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Track 11 - "Observation ~Souseiseki~"

Detektiv - Observation - Top Picture

June 9th, sunny.

Shinku has changed a bit. When I'd thought she would be fighting in earnest with Suigintou, instead she had set aside the Alice Game to do things like absorb herself in watching television, or complaining about her tea being at a slightly incorrect temperature.

I always used to think of her as a bit of a strange girl, but lately I especially think so. Also, maybe because of Shinku's influence, Suiseiseki and Hinaichigo also seem kind of different from before... Suiseiseki, who used to be intensely shy and would hide behind me all the time trembling in fear, is now running around holding a harisen*... I can scarcely believe that it's her!

I wonder what changed everyone? Could it be Jun-kun's influence, after all? Could he really be all that special? Before, I spent a whole day observing him every moment, but he only did things like sit in front of his computer and grumble... Not to sound like Suiseiseki, but he really did look like nothing more than a worthless human being. I came right out and asked Shinku about him. When I did, Shinku smiled a little bit and said, "Do I look unhappy right now?" To make that difficult Shinku say something like that, Jun-kun must be someone special after all!

Maybe Jun-kun has some strange power that I don't know about. And maybe it's a power that will change the direction of us dolls of the Rozen Maidens. A strange, wonderful power that will teach us, who were created for fighting, something more than fighting. Sometime I'll try having a long talk with Jun-kun. Then I might come to understand something about it. [Laugh.] But I might get Shinku angry at me. When Hinaichigo and Suiseiseki are playing with Jun-kun, Shinku always looks so indignant. Maybe this, too, is part of Jun-kun's power.

[* harisen: a large paper fan often used in anime as a slapstick device for smacking people around]

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