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Track 5 - "Truth of the Situation"

Detektiv - Truth of the Situation - Top Picture

0:02 [Shifting in seat. Clink.]
0:03 Nori I see... So he wasn't inside the mirror, was he...
0:07 Souseiseki It seemed as if Suigintou was talking about something to herself, but...
0:11 Suiseiseki Was she?
0:13 Hinaichigo I totally didn't notice.
0:16 JUM But what do we do now? In the end we've not no clues, and we're back again to where we started.
0:22 [Clink.]
0:22 Shinku Be quiet, Jun. I'm thinking right now. Such an artful criminal method, that leaves behind no evidence... We must after all be dealing with Baron Peroriina. Or else, someone completely different is...
0:37 Souseiseki Hmm...
0:39 Suiseiseki Mm...
0:41 Hinaichigo Unyu unyuu...
0:46 [Creak.]
0:46 JUM Geez. When it comes to Kun-Kun, they get really serious, don't they.
0:52 Nori Say, Jun-kun.
0:54 JUM Huh? [Shuffling footsteps.]
0:55 Nori Come here a moment...
0:58 [Music starts.]
1:00 JUM What is it?
1:02 Nori In case they're unable to find their stuffed Kun-Kun toy, how about going to buy them a new one?
1:07 JUM A new one?
1:09 Nori They all love him so much. I'd feel sorry for them if he were to stay missing like this.
1:15 JUM A new one wouldn't be any good. To them, Kun-Kun isn't a stuffed toy. He's a real, living detective. So getting a replacement wouldn't be any good. We've got to find the Kun-Kun that disappeared.
1:29 Nori [Giggle.]
1:31 JUM W-what?!
1:32 Nori It's just that, despite all the things you say to them, Jun-kun, you understand how Shinku-chan and the others feel better than anyone.
1:38 JUM I-idiot! Don't say such weird things!
1:41 Nori [Giggle.] I'm sorry. Then, for the sake of Shinku-chan and the others, we've got to find Kun-Kun quickly.
1:47 JUM Hmm... That's true, but we've got no clues...
1:50 [Music fades out.]
1:51 [Shuffling footsteps.]
1:54 JUM Oh? What's this? A black feather?
1:58 [Zing.]
1:58 JUM It couldn't be...!
2:01 [Clatter. Footsteps.]
2:01 Shinku Well done, Jun!
2:03 Suiseiseki Then the culprit is...
2:04 Shinku It certainly seems so. That child...
2:08 [Weird sound.]
2:10 Suigintou What the hell, what the hell...! Shinku. Hinaichigo. Suiseiseki. Souseiseki. They all make fun of me. But, I'm curious. What could this "Kun-Kun" be that Shinku and the others were talking about?
2:28 [Approaching footsteps.]
2:30 Shinku We've found you, Suigintou.
2:32 [Music starts.]
2:32 Suigintou Shinku-?! ... Well well, the gang's all together, I see.
2:39 Suiseiseki Suigintou! Always pulling some makeshift tricks ~desu!
2:45 Suigintou Hah? Whatever could you be talking about~?
2:48 Souseiseki Don't play innocent! The black feather left behind at the scene of the crime is all the proof we need!
2:52 Shinku The investigation has concluded by now that you are the one who kidnapped Kun-Kun.
2:57 Suigintou "K-Kun-Kun"?
3:00 Shinku I can't forgive this... Mixing him up in the Alice Game, when he has nothing to do with it...
3:05 Suiseiseki [Footsteps.] Hurry up and give us back Kun-Kun ~desu! Give him back!
3:08 Hinaichigo Give him back!
3:09 Souseiseki Give him back!
3:11 All Give-him-back! Give-him-back! Give-him-back...!
3:14 Suigintou W-what the hell? What the hell? What the hell, what the hell, what the hell? Ignoring me - Suigintou - and continuing with your own selfish talk...! I can't forgive you. Now that it's come to this, I'll dispense with my plan, and just sieze everyone's Roza Mysticas all at once-!
3:35 [Swoop.]
3:36 Crow Caw! Caw!
3:38 [Music stops.]
3:39 Suigintou Eh?
3:41 JUM A-a crow?
3:44 Suiseiseki Eeek! [Footsteps.]
3:45 [Grab. Music starts.]
3:46 Souseiseki Suiseiseki?
3:47 Suiseiseki I-it's a huge bird! A monster bird!
3:52 Nori Oh dear, silly me. I left the window wide open when I was drying the laundry!
3:58 Hinaichigo Mister Crow, Mister Crow~! Caw caw... caw! Uyu?
4:07 Shinku Suiseiseki, is something the matter? You're trembling so much.
4:11 Suiseiseki Eh?! I-i-i-it's nothing in particular ~desu!
