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Track 3 - "Illness - Part 2"

Illness - Part 2 - Top 1
Illness - Part 2 - Top 2

0:00 [Trill.]
0:02 JUM [Sigh.] Quiet at last. Please, behave yourselves at a time like this! ... Now I think of it, I think this is the first time it's been this quiet since those guys came here. ... Feels kinda weird. Isn't the next one gonna come?
0:27 Suigintou Oh my~, are you ill today~?
0:31 JUM [Grunt.]
0:32 [Swoop. Music starts.]
0:33 Suigintou [Giggle.] Hello~!
0:37 JUM Suigintou! You're alive?!
0:42 Suigintou Oh my, what a scary face~! [Giggle.] In that condition, you couldn't fight even if you wanted to, could you? With her Medium having come to this, it's all over for Shinku, isn't it~?
0:53 JUM What?!
0:55 Suigintou Relax. I didn't particularly come here today in order to fight.
1:00 JUM Eh? Then, what the heck did you come here for?
1:03 Suigintou Let's see~... [Giggle.] Shall we say, just on a whim~?
1:10 JUM What do you mean by that?
1:12 Suigintou But, you look so stupid~. Humans are truly such weak creatures, aren't they? They all get ill...
1:20 JUM "All"?
1:23 Suigintou ... Just talking to myself. More importantly...
1:27 JUM Eh?
1:29 [Music stops.]
1:29 Suigintou Um... How is K... Kun-Kun...?
1:37 JUM ... Hah?
1:39 [Music starts.]
1:39 Suigintou I-I mean, I'm asking you, how is Kun-Kun doing after DVD File 8?!
1:45 JUM Uh.. yeah, if I recall correctly, by now they've released up to File 16, and I think he's doing as well as ever...
1:52 Suigintou I see! ... Ah... I-it's not particularly as if I want to see the rest of it! W-why are you looking at me like that?! Are you trying to say that I'm crazy for Kun-Kun or something?!
2:04 JUM Are you?
2:06 Suigintou Ah... O-oh my, you fool~! There's no way that a proud doll of the Rozen Maidens such as myself would fall in love with the likes of a mere dog detective~! How truly... stupid...!
2:21 [Takes flight. Music stops.]
2:23 JUM What, you're leaving?
2:25 Suigintou I didn't really have any business here. But remember this.
2:33 [Music starts.]
2:33 Suigintou The next time that I come, I'm going to take Shinku's Roza Mystica.
2:39 JUM So you're going to fight again, after all?
2:42 Suigintou Isn't it obvious? That is the purpose for which we were created.
2:47 [Takes flight.]
2:48 JUM Suigintou...
2:51 [Music changes.]
2:56 [Flying sound. Swoop.]
3:00 Megu Oh, Suigintou. You came to see me.
3:04 Suigintou You've got nothing to do with it.
3:06 Megu [Sigh.] Oh, yes. Today one of the nurses put this thing in here. It's a weird stuffed dog.
3:16 [Music stops.]
3:16 Suigintou [Gasp.] That's...! [Trill.] Kun-Kun!
3:20 Megu Eh?
3:21 Suigintou [Stammers. Hums casually.] So?
3:27 Megu It's like she said, you must be lonely all of the time, so I'll put this in here for you to have someone to talk to... [Chuckle.] Isn't that dumb? It's not as if I'm a child anymore, to be talking to things like stuffed animals.
3:47 Suigintou Yes.
3:49 Megu So I don't need this. I'm going to throw it away.
3:52 [Music starts.]
3:53 Suigintou Wa...! W-wait!
3:55 Megu Eh?
3:56 Suigintou [Stammers.] I... I'll... go throw it away for you.
4:04 Megu ... You will?... Please do, then.
4:08 [Hands it over.]
4:09 Suigintou Ahh, Kun-Kun~!
4:13 Megu Suigintou...?
4:15 Suigintou [Stammers.] W... well then, I just remembered something I had to do, so...
4:23 Megu Yes? Bye, then.
4:25 [Takes flight.]
4:28 Suigintou [Laughs.] Ahh, Kun-Kun~!
4:34 [Music stops.]
4:36 JUM In the end, what did Suigintou come here for? These Rozen Maiden dolls are nothing but weirdos.
4:44 [Knock.]
4:45 JUM Who is it?
4:46 [Door opens.]
4:47 Tomoe Hello.
4:48 JUM K-Kashiwaba! W-why did you come here?
4:52 [Door closes. Approaching footsteps.]
4:52 Tomoe I had come by to bring Hinaichigo some strawberry rice cakes, when I heard that you had caught a cold and collapsed... Anyway, though, what an awful mess it is in here.
5:00 JUM T-those guys did this!
5:02 [Clink.]
5:03 Tomoe At any rate, I made you some rice gruel. And if there's anything else you need, just tell me. I'll go and buy it later.
5:10 JUM T-that's OK! I'll be fine now.
5:13 [Trill.]
