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Track 5 - "Heart to Heart"

Character Drama Vol. 3 - Track 5 - Top Picture

0:00 [Running footsteps.]
0:03 JunSuiseiseki [Gasping for breath.]
0:05 Jun It's all right... She hasn't found us yet...
0:07 [Blasts in the distance.]
0:11 Jun [Grunt.]
0:12 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] We're done for ~desu...!
0:17 Jun Suiseiseki... I'm sorry about before.
0:22 Suiseiseki Eh...?
0:24 Jun I'm sorry about the Madeleines. You made them for me, and yet I...
0:29 Suiseiseki Jun...
0:31 [Blast and crumbling sound.]
0:33 [Ringing sound.]
0:34 Barasuishou Found you...
0:35 Jun Barasuishou-?!
0:37 Barasuishou Goodbye...
0:39 Jun [Grunt.]
0:40 Suiseiseki ... Nooooo!!
0:42 [Blasts.]
0:43 [Music starts.]
0:47 Jun Suiseiseki!
0:48 Suiseiseki I deflected... the crystals...! ... I did it! I did it ~desu!
0:55 Barasuishou This will finish you...!
0:57 [Blasts.]
0:59 Jun [Grunt.] Suiseiseki!
1:01 Suiseiseki I'm fine ~desu! Jun, fight together with me ~desu!
1:05 Jun Right!
1:06 Suiseiseki Come on ~desu!
1:07 [Blast.]
1:09 Suiseiseki Jun! Get that you-know-what!
1:10 Jun [Grunt.] Understood!
1:12 Suiseiseki Here it comes ~desu! Sui Dream-!!
1:16 [Magic sounds.]
1:18 Suiseiseki Healthily... and carefreee...!
1:21 [Blast.]
1:21 [Slithering and creaking sounds.]
1:24 Suiseiseki What do you think of Suiseiseki's power ~desu?! I'll tie you up in these vines like this ~desu!
1:31 Barasuishou [Grunt.] ... But... it's having no effect...
1:35 Suiseiseki Heh-heh... You big idiot ~desu! Our true target was... over there ~desu!
1:42 Barasuishou Eh...?
1:44 [Striking sounds.]
1:44 Jun [Grunt.] D-do you know what'll happen to this place if I wreck this pillar?
1:49 [Crumbling sounds.]
1:51 Jun Now, Suiseiseki!!
1:53 Suiseiseki Right ~desu!
1:54 [Blast, crash.]
1:58 [Music stops.]
2:00 Jun [Sigh.] We managed, somehow.
2:03 Suiseiseki Heh-heh-heh-heh... To defeat her by bringing down the building was a pretty good idea ~desu!
2:09 Jun [Gasping for breath.] It only worked because you were able to hold Barasuishou in place for me.
2:13 Suiseiseki Jun...
2:15 [Crumbling sounds.]
2:16 Jun [Gasp.] Barasuishou...?!
2:18 Suiseiseki D-does she still feel like fighting?!
2:21 Barasuishou [Chuckle.]
2:22 [Magic sounds.]
2:25 Jun ... She left...? [Sigh.] We're saved...
2:30 Suiseiseki Hmph! Ran away, did you? Just a little bit longer and it would have been Suiseiseki's complete and total victory, too ~desu! ... Well, still...
2:40 Jun Hm? What?
2:42 Suiseiseki [Giggle.] I-it's nothing ~desu! Come on, let's go save Souseiseki and the others ~desu.
2:49 Jun Yeah.
2:50 [Footsteps.]
2:53 [Music starts.]
2:55 [Clinking of tableware.]
2:58 Suiseiseki [Humming.]
3:02 Hinaichigo Hweh? Suiseiseki, you're in a real good mood ~na no.
3:07 Suiseiseki Ha-ha! Well, sorta ~desu! Hey, Jun?
3:12 Jun Yeah?
3:13 Suiseiseki Please hand me that you-know-what ~desu.
3:15 Jun Huh? What "you-know-what"?
3:17 Suiseiseki Geez, what are you saying ~desu? I mean that you-know-what. You know, that. That!
3:24 Jun So, what do you mean? Say it straight out so I can understand.
3:28 Suiseiseki W... why is it?! After that battle, you ought to be able now to entirely see everything that Suiseiseki is thinking ~desu!
3:38 Jun No, even if you say so...
3:40 Suiseiseki Grrrr-!! You useless piece of-!
3:43 [Crash.]
3:44 Suiseiseki Blockhead-! Numbskull-! Idiot, idiot, idiot-!
3:44 [Fighting sounds.]
3:48 Hinaichigo Unyuu... They started fighting again...!
3:52 Souseiseki In the end, they're back to where they started.
3:54 Shinku Really, both of them are such children.
3:58 JunSuiseiseki WHAAAT-?!
4:01 JunSuiseiseki ... Hm?
4:03 JunSuiseiseki [Laughter.]
4:07 [Music stops.]

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