4:16 Souseiseki Suiseiseki, it's all right! As usual, you don't cope well with animals or people you're not used to.
4:23 Suiseiseki W-w-w-what are you talking about?! [Panting.] ... [Clears throat.] I'm fine now. I'm used to him now. Once you get a good look at him, he's got such a foolish expression on his-
4:39 Crow Caw! Caw! Caw!
4:42 Suiseiseki Eeek! [Footsteps. Grab.] Aaaah, what a horrible voice! He crowed at me! [Crying.] Souseiseki!
4:51 JUM Stop forcing yourself.
4:53 [Music stops.]
4:54 Suigintou U... u-um...
4:57 [Wings flapping.]
4:57 Crow 2 Caw! Caw!
5:00 Hinaichigo Ah-! Another one came!
5:03 Souseiseki Hm? She's dragging something behind her. T-that's...!
5:08 Suiseiseki Kun-Kun!
5:09 [Snap!]
5:09 Shinku What?! [Running footsteps.]
5:10 [Music starts.]
5:11 Shinku Hold it right there, crow! Return Kun-Kun to us!
5:15 [Rush.]
5:17 Crows Caw! Caw!
5:18 Shinku Eeek!
5:19 JUM Hey! You're dealing with crows! Take it a little easier on them!
5:23 Shinku What are you saying?! This is for the sake of rescuing Kun-Kun!
5:26 Suiseiseki [Chuckle.] Black crow, you monster bird... You aren't getting away this time! SUI DREAM!
5:32 [Splash.]
5:35 Crows Caw! Caw! Caw!
5:38 Suigintou [Grunt.] Not bad, Suiseiseki. In that case, I'll... Mei-Mei!
5:45 Hinaichigo Mister Crow~! Wait for me! Hey-!
5:51 Suigintou [Scream.]
5:51 Hinaichigo [Scream.]
5:53 [Thump.]
5:55 Shinku What are you doing, Hinaichigo?!
5:57 Souseiseki [Footsteps.] Leave this to me! There!
5:59 [Rush.]
6:01 Crows Caw! Caw!
6:03 [Thump.]
6:04 Suigintou Ooh...! M... How much must you all make fun of me before you all are satisfied? Now I won't forgive you no matter how much you cry or apologize. I'm going to turn you all into JUNK!
6:19 JUM Look out!
6:20 Suigintou Eh?
6:20 Crows Caw!
6:20 [Crash.]
6:22 Suiseiseki [Footsteps.] Souseiseki! Chibi-ichigo! Are you all right?
6:28 Souseiseki Y-yes, somehow...
6:30 Hinaichigo [Clatter.] Unyuu... That was a close one...
6:34 Nori Oh? Where are the crows?
6:37 Crow [In the distance:] Caw! Caw! Caw!
6:42 Hinaichigo Ah! Up there!
6:44 Nori In the attic?
6:47 [Clatter.]
6:48 JUM T-there... Huh?
6:52 Shinku Oh?
6:53 Suiseiseki Oh my...
6:53 [Music starts.]
6:54 Baby Crows Caw caw caw...
6:57 JUM It's the crows' children.
6:58 Nori So they were making a nest in here.
7:01 Suiseiseki [Whimper.] Even their crying voices are horrible! You evil children of a monster bird!
7:08 Shinku At any rate, I wonder what this mountain of clutter is for?
7:13 JUM Wha-? This is one of my mini-cars.
7:16 Hinaichigo Here's a ribbon I lost recently.
7:20 Suiseiseki Ah! That's... the kurikinton* I stashed away to eat in secret!
[* kurikinton: a food made of mashed sweet potato and chestnuts]
7:26 Nori Eeek! T-t-t-t-these are my p-p-p-p-p-panties!
7:31 Shinku What is this? What on earth is going on here?
7:37 Souseiseki That's it! Now I understand!
7:41 Suiseiseki Souseiseki?
7:43 Souseiseki The crows were collecting various things that they found around the inside of the house in order to make a nest for their babies. I'll bet they were going to make Kun-Kun part of their babies' bed, too, or something.
7:54 JUM I see. Certainly crows are known for collecting weird things.
7:57 Suiseiseki That's Souseiseki for you! As you older sister, I'm so proud!
8:02 Hinaichigo Souseiseki, you're awesome! You're like a real Kun-Kun!
8:08 Souseiseki E-eh? A-ah, no, I'm not really all that...
8:17 JUM Hm? What's the matter with you, Shinku, falling silent like that?
8:20 [Smack!]
8:21 JUM Ow-! W-what did I...?!
8:25 Shinku Anyway, it's as punishment. Well, Kun-Kun has been found. Now the case is closed.
8:34 All Hurray! Hurray!
8:37 Souseiseki But, something kind of worries me.
8:39 Suiseiseki What's wrong? Is there something else left?
8:42 Souseiseki It's just that, in the end, I wonder what Suigintou came here for?
8:47 Shinku Oh... Now that you mention it...
8:50 [Music stops.]

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