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Track 3 - "Sweets"

Character Drama Vol. 3 - Track 3 - Top Picture

0:01 [Slow footsteps and rattling of plates.]
0:03 Suiseiseki Tea, OK... Madeleines, OK... A-ahem. "J-Jun, u-um... On just a slight whim, Suiseiseki made some Madeleines as a special favor for you ~desu. Help yourself and eat some ~desu." ... Alright, that's perfect ~desu!
0:26 Souseiseki [Giggle.] Well, shall we go?
0:28 [Knock knock.]
0:30 [Door opens.]
0:31 Suiseiseki U-um, hey, Jun...
0:34 Hinaichigo Yay, Madeleines ~na no!
0:36 [Music starts.]
0:36 Shinku My, how considerate of you to prepare some tea.
0:39 Suiseiseki [Stage whisper:] Ge-geh-! I totally forgot about these guys ~desu!
0:44 [Running footsteps.]
0:44 Hinaichigo They look delicious ~na no! Thanks for the food ~na no!
0:48 [Clinking of plates and cups.]
0:48 Suiseiseki Noooo-!! Don't, don't, don't ~desu! Suiseiseki made these f-! Umm... for... Jun...
0:59 Jun What's the deal here, are you trying to hog them all for yourself?
1:02 Suiseiseki Ehh? Ah, y-you're wrong ~desu! Th-these are, um...!
1:05 Jun It's fine for everyone to share some sweets together, isn't it? Geez, what a glutton.
1:10 Suiseiseki Whaa-?!
1:11 Souseiseki You're wrong! Suiseiseki made these-
1:14 Suiseiseki Why... youuu...! Grrrr-! IDIOT HUMAN...!!
1:22 [Crash.]
1:22 [Running footsteps.]
1:24 Souseiseki [Gasp.] Suiseiseki! Wait!
1:26 [Running footsteps.]
1:29 Jun What the heck's her problem?
1:31 Shinku You're as dense as usual, Jun.
1:34 Jun Eh?
1:35 Shinku She was crying, you know.
1:38 Jun Eh...?
1:40 [Running footsteps.]
1:41 Suiseiseki [Crying.] Idiot! Idiot! Idiot idiot idiot idiot iiidiot...!! [Crying.]
1:53 Souseiseki Ah-! Suiseiseki!
1:55 Suiseiseki Jun, you...! You...! [Crying.] I HATE you ~desu!!
2:03 [Magic sounds.]
2:08 Hinaichigo Ohh?! Suiseiseki did...?!
2:11 Souseiseki Yeah. She got angry and leapt away into the N-Field.
2:15 Jun Why would she do that...?
2:17 Souseiseki ... Those Madelines from before? It was you she made them for, Jun-kun.
2:23 Jun Eh? For me?
2:26 Souseiseki She wanted to fit in right away with this household and to come to get along better with you, and in so thinking, Suiseiseki made them.
2:34 Jun That's... What have I done...?
2:39 Shinku Jun. This is your responsibility. If you are a Medium, you have a duty to cultivate a favorable relationship with the one with whom you made a contract. But you neglected to do that - which is why Suiseiseki became angry. Is it not so?
2:55 Jun [Grunt.]
2:56 Hinaichigo Hey, hey, will Suiseiseki be OK, going off into the N-Field by herself?
3:02 Souseiseki I'm definitely worried about Barasuishou being there. If she were to find Suiseiseki, there's no telling what she'd do...
3:10 Shinku Well, what shall you do, Jun?
3:13 Jun I'm going to go look for her. I've got to make a proper apology.
3:16 Souseiseki [Giggle.]
3:18 Shinku Honestly, what a bother...

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