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Track 2 - "Full of My Devotion"

Track 2 Picture

0:00 [Music starts.]
0:01 [Squishing sounds.]
0:04 Suiseiseki [Humming.] Knead the dough thoroughly like this, and...! [Cackle.] I'm going to make Suiseiseki's special Madeleines that I'm so proud of and feed them to Jun ~desu! When he eats these, he should understand loud and clear Suiseiseki's worth ~desu!
0:26 [Trill. Start of imagination sequence.]
0:28 Jun Delicious! What great-tasting Madeleines these are! Ahh, Suiseiseki, for you to be able to make such superb things as these... How wonderful you are! I admit I was wrong. I'm really so happy that I made a contract with you! You're the greatest, Suiseiseki!
0:47 [End of imagination sequence.]
0:49 Suiseiseki [Giggling fit.] F-for you to go so far as to say that makes me blush ~desu! Ah, but, but keep talking ~desu! Yahahaha, oh Jun, you...!
1:06 Souseiseki Hello!
1:07 Suiseiseki Come on, come on Jun, eat a lot more of them ~desu! From now on, Suiseiseki will make you delicious sweets every day ~desu!
1:16 Souseiseki Hah?
1:17 Suiseiseki Eh? ... GYAAAAAAH-!! So, S-S-S-Souseiseki-!! W-w-w-when on earth did you come in?!
1:28 Souseiseki U-um, about at the part where you said... "Come on, come on Jun, eat a lot more ~desu!"...
1:34 Suiseiseki [Nervous laughter.] Y-y-y-you saw nothing ~desu! You heard nothing ~desu! So, don't tell anyone about it ~desu-! [Whimper.] Do you understand?!
1:44 Souseiseki Y-yeah... That's fine, but, were you by any chance making sweets for Jun-kun?
1:52 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] I... is there a problem with that?
1:56 Souseiseki No, I think it's a very nice thing to do. Actually I was a bit worried about whether you were getting adjusted to this household.
2:04 Suiseiseki Eh...?
2:05 Souseiseki On top of being shy, you're a bit headstrong, so I was concerned that you may have been quarreling or something with Jun-kun or Shinku and the others. [Sigh.] Now I'm relieved, though. For you to be the one to try to fit in...
2:18 Suiseiseki Th... that isn't particularly my intention in baking them ~desu! S-Suiseiseki... Suiseiseki is just... um...
2:28 Souseiseki [Chuckle.] I hope your feelings get through to him.
2:32 Suiseiseki I-I told you, it's not like that ~desu...! [Whimper.] Oh, I don't care anymore ~desu!
2:40 [Music stops.]
2:42 [Footsteps.]
2:45 Suiseiseki There, I'm done preparing the Madeleines! All that's left is to wait for them to finish baking ~desu!
2:51 Souseiseki Your Madeleines are so delicious. I think Jun-kun's sure to like them, too.
2:57 Suiseiseki H-h-how many times must I tell you, I didn't make them for Jun ~desu! These... I-I made these in order to outdo Shinku ~desu!
3:07 Souseiseki Shinku?
3:08 Suiseiseki That's right! Despite her appearance, Shinku is clumsy and can't even make sweets properly! So if Suiseiseki were to make some wonderful Madeleines...
3:20 [Trill. Start of imagination sequence.]
3:22 Shinku D... delicious...! Suiseiseki, I can't believe you made such superb Madeleines...! Ahh, I still need much more training! I'm sorry, Suiseiseki, for saying nothing but impertinent things to you up until now... You are the one who is worthy to be the leader of this household. So, please forgive me, Suiseiseki...!
3:43 [End of imagination sequence.]
3:44 Suiseiseki Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Beyond a doubt, it will be an up-ending of the old order! Suiseiseki's status in this household is sure to rise ~desu!
3:55 Souseiseki [Sigh.] I don't know about that...
3:58 Suiseiseki [Yelp.]
3:59 [Falling down.]
4:00 Souseiseki Suiseiseki...! Are you all right?!
4:02 Suiseiseki Ouch-ouch-ouch-ouch...! Grrrr-! What are crayons doing scattered about in a place like this ~desu?! I ended up falling ~desu!
4:13 Souseiseki Ah, Hinaichigo again, I guess?
4:16 Suiseiseki Ehh?
4:17 Souseiseki This is a problem for Hinaichigo, too. I'm always telling her to clean up properly after using them.
4:23 Suiseiseki Ha-! Y-yes! That's it ~desu!
4:29 Souseiseki Huh?
4:30 [Music starts.]
