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Track 5 - "So Just For Now..."

Character Drama Vol. 4 - Track 5 - Top Picture

0:00 [Flying sound effect.]
0:01 [Knock knock.]
0:02 Souseiseki Hello! Oh?
0:04 [Music starts.]
0:05 Jun I told you, this is my room! Here you've got to follow my rules!
0:08 Suiseiseki No way ~desu! Jun's room is Suiseiseki's room, too! Now that we've made a contract, that's how it is ~desu!
0:17 Jun Ooh-! Don't talk so selfishly!
0:19 Souseiseki Oh, man. Another quarrel? Every single day, they never get tired of it, do they.
0:24 Jun Ahh, geez, why did I end up making a contract with someone like her?!
0:29 Suiseiseki That's my line ~desu! I should never have made a contract with the likes of Jun!
0:34 Jun What did you say?!
0:35 Suiseiseki What?!
0:35 Shinku [Sigh.] Cut it out, you two!
0:38 JunSuiseiseki [Continuing to argue in the background.]
0:39 Hinaichigo It's so noisy that I can't take a nap!
0:42 Souseiseki [Giggle.]
0:43 Shinku Souseiseki, what are you laughing at? You should say something to them, too!
0:48 Souseiseki [Laughter.] S-sorry! But, since they're what are called "such good friends that they can even fight with one another", it's all right to leave them like this for a while, isn't it?
0:57 Suiseiseki What did you say?! That's inexcusable ~desu! Who and who are you calling good friends?!
1:04 Jun Don't say such weird things!
1:05 Souseiseki There, you see? In perfect unison!
1:08 JunSuiseiseki YOU'RE WROOONG!!
1:11 Souseiseki [Laughter.]
1:18 Souseiseki [Narrating:] The usual scene, and the usual everyday routine. But, this is a thing like a fleeting dream. When we awaken from the dream, we must fight. It doesn't matter whether we wish for it or not. I don't think it's all right for things to stay like this. But... but let them stay like this just for now. Until that day when we awaken from the dream.
2:04 [Music stops.]

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