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Track 2 - "Illness - Part 1"

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0:00 [Music starts.]
0:01 [Approaching footsteps.]
0:02 Nori Sorry to keep you waiting, everybody~! Breakfast is ready~!
0:06 Hinaichigo Yaay! Flower-shaped fried eggs, sunny-side up!
0:11 Suiseiseki Thanks for the food ~desu!
0:13 Shinku Nori, the tea is lukewarm again today. Remake it.
0:17 Nori Ooh... I'm sorry...
0:18 [Music stops.]
0:21 [Door opens.]
0:22 JUM Good morning...
0:23 Hinaichigo Ah! Jun! Good morning ~na no!
0:26 Nori Oh dear, what's the matter? You seem unwell, somehow...
0:30 JUM Just a bit of a cold...
0:32 [Music starts.]
0:33 Nori Oh my god! Do you need some medicine?! Do you want something to eat?! Ohh, what should I do?!
0:40 Hinaichigo Nooo! Jun's gonna die!
0:42 Suiseiseki Th... th-th-th-there's no way you could die that easily ~desu! It's because you always study until so late at night that this kind of thing happens to you! "As you reap, so shall you sow" ~desu! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!
0:56 Shinku Suiseiseki. You're holding your fork upside-down.
0:59 Suiseiseki Ooh...
1:01 [Music stops.]
1:02 Shinku Calm down, everyone. Honestly, what a negligent servant, to shirk his duties so.
1:08 JUM S-shut up...
1:11 Nori What should we do? Would it be better for you to go to the hospital?
1:14 JUM You don't have to make such a big deal out of it. I'm gonna take some medicine and then rest.
1:18 Nori But...
1:19 JUM More importantly, don't you have a lacrosse match today? You're gonna be late.
1:24 Nori Jun-kun...
1:27 [Door opens.]
1:27 Nori I'll go, then, but... Everyone, please take care of Jun-kun, OK?
1:33 Shinku I have no choice.
1:34 Suiseiseki Just leave it to me ~desu!
1:36 Hinaichigo Hina will do her best, too!
1:39 Nori Well then, please do.
1:41 Shinku, Hinaichigo, and Suiseiseki Goodbye~!
1:43 [Door closes. Music begins.]
1:44 Shinku Suiseiseki, Hinaichigo. As I'm sure you realize, this is a problem for us all.
1:51 Suiseiseki You don't have to tell me that ~desu! The puny human is a Medium to all of us!
1:56 Hinaichigo I want him to get better fast!
1:59 Shinku Yes. Let's go then.
2:02 Hinaichigo and Suiseiseki Yeah!
2:03 [Music stops.]
2:05 JUM Ugh... Oh, man... I've got to get over this before it gets really bad...
2:11 [Door opens. Approaching footsteps.]
2:13 Shinku Jun, how are you doing?
2:16 JUM Fair, I guess. I think I've got a bit of a fever.
2:21 Hinaichigo Nooo! Pull yourself together, Jun!
2:25 JUM Don't make a big deal out of it. It's just a common cold, so it'll get better after I sleep.
2:29 Shinku Nevertheless, a sick person is a sick person. Though I do not wish it, as an exception this day only, I will do whatever you tell me to do.
2:38 JUM Eh?
2:39 Hinaichigo [Giggle.] To make you get better fast, we're gonna take good care of you!
2:45 Suiseiseki I really don't want to do this kind of thing, but I have no choice, so I'll nurse you back to health. Come on, tell me anything you want me to do and I'll do it ~desu!
2:55 JUM A-anything?
2:57 [Trill.]
2:57 Suiseiseki Of course! Don't hold back! Come on, come on!
3:03 JUM Then...
3:04 Shinku, Hinaichigo, and Suiseiseki Yes? Yes?
3:06 JUM ... Please leave me alone. I want to sleep.
3:10 Hinaichigo D'oh!
3:12 Suiseiseki W.. w... wha...
3:14 [Music starts.]
3:14 Suiseiseki What a thing to say! Having an attitude like that towards others who are trying to be humble?! Just who do you think you are?! [Screech.]
3:24 [Bonk.]
3:24 JUM O-ow...! S... stop it!
3:27 Suiseiseki Shut up! Toy with my sincerity, will you?! I won't forgive you any longer ~desu!
3:34 JUM Ow ow... I-I'm sorry, OK?! But right now, there's really nothing you can-- oof!
3:39 [Music stops.]
3:42 Suiseiseki Oh?
3:43 Hinaichigo He fell unconscious.
3:45 Shinku Oh my goodness! Jun? [Approaching footsteps.] Pull yourself together, Jun!
