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Track 5 - "Suiseiseki's First Errand"

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0:00 [Music starts.]
0:01 Suiseiseki "Suiseiseki's First Errand".
0:04 [Music stops.]
0:05 [Door opens.]
0:07 Suiseiseki W-well then, I'm off ~desu.
0:10 Hinaichigo Bye~!
0:12 Souseiseki Are you sure you'll be OK by yourself? If it's just a letter, I'll go mail it for you.
0:17 Suiseiseki N-no thanks! Mailing a letter or three is no big deal ~desu! I'm just gonna zip out and chuck it in the mailbox ~desu!
0:24 Shinku Be careful, Suiseiseki. The outside world is full of danger!
0:28 Suiseiseki I'll be fine! Even Hinaichigo performed this task by herself ~desu. There's no way that I, the Rozen Maiden most gifted in both intelligence and beauty, could fail ~desu!
0:39 [Footsteps.]
0:39 Suiseiseki Well then, I'll be going ~desu!
0:41 [Door closes.]
0:42 Souseiseki But, I wonder why she suddenly said again that she was going to go mail a letter?
0:51 [Music starts.]
0:52 Suiseiseki Sneak-sneak... Sneak-sneak-sneak... T-there's no one here. [Sigh.] It's such a pain getting around without using my box to fly in ~desu. But, even that Hinachigo was able to go outside on her own ~desu. There's no way that Suiseiseki couldn't do it ~desu!
1:14 [Swoop.]
1:15 Cat [Hiss!]
1:16 Suiseiseki Aaaah! Waaaah!
1:19 Cat [Screech!]
1:25 Suiseiseki Noooo! W-why should a mere cat have to screech at me so?! B-but I'm not scared ~desu. I-I'll be perfectly fine on my own ~desu
1:41 [Skip.]
1:41 Suiseiseki La-lalalalalala~! Ah?
1:43 [Car zooms by.]
1:45 Suiseiseki [Yell.]
1:48 [Siren. Another car zooms by.]
1:48 Cop You there, in the car! Stop at once!
1:51 Suiseiseki W... what's that?!
1:54 Drunk [Unintelligible drunk mumbling.]
2:00 Suiseiseki Eeeeeek!
2:02 Cat [Snarl!]
2:04 Bum Hey, come back here! You're going to be my dinner tonight!
2:08 Suiseiseki Aaaaah-! I-it's just as Shinku says! The outside world is full of danger! B-but, if I go home now, it will mean that I lost to Hinaichigo ~desu. I've got to mail this letter, no matter what... O-oh? Is that...? That's it!
2:35 [Music stops. Rustling of bushes.]
2:37 Tomoe [Giggle.] I wonder if Hinaichigo will be happy with these new type of strawberry rice cakes?
2:44 Suiseiseki [Weird voice.] You there, human~! Wait ~desu!
2:49 [Music starts.]
2:49 Tomoe Uh-?! W-who is it?!
2:52 Suiseiseki [Weird voice.] Just now, I have put a most fearsome curse upon you! If you want to break this spell, then you must do as Sui- ah, I mean, as I say ~desu!
3:06 Tomoe Curse?
3:08 Suiseiseki [Weird voice.] Go and mail this at once ~desu!
3:11 [Rustle.]
3:12 Tomoe A letter?
3:14 Suiseiseki [Weird voice.] Do you understand? Go and chuck it in the mailbox right away ~desu! Oh-hohohohohoho!
3:25 [Music stops.]
3:26 Tomoe What was that about? ... Oh? This letter is...
3:32 [Trill.]
3:34 Suiseiseki So anyway, it was a most dreadful adventure ~desu. But for Suiseiseki, it was a piece of cake ~desu!
3:40 Souseiseki Wow, that's amazing!
3:43 Shinku You're quite capable, Suiseiseki.
3:45 Hinaichigo You're great! You're great!
3:46 Suiseiseki Oh-hohohoho! Of course! For the flawless, impeccable, perfect Suiseiseki, nothing is impossible!
3:54 [Door opens.]
3:55 Shinku Oh, Jun. What's the matter?
3:56 [Door closes.]
3:57 JUM It's a letter addressed to me. Kashiwaba brought it...
4:01 [Music starts.]
4:01 Suiseiseki Ehhhh-?!
4:02 JUM It seems someone just suddenly handed her this letter and told her to go mail it, but since it was addressed to me, she brought it here directly.
4:12 Souseiseki I see. So that's how it was.
4:15 Shinku Some great adventure, Suiseiseki.
4:18 Suiseiseki U-u-u-umm, uh, that is...
4:21 JUM But who is this letter from? Hm, the return address says...
4:26 Suiseiseki Daaaa-!
4:27 [Charge. Grab.]
4:28 JUM Ow! What are you doing?!
4:30 Suiseiseki Oho... oho... Oh-hohohohoho! I'll dispose of this suspicious letter ~desu! Bye ~desu!
4:41 [Receding footsteps.]
4:43 JUM Ah... What was that about?
4:47 Shinku I've no idea.
4:48 Suiseiseki Ooh...! I may have failed this time, but next time I'm sure to make it succeed ~desu! I swear I'll give him a letter filled with my heartfelt feelings ~desu!
5:01 [Music stops.]

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