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Track 9 - "Dream Diary ~Hinaichigo~"

Detektiv - Dream Diary - Top Picture

June 10, sunny!

Since this morning the weather's been nice! Hina got up early and helped Nori with laundry and stuff! Hina is a hard worker! While I was drying the laundry with Nori, some kitties gathered in the garden and started rolling around. They all looked like they felt so good! But, but, when I was watching jealously, I got laughed at by Suiseiseki. "You're such a child, as always," she said. Hmph! That's not true! Hina's a fine Lady now! Suiseiseki, who's always playing weird pranks, is more childish after all! Don't you all think so too?

After breakfast, Nori went to that place called "school". When I was at Tomoe's house, and Tomoe went to school, Hina was all by herself and very lonely. But at this house there's Jun and Shinku. And, even though she teases me a little, Suiseiseki's here too, so I'm not lonely at all!

Shinku said that Hina and the others were made to play the Alice Game, but Hina doesn't care about that! Everyone drawing pictures, dancing, and playing is much more fun than any old Alice Game!

Now that I think of it, I had a dream last night. Hina was there, and Shinku was there, and Suiseiseki was there, and Souseiseki was there, and Jun and Nori were both there, and Tomoe was there, and and... [Giggle.] Suigintou was there together with us! It was a dream of us all playing together in a flower garden. When I told Suiseiseki, she made fun of me, but Shinku listened without laughing and said that it was a wonderful dream.

Right now, Hina's dream is only Hina's dream. But someday, I hope it will be everyone's dream.

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