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Track 10 - "Rain ~Suiseiseki~"

Detektiv - Rain - Top Picture

June 16th, rainy.

I hate the rain! It makes things so wet and soggy, it even dampens my mood. On a day like this, the best thing is to tease and tell fibs to Chibi-ichigo! I got up early and placed a heavy weight on top of Chibi-ichigo's box. When I heard her voice crying in tears, "Open it ~na no~!", it made me feel just a little bit more cheerful. See, even Chibi-ichigo is good for something once in a while!

By the way, when he saw that, the puny human had the impudence to turn to me and say, "Cut that out" ~desu! Honestly, just who does he think he is? As a human, he's a billion years too early to admonish me! It's like, don't get so full of yourself, you bastard!

But, afterwards, I was told the same thing by Souseiseki. And she even told me that it wasn't very grown-up. To speak like that to your only older twin sister...! But, but, maybe it's just as Souseiseki says ~desu. Certainly, it may be that for a Lady such as myself, it's not very grown-up to feel so addicted to the sense of superiority that I get from teasing that childish Chibi-ichigo.

Oh, well ~desu. I'll let Chibi-ichigo off with just that. In exchange, starting tomorrow I'll pick on that puny human mercilessly! I won't tolerate him making those big faces at me even if he is Shinku's Medium! I'll make him swear that he'll never again in his life defy me ~desu! [Laugh.] Lick my shoes ~desu!

But, but but, when I told that to Souseiseki, that child said something strange to me ~desu. "When you're talking about Jun, you look very happy." ... Wha, w-w-w-what are you saying, so suddenly?! I-I-I-I don't particularly care anything for Jun ~desu! To me, that guy's no more important than a pebble rolling around on the ground! Like a piece of waste paper! Like an empty tin can!

Ah... That got me all agitated ~desu. [Sigh.] Well then, good night ~desu.

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