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Track 12 - "Ball ~Suigintou~"

Detektiv - Ball - Top Picture

In my dream, I dance alone. It is at the site of a ball. Wearing a gorgeous dress, I dance as though pacing through the steps of a waltz. Then, in time, a man arrives. As he extends his hand, I answer with a broad smile and place my hand atop his. But the dream ends there, without my even being able to remember the man's face or voice.

I've had this dream so many times before. That man must have been Father! The one who created me, my very own Father! But Father will not smile for me. It's because I'm not Alice. There is only one in this world for whom Father will smile - only Alice. To be anything other than that is to be meaningless and worthless. Yes, it's the same as being good-for-nothing junk.

Please wait for me, Father! Soon, all of the Roza Mysticas will become mine! When that happens, I will become Alice! At last I will be able to go and meet Father. For the sake of that, I would do anything! Even if I lost everything else, I wouldn't mind. Because, that is what I was created for! Shinku and the others, who have forgotten the Alice Game and spend their time playing, have no right to become Alice. I'll turn those children into junk soon. They will die in obscurity with their ugliness exposed for all to see.

[Giggle.] Look, Father! Please take a good look at me! I am wiser than Shinku, cuter than Hinaichigo, more intelligent than Souseiseki, more noble than Suiseiseki... I myself am more deserving a doll than any of becoming Alice! Well, Father? Hurry and take my hand! Will you dance with me tonight, at the ball held just for the two of us?

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