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Track 1 - "Prologue"

Detektiv - Prologue - Top Picture

0:01 [Music starts.]
0:05 [Music stops.]
0:07 [Creaking of chair. Tapping on keyboard, mouse clicking.]
0:09 JUM “The Black Crystal of Good Luck: It’s alluring brilliance will surely bring you good fortune. Order now and, as a special gift, we’ll include a Feng Shui Compass of Popularity...” ... This name that makes no sense is great. It’s just bursting with suspiciousness.
0:26 Shinku Jun.
0:27 [Music starts. Mouse clicking.]
0:28 JUM Ooh, here's a Cursed Rocking Horse. I can't resist this design that just screams, "Who the hell would buy something like this?!"
0:35 Shinku Jun.
0:35 [Mouse clicking.]
0:36 JUM And here's a magical circle for summoning demons.
0:38 [Slumping back in chair.]
0:39 JUM There's no way you could summon a demon with something like this! Use your head a little!
0:44 [Smack!]
0:45 JUM Ow-! What the heck are you doing, Shinku?!
0:49 Shinku It's punishment for ignoring me. But more importantly, move aside from that spot at once.
0:53 [Getting up off the floor.]
0:53 JUM Why should I?! This is my seat!
0:56 Shinku Do you have any idea on whom you are stepping right now?
1:00 [Shifting in seat.]
1:00 JUM Stepping on...? Oh, it's just a Kun-Kun stuffed toy.
1:05 Shinku Kun-Kun! [Hug.] Are you all right? ... Jun! There is a limit to how careless you can be! What if something unfortunate were to have happened to Kun-Kun?!
1:13 JUM What do you mean "something unfortunate"? It's just a stuffed animal.
1:17 [Smack!]
1:17 JUM Aagh!
1:18 Shinku I'll not let you get away with making fun of Kun-Kun. Remember that.
1:23 JUM Y-y-you devil-doll...!
1:28 [Music stops.]

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