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Track 8 - "Humans ~Shinku~"

Detektiv - Humans - Top Picture

June 1st, cloudy.

I wonder how much time has passed since I awakened. To us dolls of the Rozen Maidens, awakening is a signal announcing the start of the Alice Game. Or so it should be, but... since coming to this house, sometimes I forget all about that. What a problem. My inattentive servant Jun, and his attentive yet somewhat witless older sister Nori... these two are the cause of that situation. They took from me both my elegant lifestyle and the word "boredom".

I have never known another Medium as unmannered as Jun. He constantly forgets my orders and talks back to me... and Nori is unable to make a decent cup of tea no matter how long she tries. Brother and sister both are such hopeless creatures. And yet, they are not entirely flawed. Jun's sewing was so wonderful, it touched me with its artfulness. Even Nori, while her tea is lukewarm, has considerable skill at cooking.

Yes, that is what it means to be human... They are surely not perfect, but they each have their respective things that make them shine. No matter how much you look at them, humans are so interesting.

However, there are some things I'd like to tell Jun someday. "Apologize to me more often." "Do your scandalous talk somewhere that people won't hear it." "Stop making clackety noises all of the time in front of that 'PC', or whatever it's called." "Air out your room occasionally." "Be quiet in the middle of the night." "And, don't tell anyone about that business with the toilet... If you tell anyone, you understand what will happen to you, don't you?"

Oh my goodness, it's already three minutes past nine. Well then, good night.

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