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Track 4 - "The Utopia Seen In a Dream"

Character Drama Vol. 4 - Track 4 - Top Picture

0:01 [Footsteps.]
0:01 [Creepy ambient sounds.]
0:06 Souseiseki ... This dream again? [Wince.]What's it going to show me this time? Shinku is conflicted too, just as I thought. She was troubled about what she ought to do in this situation right now. Sure, I also enjoy spending time with everyone. But, that's just an intermission between acts. There is a destiny that has been allotted to me. An unavoidable destiny known as the Alice Game. But...
0:46 Shinku [Flashback:] I don't know either whether it is all right or not. All that is certain is that you yourself must be the one to decide.
0:56 Souseiseki I don't know either. What should I do...?
1:00 [Whoosh.]
1:02 Laplace's Demon [Chuckle.] Lost in the deep forest, a girl all alone.
1:08 Souseiseki [Gasp.] Laplace's Demon...!
1:11 Laplace's Demon This forest is deep. It is a pitch-black forest that reflects your heart, which has kept on being lost these past days. But there are one or two routes of escape.
1:25 Souseiseki I see. You've been watching the whole time, then. You've got quite bad taste, haven't you.
1:32 Laplace's Demon How rude. I am but a mere spectator. That which adorns the stage is the fabulous play put on by yourselves. Beginning now, I will behold what sort of story you will depict.
1:47 [Whoosh.]
1:48 [Crash.]
1:50 Souseiseki [Gasp.] What's this?! Two doors have...
1:54 Laplace's Demon There are two routes of escape. It appears that the director is presenting you with a choice.
2:03 Souseiseki Me?
2:04 Laplace's Demon Yes. These are the two paths that lurk within your heart. Beginning with the first...
2:11 [Door creaking open.]
2:13 Souseiseki Th-this is...!
2:16 [Music starts.]
2:18 [Clinking of tableware.]
2:20 Shinku Oh, Souseiseki. Welcome.
2:23 Suigintou We were just about to make some delicious tea. Why don't you join us?
2:28 Kanaria Kana and Hinaichigo made the cake today!
2:32 Hinaichigo It's really yummy~!
2:34 [Running footsteps.]
2:37 Suiseiseki Come on, Souseiseki! Let's go ~desu!
2:40 Souseiseki Suiseiseki...
2:42 Shinku This is a world that the eternal flow of time has passed by. Here there is no need for us to fight.
2:49 Souseiseki Eh?!
2:51 Suigintou Well, it would be strange, wouldn't it? For us, who were born as sisters, to have to fight one another.
2:57 Kanaria Here, we're all friends! There are no quarrels, and every day is very fun ~kashira!
3:04 Hinaichigo Hina already quit that dumb old Alice Game!
3:08 Suiseiseki Well, Souseiseki, come with us ~desu! We'll all live together having fun, forever ~desu!
3:15 [Door creaking shut.]
3:16 Souseiseki That's... Ah-!
3:20 Laplace's Demon This is the first of the paths. I see... Such an enjoyable-looking dream. It would seem that, somewhere in the depths of your heart, you desire a world without battle.
3:34 Souseiseki Then, this is... a world that I desire...? But, I haven't forgotten the Alice Game! There's no way I would desire such an escapist world as this-!
3:46 Laplace's Demon That very discord shows the conflictedness of your heart. And, its darkness. So, here we have the second path.
3:57 [Door creaking open.]
4:00 Souseiseki [Gasp.] Th-this is...!
4:03 [Music starts.]
4:04 [Feathers whistling past.]
4:05 Hinaichigo [Scream.]
4:09 Suigintou Hurry up and hand over your Rosa Mystica, Hinaichigo!
4:13 Shinku It's not a good idea for you to look away, Suigintou.
4:17 Suigintou [Grunt.]
4:18 [Smack.]
4:18 Suigintou [Scream.]
4:19 [Flop.]
4:20 Suigintou Sh-SHINKUUU!!
4:23 Shinku You can still move? Despite being a broken-down piece of junk...
4:27 Suigintou DON'T SAY IT!! I'm... I'm not...!
4:30 [Smack.]
4:31 Kanaria How impudent, for you to talk back despite being a piece of junk ~kashira! Well then, Shinku, Hinaichigo. I'll finish you both off. SFORZANDO OF DESTRUCTION!!
4:42 [Violin playing.]
4:43 Shinku [Scream.]
4:46 Suigintou [Grunt.] Kanaria...!!
4:47 Kanaria Come on, come on! One and all, hurry up and die ~kashira!
4:52 Suiseiseki The one to die will be you ~desu!
4:54 Kanaria [Gasp.]
4:56 [Thwip.]
4:56 Kanaria [Yelp.]
4:58 Suiseiseki [Giggle.] Looking good ~desu! Well then, who'll be next?
5:05 Shinku It's your turn, Suiseiseki.
5:08 [Fighting sounds.]
5:09 Shinku [Scream.]
5:10 [Flop.]
5:12 Suiseiseki Hmph! Is that all you've got? I'll say it now - I've always hated you ~desu!
5:21 Shinku My, then we're in agreement. I've also always hated you. So much that I'd like to kill you.
5:28 Suiseiseki SHINKUUU!!
5:29 [Fighting sounds.]
5:33 Souseiseki Enough! I DON'T WANT TO WATCH THIS!!
5:37 Laplace's Demon [Chuckle.] Yet, this too is one of the paths lurking in your heart. To conduct the Alice Game and fight against your sisters. You yourself have been wishing for that, have you not?
5:54 Souseiseki You're wrong!! I'm not wishing for it or anything! But, the Alice Game is our destiny! That's why I... [Gasp.]
6:07 Shinku [Flashback:] The possibility exists to change the world and to change one's destiny. If you wish it, that is.
6:07 [Music stops.]
6:16 Souseiseki I see... That's what she meant.
6:21 Laplace's Demon Now, then. It is time to make of the two paths, one. Will you forget about battle, and live together with your sisters in an eternal paradise? Or, on the other hand, will you accept your allotted destiny, conduct the Alice Game, and fight against your sisters? Well then, which shall you choose?
6:47 Souseiseki ... [Chuckle.]
6:50 Laplace's Demon Hm?
6:50 Souseiseki [Laughter.]
6:53 Laplace's Demon What is the matter?
6:55 Souseiseki Laplace. You really are a tremendous meddler. You are supposed to be a spectator until the end. I don't remember asking you to be the director!
7:08 [Brandishing shears.]
7:09 Laplace's Demon Well well... Do you intend to cut me with those shears?
7:15 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] There'd be no meaning in defeating you. I've decided. The path that I choose... is this!!
7:25 [Swish.]
7:25 [Crash.]
7:29 Laplace's Demon Ohh? You destroyed both of the two doors?
7:36 Souseiseki I'll ask that you not shape my dreams to your own selfishness. The future is not yet decided. I'll create my own future for myself!
7:47 Laplace's Demon [Chuckle.] It seems that this is not an act in which I will appear. I have observed your determination. Farewell, then.
8:03 [Magic sound.]
8:06 Souseiseki Yes. I'll choose my own future. No one else will do it but I, myself.

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