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Track 3 - "Rules and Multiple Choice"

Character Drama Vol. 4 - Track 3 - Top Picture

0:05 [Music starts.]
0:06 [Footsteps.]
0:09 Boku ... Is this... an N-Field? ... Am I dreaming again? But, it's totally different from yesterday. It's like the exact opposite kind of world.
0:29 Unyuu Ah! Souseiseki! Souseiseki is here!
0:33 [Running footsteps.]
0:34 Boku Hinaichigo?
0:35 Unyuu [Huffing and panting.] Geez, Souseiseki, you're late! Everyone's been waiting for you!
0:45 Boku Everyone?
0:46 Unyuu Come on, hurry, hurry! This way ~na no!
0:49 Boku Ah-! Hey!
0:49 [Running footsteps.]
0:53 Unyuu Hey, everyone! Souseiseki finally got here!
0:58 Boku Eh-? W-what's...?
1:02 Stinku Welcome, Souseiseki.
1:04 Desu Geez, we waited so long it made us sick ~desu!
1:06 Kashira As usual, you do things at your own pace ~kashira.
1:09 Junk What are you doing? Why don't you hurry up and take a seat?
1:13 Boku Kanaria, and Suigintou! What are you two doing here...?
1:18 Kashira Ahh-! What a horrible way to talk ~kashira! Is it wrong for Kana and Suigintou to be here ~kashira?!
1:23 Boku N-no, I didn't mean it like...
1:27 Junk It's fine, isn't it? Even we dolls of the Rozen Maidens need some time like this once in a while. Come on, hurry up and take a seat. The tea we went to so much trouble to make will end up getting cold.
1:39 Boku Suigintou... This is wrong.
1:45 [Music stops.]
1:45 Junk Eh?
1:46 Boku This... this is...!
1:50 [Box latch opening.]
1:50 Boku [Gasping.] A dream again...? But, it was a different dream from before. What was that about just now?
2:07 [Birds singing.]
2:08 [Flying sound effect.]
2:10 Desu [Sigh.] I'm having trouble finding an appropriate Medium ~desu. But, I mustn't be hasty. For a doll of the Rozen Maidens, choosing a Medium is an extremely important matter. I've got to check things out thoroughly ~desu.
2:27 Boku [Sigh.]
2:29 Desu Hm? What's the matter, Souseiseki?
2:32 Boku N-no, it's nothing. It's just that I haven't been getting enough sleep.
2:37 Desu That's not good! The shortest route to health is to eat well and sleep well ~desu. Waking up well-rested in the morning is the best thing for you!
2:45 Boku Yeah. Thanks, Suiseiseki. Huh?
2:50 Desu What's wrong? ... Ah! That's...!
2:56 [Music starts.]
2:58 [Leaves rustling.]
2:59 Kashira [Chortle.] At last this time has arrived ~kashira! Having overcome 48 failures, finally a chance has come for me to seize the Rosa Mysticas of Shinku and company ~kashira! This day for sure will be their last!
3:14 Boku Oh? How do you mean?
3:16 Kashira I've come up with a brilliant plan to pay back Shinku and the others in one fell swoop! This will definitely work! As expected of the most ingenious strategist of the Rozen Maidens! Even Shokatsu Komei* would turn pale in fear ~kashira!
[*Shokatsu Komei: Japanese name for Zhuge Liang, legendary strategist known from Romance of the Three Kingdoms]
3:29 Desu So, in concrete terms, what are you going to do ~desu?
3:32 Kashira Well, naturally, I'm going to dig a sickening number of pit traps around the house, and when Shinku and the others fall into them I'll... Eh?
3:42 Boku You never change, Kanaria.
3:45 Kashira GIEEEEEEH!! Souseiseki and Suiseiseki?! W-when did you-?!
3:52 Desu [Soft laughter.] We heard everything that you said ~desu!
3:58 Kashira Uh...?! O-ohhh dear, whatever could you be talking about ~kashira? I'm just a cute, cute little girl who happened to be passing by ~kashira!
4:07 Desu Don't give me that crap! Even if the heavens overlook your evil plans, I, Suiseiseki, will definitely not forgive you ~desu!! ... Now then, say your prayers ~desu. [Cackle.]
4:23 Kashira Nooooo! Help me ~kashiraaa!
4:24 [Running footsteps.]
4:26 [Music stops.]
4:28 Desu [Laughter.] Ahh, I feel better now ~desu. After that, she won't be back for a while ~desu.
4:37 Boku But, I wonder if it was right for us to only chase her off?
4:40 Desu Eh? What are you talking about? Suiseiseki is not such a fool as to have to fight seriously against the likes of Kanaria ~desu!
4:49 Boku But, someday you'll have to fight her, too. What'll you do when that time comes?
4:55 Desu Hmm... When that time comes... that time comes! I can't think that far ahead right now ~desu.
5:05 Boku ...
5:06 Desu Come on, now that the nuisance has withdrawn, it's about time for us to go inside. Nori's hotcakes are awaiting us ~desu!
5:13 [Footsteps.]
5:14 Boku ...
5:18 [Wheel spinning.]
5:18 JUM There we go...
5:18 [Music starts.]
5:21 JUM Three, is it? One-two-three... Oh! "You have earned a windfall profit from your stocks. Receive twice your current amount of funds from the bank." All right!
