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Track 4 - "Investigation"

Detektiv - Investigation - Top Picture

0:00 [Music starts.]
0:00 Shinku [Footsteps.] Everyone, form a line. Number one.
0:03 Hinaichigo Two!
0:04 Suiseiseki Three!
0:05 Souseiseki Four.
0:06 Nori Five!
0:07 JUM Six...
0:09 Shinku Well, then, we shall now commence investigation of the case of Kun-Kun's kidnapping. Everyone, set yourselves to the task of Kun-Kun's rescue, and resolve to fulfill your duty even at the cost of your own lives. Is that clear?
0:18 Hinaichigo Right ~na no!
0:20 [Crash.]
0:20 Suiseiseki Just a minute ~desu! Why does Shinku get to be in charge?! I can't agree to this ~desu!
0:27 Shinku Kun-Kun once said, what an investigator needs are cool composure and precise judgement. Also, an accurate faculty of reasoning. Such would be impossible for you, who tend to fly off the handle right away, Suiseiseki.
0:39 Suiseiseki [Screech.] When have I ever flied off the handle?! What hour, what minute, what second?!
0:46 JUM Right now.
0:48 Shinku Then, we'll begin first at the scene of the crime. Kun-Kun once said, when you're at a loss, return to the scene. Let's go.
0:58 [Music fades out.]
0:59 [Rummaging around.]
1:00 Hinaichigo Heave ho...
1:02 Suiseiseki Eww, it's filthy ~desu!
1:04 Nori Oh? Oh my, here's that button that I lost recently. Lucky me! Ah, I've got to search... Umm... Let's see... That's strange...
1:14 [Door opens.]
1:15 JUM Wha?! What are you guys doing?! The living room's a mess!
1:20 Shinku It's all for the sake of Kun-Kun. There must be some clue that will lead us to the culprit around here somewhere. Nori! Up-end that sofa. We must search thoroughly.
1:30 Nori Roger~!
1:31 [Clatter.]
1:31 Souseiseki Wait, Shinku! Everyone STOP!
1:33 Shinku Oh?
1:35 Souseiseki This won't do, Shinku. If we flail about like this and disturb the scene of the crime, we'll no longer be able to recognize any clues.
1:41 JUM That's for sure.
1:43 Souseiseki Kun-Kun always says, an investigator must be accurate and calm!
1:47 Hinaichigo Wow~! Souseiseki knows a lot!
1:52 Suiseiseki It's true! Her calm composure and precise judgement make her a much more worthy leader than SOMEBODY ELSE we know!
2:01 JUM True, true.
2:02 [Smack!]
2:02 JUM Unh-! Sh-Shinku...!
2:06 Shinku Come on, everyone. We'll continue the investigation.
2:09 [Music starts. Rummaging around.]
2:11 Hinaichigo [Singing.] Hina and her friends, will search for Detective Kun-Kun, wherever he has gone...!
2:19 Souseiseki What's the deal with that?
2:21 Suiseiseki Oh, geez! Searching one place after another has gotten me all covered in dust! Human! You need to get your act together and clean every day!
2:31 Nori Oh dear, I'm sorry~!
2:33 JUM Don't apologize to her!
2:35 Shinku After investigation of the living room has been completed, we'll check the other places as well. We will investigate every nook and cranny of this house, and we'll do whatever it takes to find a clue. Is that clear?
2:45 All Ye~s!
2:48 JUM How did it come to this?
2:51 [Music stops.]
2:52 [Footsteps.]
2:54 Shinku Report, starting with Hinaichigo.
2:56 Hinaichigo Right ~na no! There weren't any clues in the entranceway or the hallway!
3:01 Suiseiseki I checked the puny human's room ~desu!
3:04 JUM Checked it? More like, just made a mess of it.
3:08 Suiseiseki But there was nothing there ~desu.
3:11 Nori I checked my room together with Souseiseki-chan, but...
3:15 Souseiseki There weren't any clues there, after all.
3:18 Shinku Which means, after all, that THAT place is all that remains.
3:23 JUM "That place"?
3:26 [Creaking. Music starts.]
3:28 Suigintou [Giggle.] Shinku. Hinaichigo. Suiseiseki. Souseiseki. You fools who have forgotten the Alice Game and are spending your days in degeneracy. I, Suigintou, will give you your fill of torment! Now, then... How shall I sieze your Roza Mysticas, I wonder? Before I took a hostage, so this time how about if I catch you in a trap? It would be so easy to taunt you, but maybe first I should trap you in a pit, or hang you from the ceiling? [Giggle.] Inside a cramped hole, Shinku will cry out in tears...
4:18 Shinku It's dark! It's cramped! I'm scared! Get me out of here, Suigintou! I beg you!
4:27 Suigintou [Laugh.] Just imagining Shinku's crying face gives me pleasure! That decides it! I'll go with that plan this-
4:40 [Approaching footsteps. Music stops.]
4:41 Shinku Jun! Search over there. Hinaichigo, you search here.
4:44 Hinaichigo Roger ~na no!
4:45 [Running footsteps.]
4:47 Suigintou Oh? That voice...
4:51 [Shuffling footsteps.]
4:53 JUM But, it's as dark a place as ever...
4:56 Shinku Excuse me, Jun, but stop moving your mouth and start moving your hands!
4:59 JUM Yeah, yeah.
5:00 [Swoop.]
5:02 Suigintou Welcome, Shinku~! You arrived so suddenly that it surprised me~! But, since you went to all the trouble, I'll show you a good time...! [Chuckle.]
5:21 Shinku Suiseiseki, has Kun-Kun turned up?
5:24 Suigintou Eh? "Kun-Kun"?
5:26 [Music starts.]
5:27 Suiseiseki He's not here ~desu!
5:29 Souseiseki It's no use. He's not here either!
5:32 Shinku [Sigh.] I thought for sure he would be here, but...
5:35 Suigintou Oh~, Shinku, whatever could you be talking about~? Let Suigintou in on it~!
5:42 Shinku Let's go! If Kun-Kun is not present, then we have no further business here.
5:46 Souseiseki You're right.
5:47 Suiseiseki There's no helping it. Let's try someplace else ~desu.
6:09 [Music stops.]

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