3:49 JUM Uhh... My fever... Suddenly I feel dizzy...
3:54 Suiseiseki Do...
3:54 [Music starts.]
3:55 Suiseiseki D-d-d-don't die ~desu! [Slap.] Open your eyes ~desu! [Slap.] If you fall asleep, you'll die ~desu! [Slap, slap.]
3:59 Hinaichigo Nooo!
4:00 Shinku Calm down, everyone! Suiseiseki, first we need to cool Jun off.
4:04 Suiseiseki I-I understand ~desu. Sui Dream!
4:07 [Splash.]
4:09 JUM [Strangled scream.]
4:10 Shinku You're overdoing it! Hinaichigo, warm him up.
4:13 Hinaichigo R-roger ~na no! Um um, warm, warm... There!
4:20 [Bonk.]
4:20 JUM Wah-!
4:21 Hinaichigo Cushions, and stuffed animals, and...! There...!
4:26 [Bonk.]
4:26 JUM St...!
4:28 Hinaichigo There!
4:28 [Bonk.]
4:29 JUM S-stop-!
4:30 Hinaichigo There~!
4:30 [Bonk.]
4:31 JUM Oof...
4:32 Shinku Stop it, Hinaichigo!
4:33 [Music stops.]
4:33 Hinaichigo Hweh?
4:34 JUM Oof... I can't breathe...
4:38 [Footsteps.]
4:40 Shinku Jun. Pull yourself together.
4:43 JUM [Sigh.] I'm saved.
4:46 Shinku Honestly... The both of you are so useless.
4:50 Suiseiseki W-what are you talking about ~desu?! You're not doing anything yourself, are you, other than self-importantly ordering people around!
4:56 [Music starts.]
4:57 Shinku What did you just say?
4:58 Suiseiseki You got a problem with that?!
4:59 Hinaichigo Don't! Fighting is a no-no!
5:02 Shinku Stay out of this.
5:03 Suiseiseki That's right! And anyway, Shinku, you act too much like a high-and-mighty senpai just because you came to this house a little bit earlier! Just who do you think you are?!
5:12 Shinku Oh my, so you intend to try and cover up your mistakes by criticizing others? How pathetic.
5:17 Suiseiseki N-now you've said it! I won't forgive you anymore ~desu! We'll settle this right here ~desu!
5:24 Shinku That's just fine with me.
5:25 JUM Y-you guys!
5:27 [Music stops.]
5:27 Souseiseki Ah-! Look out!
5:28 [Zoom.]
5:29 JUM Huh? Aagh-!
5:30 [Crash.]
5:33 Souseiseki [Sigh.] It finally stopped! I was just looking aside for a second, and then I was unable to stop it...
5:39 JUM Ugh...
5:41 Shinku Jun!
5:42 [Music starts.]
5:42 Souseiseki Huh?
5:43 Hinaichigo Jun... Jun is dead!
5:46 Souseiseki Eh?!
5:48 Suiseiseki Souseiseki! How dare you... How dare you do this?! Even as your twin, I won't forgive you ~desu!
5:56 Souseiseki C-calm down, everyone! I don't have the slightest idea what's going on, but...
6:00 Hinaichigo [Crying.] Jun is dead, and it's Souseiseki's fault!
6:06 [Music stops.]
6:07 JUM Ngh... Uhh... I-I'm not dead yet... But as for you guys...!
6:14 Shinku, Hinaichigo, and Suiseiseki Eh?
6:15 JUM All of you , GET THE HELL OUT!!
6:19 [Door opens.]
6:19 Shinku, Hinaichigo, and Suiseiseki [Scream.]
6:21 [Trill.]
6:24 Souseiseki I see. So Jun-kun caught a cold.
6:28 Shinku He's been having a tough time of it since this morning.
6:30 Souseiseki They say a cold is the source of all illness. If you think about it in simple terms, it's an awful thing.
6:36 Suiseiseki D-don't say strange things like that ~desu!
6:39 Souseiseki But it's the truth. He's got to get over this fast.
6:42 Shinku But you saw what happened before. Even though we said we would nurse him, we were refused.
6:48 Suiseiseki "GET THE HELL OUT!!" was just too much! We were just trying to be considerate of Jun! Right?
6:55 Souseiseki But I think it's unavoidable that he'd get angry when you make such a ruckus in front of him. So next time, how about caring for him one-by-one, in shifts?
7:05 Hinaichigo One-by-one?
7:06 [Trill. Music starts.]
7:07 Suiseiseki I see ~desu! If we do that, maybe he wouldn't get angry ~desu!