4:33 [Door opens. Footsteps]
4:34 Suiseiseki 'Scuse me ~desu.
4:36 Souseiseki Hello!
4:37 [Door closes.]
4:37 Hinaichigo Ah! Souseiseki, welcome ~na no!
4:40 Jun Ah, sorry to say this when you came to visit, but I'm in the middle of studying right now, so please keep the noise down.
4:45 Suiseiseki I understand ~desu! Suiseiseki's objective is a different one... "Stare"...
4:53 Suiseiseki [Stage whisper:] [Snicker.] Just as I thought, the room is full of crayons and scraps of paper and stuffed animals that Hinaichigo scattered about ~desu! If Suiseiseki were to clean these things up...
5:06 [Trill. Start of imagination sequence.]
5:08 Jun Ahh, Suiseiseki! How considerate you are! Compared with you, Hinaichigo is...!
5:15 Hinaichigo Oww...! I'm sorry ~na no! After all, I'm no match for Suiseiseki. From now on I'll take a lesson from her and clean up after myself like I should!
5:27 Jun Ahh, Suiseiseki! What a happy guy I am, to have been able to make a contract with a wonderful lady like yourself!
5:34 [End of imagination sequence.]
5:36 Suiseiseki [Stage whisper:] [Giggling fit.] With this, I can also outdo Hinaichigo ~desu! Well then, I'll start cleaning at once...
5:47 Hinaichigo Hey, hey Ju~n, let me borrow that you-know-what!
5:51 Jun Yeah, here it is - the eraser.
5:53 Hinaichigo [Giggle.] Thanks ~na no!
5:57 Suiseiseki Eh? W-what happened, just now...?
6:00 [Door opens. Footsteps.]
6:01 Shinku Excuse me, Jun, where is that you-know-what?
6:04 Jun Yeah, here it is - the backscratcher.
6:07 Shinku Thank you.
6:08 Suiseiseki Wha... what's going on ~desu? How can you know what they're talking about when they just say "you-know-what"?
6:15 Jun Huh? Why, you ask? It's what they usually ask for, and I can somehow just feel that's what they want...
6:21 Suiseiseki [Stage whisper:] Wha... what did you say-?! S-surely this is what they call the "heart to heart communication" type of relationship, which is so deep that you can get through to each other just by eye contact! For these two to have a deeper relationship with him, when I had thought that I would outdo them...! [Whimper.] But, but, if I get to be able to do this, Suiseiseki will also have a much deeper relationship with Jun ~desu! ... [Aloud:] Ahem! ... Hey, Jun?
6:49 Jun Yeah?
6:51 Suiseiseki "Stare"...
6:52 Jun Huh? What's with the scary face? Are you angry?
6:56 Suiseiseki Hah? Th-th-that's not it, uh... "Stare"...
7:02 Jun I don't remember doing anything to get scowled at like that about...
7:04 Suiseiseki Geez, why is it?! Why is it that Suiseiseki's thoughts are the only ones you can't understand ~desu?!
7:11 Jun Huh? How should I be able to understand that?
7:15 Suiseiseki Well, you could understand Shinku and Hinaichigo ~desu!
7:18 Jun I told you, I just somehow could.
7:20 Suiseiseki Even so, it's too much, for you to completely fail to understand Suiseiseki ~desu! Think more about Suiseiseki, like you should ~desu!
7:27 Jun What the heck?! Why shoud I have to do something like that?!
7:31 Suiseiseki B-because you're Suiseiseki's... Suiseiseki's... [Sobbing.]
7:41 [Smack.]
7:42 Jun [Howl.] W-what are you doing?!
7:45 Suiseiseki Blockhead!! Dimwit!! LOSER!!!
7:51 [Footsteps running off.]
7:51 Suiseiseki [Crying.]
7:56 [Footsteps.]
7:57 Suiseiseki Oooooh-! It pisses me off ~desu! What's the big idea, that Suiseiseki is the only one he won't understand?!
8:06 Souseiseki I-it's nothing to get that angry about! It's still such a short time since you came to this household, for one thing.
8:12 Suiseiseki But, but, it's so frustrating after all ~desu! He understands Shinku, and Hinaichigo, but Suiseiseki is the only one who-
8:22 [Ding!]
8:23 Souseiseki Ah! That sound...
8:24 Suiseiseki Ah-! My Madeleines are done ~desu!
8:28 [Running footsteps.]
8:31 [Oven door opening.]
8:32 Souseiseki Ahh! They look delicious, don't they!
8:35 Suiseiseki [Sigh.] Done to perfection, if I do say so myself ~desu! With these Madeleines packed full of Suiseiseki's devotion, this time for sure I'll get a firm grip on Jun's heart ~desu!

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