5:15 Hinaichigo Jun and Tomoe have kind of a good mood going!
5:19 Suiseiseki This isn't funny ~desu! She ended up doing all of the things that we were trying to do ~desu!
5:26 [Ominous music starts.]
5:26 Shinku Tomoe... What a fearsome girl...
5:30 [Music stops.]
5:30 Souseiseki Shinku... So you were worried too and came to spy on him...
5:34 Kanaria Fufufufufufu! I see you're all together ~kashira, every-everybody!
5:39 Shinku [Gasp.] That voice...!
5:41 [Music starts.]
5:42 Kanaria Ufufu-no-fu! I don't know who first called me this, but certainly the wise and, as you know, maidenly boss of the Rozen Maidens, Kanaria-sama has appeared!
5:56 Shinku [Sigh.] Not you again.
5:59 Suiseiseki Would you knock it off already ~desu!
6:01 Souseiseki You don't know when to quit, do you.
6:02 Kanaria Uh-! Oh my, what an awful thing to say ~kashira!
6:06 Hinaichigo Ooh, we're busy! We want you to go back home today!
6:11 Kanaria Fufu, I know! Your Medium caught a cold and collapsed, hasn't he!
6:17 Shinku [Gasp.] How do you know that?
6:19 Kanaria Ohohoho! Kana knows everything ~kashira! Well, now that your Medium's knocked out, I'll destroy you guys all at once ~kashira! Say your prayers-!
6:30 Shinku Holie!
6:31 [Zap. Fall.]
6:31 Kanaria Ooh~! T-that was a cheap shot ~kashira! You should listen all the way until the end!
6:36 [Rush.]
6:36 Suiseiseki Healthily and carefree!
6:39 [Splash.]
6:40 Kanaria [Whine.]
6:42 Suiseiseki Ha! The one who makes the first move wins ~desu!
6:45 Souseiseki Kanaria, everyone's a little excitable today, so it would be better if you came back another time.
6:50 Kanaria [Whine.] It's my 698th failure ~kashira!
6:55 [Music stops. Crash.]
6:57 Dolls Ah?!
6:59 Barasuishou Shinku...
7:00 Shinku [Gasp.] Barasuishou!
7:03 [Weird noise. Music starts.]
7:04 Dolls Noooo~!
7:10 Shinku An N-Field...
7:12 Barasuishou Let us begin... the Alice Game...
7:15 Suiseiseki Don't speak to me with such impudence ~desu! I'll defeat your challenge ~desu! Sui Dream!
7:20 [Splash.]
7:23 Suiseiseki [Gasp.] She deflected it ~desu!
7:26 Barasuishou [Chuckle.] Weak...
7:28 Souseiseki Could it be because Jun-kun's strength has fallen...?!
7:31 Shinku It certainly seems that way.
7:33 [Tinkling sound.]
7:35 Laplace Oh my, it certainly seems that the situation today is different from the usual. Will numbers triumph over strength? Or will, on the other hand, strength prevail? This interests me.
7:49 Souseiseki Laplace's Demon!
7:50 Suiseiseki Butt out ~desu! You meddlesome rabbit!
7:54 Laplace It is said that there's nothing to gain by losing one's temper, and that haste makes waste. Here now, the one you are fighting is not I.
8:02 Shinku [Gasp.]
8:03 [Rush. Fighting sounds.]
8:06 Suiseiseki [Scream.]
8:09 Hinaichigo Nooo~! There are a ton of arrows coming~!
8:14 Kanaria Ahh~, I shouldn't have come today ~kashira!
8:18 Suiseiseki Getting so full of yourself...! I won't forgive any more of this! Sui Drea-!
8:23 Souseiseki Wait, Suiseiseki! If you use your power, Jun-kun's body will...!
8:27 Suiseiseki Ah-!
8:28 [Fighting.]
8:31 Kanaria Nooo, Shinku, what are we going to do ~kashira?!
8:36 Souseiseki At this rate, we'll all end up killed!
8:38 Shinku [Gasp.]
8:40 Barasuishou This should finish you...!
8:41 [Attack and clashing sounds.]
8:42 [Music stops.]
8:43 Dolls [Scream.]
8:44 [Thwip.]
8:47 Barasuishou [Gasp.] What is...?
8:49 Shinku [Gasp.]
8:49 [Music starts.]
8:51 Suiseiseki [Grunt.]
8:54 Hinaichigo [Grunt] ~na no!
8:57 Souseiseki Shinku! Suiseiseki! Hinaichigo!
9:00 Laplace Hoho~! Can you stop that attack?
9:05 Shinku A Medium is not merely an energy source. He fights together with us, and his existence increases our strength.
9:14 Suiseiseki Eh... Jun, too, is... fighting against his illness ~desu!
9:18 Hinaichigo We've got to try our best too!
9:22 Suiseiseki Souseiseki!
9:24 Souseiseki Got it! [Yell.]