5:33 Unyuu Hwehh...! Jun is rich ~na no!
5:37 Stinku I'm next.
5:38 [Wheel spinning.]
5:42 Stinku One-two... "You have been taken in by fraud. You forfeit your entire estate and return to the beginning." W-what?!
5:54 Desu [Chortle.] Serves you right! Come on, return to the start at once ~desu!
6:00 [Shove.]
6:00 Stinku [Squeal.] What are you doing?!
6:03 Nori Oh my, is it my turn this time? There-!
6:06 [Wheel spinning.]
6:08 Nori A four? One-two-three-four... Oh? "A crime has occurred. The player in the lead has been arrested, returns to the start, and loses one turn." Umm, the player in the lead right now is...
6:23 Stinku That's too bad, isn't it, Suiseiseki.
6:26 Desu D'OHH! W-wait a minute ~desu! This kind of thing is unreasonable! I object!
6:32 Stinku What bad manners! Return to the start at once.
6:37 Desu Ah-!
6:37 Nori I'm sorry, Suiseiseki-chan!
6:40 Desu N-no way...!
6:42 Boku Well then, I'm next, right? There!
6:44 [Wheel spinning.]
6:47 Boku One-two-three... Huh?
6:50 [Music stops.]
6:51 Unyuu What's the matter?
6:53 Boku "Death certificate. You have died. For the player who stops here, it's immediate 'Game Over'."
7:01 Unyuu Ehhh?!
7:02 JUM What's with that? That's cruel!
7:06 Nori It's okay, Souseiseki-chan. You can spin the roulette once more. Right, everyone?
7:12 Stinku Yes. This is just too unreasonable.
7:15 Desu It's too much for it to be "Game Over". I'll make an exception this time and let you do it over ~desu.
7:21 Boku Thanks, everyone. But...
7:24 Desu Huh?
7:25 Boku But after all, I've got to obey the rules. I'll let it be "Game Over" for me here.
7:30 JUM You don't have to be such a stickler for the rules.
7:33 Unyuu That's right! Everyone's telling you it's okay!
7:36 Boku Thanks. But, if we don't obey the rules, then the game couldn't end properly. It's unfortunate, but this is my destiny.
7:46 JUM Destiny?
7:47 Desu Why are you being so serious about it ~desu? It's just a game we're talking about! Well, if Souseiseki insists, then there's nothing we can do about it. Ah, here, you can be the banker!
8:01 Boku Yeah, all right!
8:03 Unyuu Then, it's Hina's turn next ~na no! There!
8:07 [Wheel spinning.]
8:12 [Crows cawing in the distance.]
8:15 Boku Ah, look at the time. We've got to go home.
8:18 Desu Not yet! One more... We'll play one more game ~desu! This time for sure Suiseiseki will win ~desu!
8:25 JUM Look, you, just give it up and accept your defeat.
8:28 Unyuu We already played it ten times. I'm hungry!
8:32 Desu Grrrrr! I won't let you quit while you're ahead! If I let things stand having lost even to Puny Ichigo, I'll never live down the shame! Come on, let's play once more ~desu!
8:44 Boku [Sigh.] Looks like we won't be getting home for a while.
8:49 Stinku Suiseiseki, you're getting too obsessed over a mere game.
8:52 Desu I don't need to be told that by you, Shinku! Out of those ten games, you were the one to insist on playing three of them ~desu!
8:58 Stinku Wha...?! Be quiet! A match has no meaning unless one wins.
9:03 Boku ... It has no meaning unless one wins... Say, Shinku.
9:09 Stinku Eh?
9:10 Boku Could I have a moment?
9:14 [Door opening.]
9:16 [Footsteps.]
9:17 [Door closing.]
9:20 Stinku What is it, Souseiseki?
9:22 Boku Mm. I thought you at least would listen to me... Shinku, do you think that it's all right for things to go on like this?
9:32 Stinku What do you mean?
9:33 [Music starts.]
9:34 Boku Everyone getting together to hold tea parties and to play games and stuff. Do you really think it's all right to be doing things like this? We're dolls of the Rozen Maidens. We were brought into existence in order to play the Alice Game. To forget about that, and to spend our days fraternizing with each other and not fighting... is this all right? Shinku, what do you think?
9:59 Stinku Well. These are questions I have asked of myself as well. Is it all right for things to go on like this, and what on earth should I do...
10:10 Boku Then...!
10:12 Stinku I don't know either whether it is all right or not. All that is certain is that you yourself must be the one to decide.
10:23 Boku I myself...?
10:25 Stinku Yes. As for myself, I will decide. I will do what I think is right. So you, too, must decide for yourself. Because that is your own business.
10:41 Boku My own...
10:43 Stinku The possibility exists to change the world and to change one's destiny. If you wish it, that is.
10:51 [Door opens.]
10:51 Unyuu Shinku! Souseiseki! We're about to start the game!
10:57 Stinku Very well.
10:58 [Footsteps.]
11:01 Boku I myself... must be the one to decide...
11:05 [Music stops.]

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