7:11 Shinku That sounds good. Let's proceed with that.
7:13 Hinaichigo Then, Hina will be first!
7:16 Suiseiseki How do you figure that ~desu?! Naturally, Suiseiseki deserves to have the top spot ~desu!
7:21 Souseiseki Y-yes?
7:22 Hinaichigo Then, then, let's all do rock-paper-scissors!
7:25 Suiseiseki Fine with me!
7:28 Shinku, Hinaichigo, and Suiseiseki Rock... paper... scissors!
7:31 [Music stops.]
7:33 JUM [Sigh.] Man, am I beat. Those guys just don't understand how to be discreet...
7:41 [Knock.]
7:42 JUM Yeah?
7:43 [Door opens.]
7:44 Hinaichigo Jun? Um, uh, I'm sorry about before ~na no.
7:51 JUM Mm... That's OK. So, did you want something?
7:56 Hinaichigo Well you see, we were all talking, and we decided to take care of you in shifts. And Hina was first!
8:05 JUM Huh?
8:06 Hinaichigo Hina will do anything you want, so just say anything!
8:10 JUM T-that's OK, you don't especially have to do anything.
8:13 Hinaichigo Unyuu... That's no good. I want to do something for you!
8:18 JUM Even if you say so... Anyway, right now I want to sleep.
8:24 Hinaichigo Ah! Then Hina will sing you a lullaby! I'm gonna keep singing until you fall asleep!
8:31 [Music starts.]
8:31 JUM Eh?! No, please don't do that!
8:34 Hinaichigo It's OK, it's OK! [Singing:] Sleep, sleep peacefully little boys and girls~!
8:49 JUM I'm telling you...
8:52 Hinaichigo [Singing:] Jun is a good boy~... [Yawn.] Sleep... sleep... slee... p...
9:14 [Thump.]
9:16 JUM Hm? What happened?
9:18 [Music stops. Door opens.]
9:19 Suiseiseki [Footsteps.] Hey, Hinaichigo! How long do you intend to take?! Hurry up and change shifts ~desu!
9:24 Hinaichigo [Snore.]
9:28 Suiseiseki O-oh?
9:30 JUM She insisted on singing a lullaby, and ended up falling asleep herself. What did she even come in here for?
9:36 Suiseiseki Honestly, she's such a useless one! After all, Suiseiseki's the only one you can depend on! Come on, as an exception just for today, don't hold back and tell me whatever it is that you want me to do ~desu!
9:48 JUM So you say, but you're plotting something again, aren't you?
9:52 [Music starts.]
9:52 Suiseiseki Ha...! How dare you speak to me that way! And after I said I would take care of you!
9:59 JUM Eh?
10:00 Suiseiseki N... N-n-n-not that I particularly care what happens to you! B... but but, for you to be struck down like this, it would just be sad, it would cause trouble and stuff... A-anyway, it would be a problem for you to be struck down ~desu! So take it easy and care for your health, you bastard ~desu!
10:20 JUM A-all right. I'm sorry that I doubted you.
10:23 Suiseiseki
Y-yes... Just so long as you understand.
10:27 JUM It's just so unusual, though, for you to be taking such good care of me.
10:33 Suiseiseki Wha...! W-w-w-w... What are you talking about?! I told you, I'm making an exception just for today! Don't get so full of yourself ~desu!
10:44 [Bonk.]
10:44 JUM Eh-! What the heck are you doing, you violent doll?!
10:49 Suiseiseki Grr...! I changed my mind ~desu! Hurry up and die, you wimp ~desu!
10:56 Hinaichigo Weh? Is it snack time?
11:00 Suiseiseki Hinaichigo, you're leaving with us ~desu.
11:02 Hinaichigo Hweh?
11:04 Suiseiseki Hmph!
11:05 [Door slams. Music stops.]
11:06 JUM Uhh... What's with those guys?
11:10 [Trill.]
11:12 [Clink.]
11:12 Shinku And so you came back at that point? I see you're as rash as ever.
11:16 Suiseiseki S... S-shut up ~desu! That loser can just die right now for all I care!
11:22 Souseiseki You're being dishonest with your own feelings.
11:24 [Bang.]
11:24 Suiseiseki Did you say something?!
11:25 Souseiseki No, not in particular. Um, wasn't it your turn next, Shinku?
11:30 Shinku Never mind me. Jun has been angered enough already. Also...
11:36 Souseiseki Also?
11:39 Shinku Also, a servant of mine ought to be capable of overcoming something like this on his own.
11:44 Souseiseki [Sigh.] Everyone's so dishonest with their own feelings. [Chuckle.]

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