9:26 Suiseiseki Kanaria?
9:27 Kanaria Impact Concerto! [Violin playing.]
9:31 Barasuishou How... How are Shinku and the others able to fight?
9:39 Laplace Splendid! You have shown me a fine sight! Strong feelings overcome adversity and become a source of great power. Indeed, this is what should be called the power of bonds.
9:55 Barasuishou M... Bonds...?
10:00 Shinku Barasuishou!
10:02 Suiseiseki You're running away?! Hold it right there ~desu!
10:05 Laplace Young ladies, the play is not over yet. You may amuse yourselves during the intermission. I'll be eagerly anticipating the next occasion.
10:17 Shinku If possible, I'd rather never see you again.
10:20 Laplace Oh, how scathing! Then, farewell.
10:25 [Tinkling noise. Music stops.]
10:28 [Footsteps. Door opens.]
10:31 Shinku Jun!
10:32 Tomoe It's you guys...
10:34 Hinaichigo Tomoe! Is Jun OK?!
10:36 Tomoe Yes... He suddenly felt some pain... But now he's calmed down and sleeping.
10:42 Shinku I see...
10:43 Suiseiseki It was because of that fighting after all...
10:47 Shinku Tomoe... You should go home now.
10:51 Tomoe Eh?
10:52 Shinku We'll tend to him from this point on. This is something that we must do.
11:01 Tomoe Shinku...
11:03 [Train passing by.]
11:06 Micchan I'm home~! Kana, today I bought you the cutest little gift! [Rustling of paper bag.] Hurry up and change into... Oh?
11:15 Kanaria Welcome home, Micchan...
11:18 Micchan Kana, what's the matter? You seem down...
11:22 Kanaria Yeah, a little... Say, Micchan?
11:26 Micchan Hm?
11:27 Kanaria Today, Kana used a little bit of power. Micchan, did you get tired at all ~kashira?
11:36 Micchan Hmm... Certainly, the ring got hot, and a little power drained out of me, but...
11:43 Kanaria I see... Maybe it'd be better if I didn't use so much power after all ~kashira.
11:49 Micchan Kana... you... KANAA~!
11:53 [Glomp. Music starts.]
11:56 Kanaria Oof-!
11:57 Micchan [Crying.] You were concerned for me, weren't you?! How sweet of you! Oh, you're so cuuute! [Pinch.] I love, love-love, LOVE you, Kana! Now I'm never going to let you go~!
12:10 Kanaria Nooo, Micchan, my cheeks are burning up~!
12:16 [Music stops.]
12:18 [Knock. Door opens.]
12:20 Nori Shinku-chan? How is Jun-kun?
12:24 Shinku Sleeping. His fever seems to have come down, more or less.
12:28 Nori It has? Thank goodness~!
12:31 Hinaichigo [Snoring.]
12:37 Suiseiseki Mm... I'm gonna eat some more ~desu...
12:40 Nori Oh my! ... Shinku-chan, isn't it about time for you to go to bed, too?
12:45 Shinku I'm fine. I'll watch his condition a little longer.
12:50 Nori You will? Well then, good night.
12:53 Shinku Good night.
12:55 [Door closes.]
12:57 JUM [Murmurs.]
13:02 Shinku Jun...
13:04 [Music starts.]
13:07 Nori Sorry to keep everyone waiting~! Breakfast is ready~!
13:12 Hinaichigo [Yawn.] ... Is Jun not feeling well again?
13:16 Suiseiseki Honestly, after we nursed him so warmly like that...! Really, what a sickly old weakling!
13:23 Shinku Suiseiseki, you're holding your spoon upside-down.
13:26 Suiseiseki [Whimper.]
13:28 JUM Good morning.
13:29 Hinaichigo Ah! Jun!
13:31 Suiseiseki Y-you're awake?!
13:34 Nori Is your cold better?
13:36 JUM Yeah, I feel fine after having a good night's sleep.
13:39 Hinaichigo I'm so glad! I thought you were gonna die!
13:42 JUM You're exaggerating.
13:44 Suiseiseki Honestly, worrying us like that needlessly! From now on, take care that nothing like this ever happens again ~desu!
13:51 JUM Yeah, yeah.
13:53 Shinku However...
13:54 JUM Eh?
13:56 Shinku ... I'm glad that you're well again.
13:58 JUM Shinku...
14:00 Shinku Nori! Get me another cup of tea. At once.
14:02 Nori Y-yes~!
14:04 Shinku Oh? Where is my croissant? Hinaichigo! You ate it just now, didn't you!
14:10 Hinaichigo Suiseiseki's the one who ate it!
14:13 Suiseiseki Y-y-y-you're wrong ~desu! A mysterious life-form came down from the ceiling and...!
14:17 JUM Liar.
14:18 Suiseiseki Ahh~! Shut up, you convalescent!
14:21 JUM What?!
14:23 Nori Sorry to keep you waiting~! Here's you fresh cup of tea~!

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