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Track 1 - "Suiseiseki and Her Medium"

Character Drama Vol. 3 - Track 1 - Top Picture

0:01 [Song: "Green Fingers". See script of Track 6 for the lyrics and translation.]
2:50 [Birds singing.]
2:53 [Alarm clock ringing.]
2:57 [Latch opening.]
2:58 Suiseiseki [Yawn.] Ohh, geez, how noisy ~desu... Huh?
3:09 Jun Mm...
3:11 Suiseiseki Hehh-?! EEEEEEK...!! Wha... w-w-w-w-w-what is Jun doing sleeping in Suiseiseki's bedroom ~desu?! When did he creep his way in here ~desu?! Souseiseki! It's an emergency, Souseiseki! Where are youuu?! ... H-h-h-huh? Ah... Th-that's right. Suiseiseki made a contract with Jun. This is Jun's bedroom. A-ah... b-but even so, how late is that bastard going to sleep in ~desu? And while the alarm is ringing, too... It's so annoying, I can't stand it ~desu!
3:54 [Alarm stops.]
3:57 Jun Mm, mmm...
3:57 [Bed sheets rustling.]
4:00 Suiseiseki You still won't wake up ~desu? What a hopeless bastard ~desu! ... I-I have no choice, so Suiseiseki will wake you up as a special favor... Honestly, why must Suiseiseki do such a thing as this?!
4:16 [Shoving sounds.]
4:16 Suiseiseki Hey, Jun. W-wake up ~desu.
4:21 Jun [Groan.]
4:23 [Shoving sounds.]
4:23 Suiseiseki Co... c-come on, wake up this instant ~desu. Mm... Take this-!
4:29 [Bed sheets being swept off.]
4:29 Jun [Yelp.] [Groan.] W-what is it...? [Yawn.]
4:34 Suiseiseki You're finally up ~desu? Suiseiseki did you a special favor by waking you up this time ~desu! Be grateful ~desu!
4:43 Jun [Groan.] Huh? What are you doing here?
4:47 Suiseiseki Wha-?! What did you say...?! Did you forget that you made a contract with Suiseiseki ~desu?! Grrr-!! What a forgetful bastard you are! I won't forgive this ~desu!
5:00 [Smacking sounds.]
5:00 Jun Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow...! Hey, cut that out-!!
5:00 [Clattering of objects being thrown about.]
5:04 Suiseiseki Shut up, shut up, shuuut uuup ~desu-!!
5:04 JunSuiseiseki [Continued screeching and squawking in the background.]
5:05 [Latch opening.]
5:06 Shinku Ohh, what is all this commotion so early in the morning?
5:09 Hinaichigo It's so noisy that I can't sleep...
5:12 Jun Geez, why did I ever make a contract with someone like this?!
5:16 Suiseiseki That's my line ~desu! As the finest of the Rozen Maidens, I'll never live down having made a contract with a dumb-as-a-hammer guy like this!
5:26 Jun What did you say?!
5:27 Suiseiseki Got a problem with that?!
5:28 JunSuiseiseki Gr-r-r-r-r...!! Hmph-!
5:32 [Music starts.]
5:38 Jun, Nori, Suiseiseki, Shinku, and Hinaichigo Let's eat (~na no / ~desu)!
5:41 [Clinking of tableware.]
5:41 Nori Suiseiseki-chan, please make yourself at home here, and don't hesitate to eat as much as you like.
5:47 Suiseiseki I don't need you to tell me that! Even though it happened during a moment of delusion, he made a contract with Suiseiseki, so all of Jun's things are now also Suiseiseki's things... and all of Suiseiseki's things are Suiseiseki's things ~desu. I'll help myself to them as I please ~desu.
6:01 Jun Give me a break. I'll tell you this from the start: this is my house. My things are my own. And you'd better be sure to follow the rules of this household.
6:11 Suiseiseki Hah-! That's of no concern to me ~desu! Suiseiseki does things by her own rules! Ahh-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha...!
6:21 Shinku Either way is fine with me, just please be quiet while you are eating. Your manners are disgraceful.
6:27 Suiseiseki [Wince.]
6:28 Hinaichigo That's right! We're dependent on Jun and Nori, so we've got to do what they tell us or it'd be bad.
6:37 Suiseiseki Be... be silent ~desu, Puny Ichigo! Don't act like you're my senior, just because you made your contract just a little bit before me ~desu! Here-!
6:43 [Snap.]
6:44 Suiseiseki [Mumbling through a mouthful of food.]
6:47 Hinaichigo Ahhh-! Suiseiseki took Hina's fried egg!
6:52 Suiseiseki Hmph! Ha! The early bird gets the worm ~desu! Ahh, that's delicious...!
6:59 Nori Suiseiseki-chan-!
7:00 Suiseiseki [Whine.] W-what is it...?
7:03 Nori Don't take Hina-chan's things! You have a perfectly fine portion of your own, don't you?
7:08 Suiseiseki B-but...
7:09 Nori Everyone must get along on an equal basis. That is a rule of this household!
7:14 Suiseiseki E... equal...?
7:16 Nori Yes. Do you understand?
7:18 Suiseiseki Y... yeah... I-I understand ~desu...
7:24 Nori You do? Wonderful...! Well then, I'll give you one of my fried eggs, all right?
7:30 Suiseiseki Th... thank you ~desu...
7:33 Shinku I'll warn you ahead of time. In this household, you'd be wise not to defy Nori.
7:38 Hinaichigo When Nori gets mad, she's really scary!
7:43 Suiseiseki I... I'll take it to heart. I understand fully ~desu.
7:47 Jun Well, I hope now at least a little bit of your wicked nature has been cured.
7:51 Suiseiseki Wha...?! What are you saying ~desu?! Nori is one thing, but I don't need to be criticized by the likes of you ~desu!
7:58 [Bang on the table.]
7:59 Jun What was that?!
7:59 JunSuiseiseki [Continuing to argue in the background.]
7:59 Hinaichigo Oww... It's a fight again ~na no!
8:02 Shinku Leave them be. The two of them are both such children.
8:07 [Music stops.]
8:09 [Pacing footsteps.]
8:11 Suiseiseki Hmph! "Equal", my butt! Give me a break ~desu! As the most talented and beautiful of the Rozen Maidens, I won't tolerate being treated on the same level as the likes of Shinku or Hinaichigo ~desu! Who is the one who took the initiative in waking Jun up?! Honestly, that Jun, he still won't comprehend Suiseiseki's true worth ~desu!
8:36 [Footsteps become slower.]
8:38 Suiseiseki [Chuckle.] In that case, I'll make him comprehend ~desu! I'll have him understand, to the very marrow of his bones, how lucky he is to have Suiseiseki around ~desu! [Cackle.]

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