! Ah...!
4:01 Souseiseki [Laughter.] So that was it!
4:06 Suiseiseki D-don't laugh ~desu! You promised you wouldn't laugh ~desu!
4:10 Souseiseki [Laughter.] Sorry...
4:12 Suiseiseki A-any way you look at it, it's Suiseiseki's urgent necessity to make a contract with someone ~desu! If I don't manage to do something...
4:21 Souseiseki [Laughter.]
4:22 Suiseiseki What?! Are you still laughing ~desu?!
4:25 Souseiseki [Laughter.] Well...
4:27 Suiseiseki What's that for? If Suiseiseki were to find a Medium, then it would mean we'd be separated ~desu! Souseiseki, wouldn't you be sad?
4:39 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] Well, I'd be lying if I said that I wouldn't be sad, but...
4:45 Suiseiseki But?
4:48 Souseiseki When I think of what lies ahead, I think it'd be better that way...
4:53 Suiseiseki Souseiseki?
4:55 [Music stops.]
4:55 Suiseiseki [Flashback:] We are dolls of the Rozen Maidens. It's because we were born in order to play the Alice Game. In order to fight.
5:08 Souseiseki [Narrating:] ... Yes. That was no dream. In the near future, it will become a reality. Someday I, too, will have to fight against everyone. So... if we're to be separated, better that it be sooner than later. If things stay like this, then I'm sure that... I'll become unable to fight against Suiseiseki.

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