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Track 4 - "Hearts That Try to Understand"

Character Drama Vol. 3 - Track 4 - Top Picture

0:00 [Music starts.]
0:05 [Multiple footsteps running.]
0:07 Jun Hey! Suiseiseki! Where are you?!
0:10 Hinaichigo Sui-sei-sekiii! I'll give you some Mapollo Chocolates, so come on hooome~!
0:17 Souseiseki She couldn't have gotten very far yet, so I wonder where she went off to?
0:22 Shinku Incidentally, Jun, when you find Suiseiseki, what do you intend to do after that?
0:25 [Footsteps stop.]
0:28 Jun What'll I do...? Well... apologize, and bring her back home...
0:34 Shinku But, if nothing were to change in the relationship between the two of you, then the same events would just repeat themselves.
0:41 Jun W-well...
0:43 Shinku What is important is for there to be two hearts that try to understand one another. Do you have such a thing, I wonder?
0:51 Jun Two hearts... that try to understand one another...
0:55 Souseiseki Hm?
0:56 Hinaichigo Ah! Over there!
0:58 Jun Suiseiseki!
1:00 [Wind gusting.]
1:01 [Footsteps.]
1:03 Suiseiseki I ended up coming awfully far ~desu. Having come all alone to a place this far away, if something were to happen to me...
1:12 [Crackling sounds.]
1:13 Suiseiseki Eeeeeee-! H-h-h-huh? [Sigh.] It was just some dead tree branches shifting around... Geez, don't startle me like that ~desu! ... Honestly, they're all such big idiots! They don't even try to understand Suiseiseki's feelings at all ~desu! I should have never made a contract with the likes of that lame human! Since it's come to this, I'll cancel the contract! After all, it's better for Suiseiseki to be alone! By myself, I can live at my ease, and have all of the fried eggs to myself, and eat as much Madeleines as I want ~desu! By myself... ... by myself... it's lonely ~desu...! [Crying.]
2:06 Jun [In the distance:] Suiseiseki!
2:07 Suiseiseki [Gasp.] Jun...?
2:10 [Running footsteps.]
2:12 Jun Hey, wait! Why are you running away?! Hey, come here-!
2:16 Hinaichigo Suiseiseki! Wait ~na no!
2:19 Souseiseki Suiseiseki!
2:21 [Grab.]
2:22 Jun [Breathing hard.] ... I caught her...
2:23 Suiseiseki Ah-! L-let go of me ~desu-!
2:25 [Struggling sounds.]
2:25 Jun Where the heck are you going by yourself?!
2:27 Suiseiseki It's none of your business ~desu! I'm canceling the Medium contract! Suiseiseki wants to be alone ~desu!
2:36 Jun Don't say such selfish things! Everyone's worried about you, you know!
2:39 Suiseiseki Nooo ~desuuu! Let go of me...!
2:40 Shinku [Sigh.] Just as I thought, nothing has changed.
2:44 Hinaichigo Why is Suiseiseki so mad?
2:47 Souseiseki She's at a rather difficult age.
2:49 Hinaichigo Hweh...?
2:50 Jun Suiseiseki! Wait, I'm telling you-! I've got something to say to you!
2:54 Suiseiseki S-shut up ~desu! Suiseiseki doesn't want to talk to the likes of you ~desu!
2:59 Jun Just... please, listen to me...!
3:01 [Struggling stops.]
3:02 Suiseiseki Wha... what is it?
3:06 Jun Suiseiseki... About before...
3:10 Suiseiseki Eh...?
3:11 Barasuishou Found you...
3:12 [Music stops.]
3:13 Suiseiseki Eh-?!
3:14 [Blasts.]
3:16 Suiseiseki [Screams.] W-what-?!
3:19 Souseiseki Here she comes again!
3:20 [Blasts.]
3:22 Souseiseki [Yells.]
3:23 Suiseiseki Souseiseki-!!
3:24 [Ringing sound.]
3:25 Barasuishou Caught you...
3:27 [Music starts.]
3:27 Suiseiseki Barasuishou...!!
3:28 Souseiseki [Grunt.] The crystals have pegged me down...! [Struggling sounds.] It's no use - I can't free myself!
3:33 Suiseiseki Souseiseki! I'll save you now ~desu!
3:36 Souseiseki No! Suiseiseki, run away-!!
3:39 [Blast.]
3:44 Suiseiseki ... Healthily... and carefree...!
3:47 [Blasts.]
3:52 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] I can't defend against it!
3:55 [Blast.]
3:55 Suiseiseki [Scream.]
3:56 Jun Suiseiseki!! Are you all right?!
3:59 Shinku Everyone scatter! As things are, we're too easy a target...
4:03 Hinaichigo Right ~na no!
4:03 [Running footsteps and labored breathing.]
4:07 [Blasts and crumbling sound.]
4:07 Hinaichigo [Scream.]
4:11 Shinku Hinaichigo-!
4:12 [Blasts.]
4:12 Shinku [Gasp.]
4:16 Barasuishou ... One left... You won't escape...
4:21 Shinku [Grunt.] Run away, Suiseiseki... Jun...
4:25 [Running footsteps.]
4:31 Jun What's the matter?
4:33 Suiseiseki Suiseiseki's power couldn't even make a dent in her ~desu... And she caught Souseiseki, too... What should I do ~desu?!
4:43 Jun Suiseiseki...
4:45 [Blast.]
4:46 Suiseiseki [Scream.]
4:47 Jun Barasuishou-!! Did she come this far?! We've got to hide...!

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