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Track 6 - "Kun-Kun versus Laplace's Demon"

Kun-Kun versus Laplace's Demon - Top 1 Kun-Kun versus Laplace's Demon - Top 2

0:00 [Music starts.]
0:00 Kun-Kun "Kun-Kun versus..."!
0:02 Laplace "... Laplace's Demon".
0:04 [Music stops.]
0:05 [Echoing footsteps.]
0:06 Kun-Kun Where am I?! It's an awfully creepy place... (sniff, sniff-sniff, sniff-sniff...) Hm! I smell some kind of suspicious odor! (Sniff! Sniff-sniff-sniff!)
0:18 [Tinkling sound.]
0:20 Laplace My my, what a rare guest.
0:24 Kun-Kun Wah-! Who are you?!
0:27 Laplace Enticed by a mysterious scent, this evening a clever gentleman makes an appearance, is it? [Chuckle.] How do you do. People call me "Laplace's Demon". I am most pleased to make your acquaintance, Detective Kun-Kun.
0:48 Kun-Kun You know who I am?!
0:51 Laplace But of course. Rumors of your exploits have run far and wide, making their way even to me. The great Detective Kun-Kun, who faces down evil completely. [Laugh.] I had always hoped to meet you someday.
1:12 Kun-Kun Ahh! You don't have to go that far. You're making me blush!
1:17 Laplace And yet, I don't feel as if you are a stranger to me.
1:22 [Music starts.]
1:23 Laplace Though this is the first we've met, I can't help but feel... as if we have known one another since long ago.
1:32 Kun-Kun Me too! Especially your voice... Just hearing it somehow makes me feel happy, it's so manly and cool... It's a cool, cool, wonderful voice!
1:49 [Music swells.]
1:50 Laplace Your own voice, itself, is overflowing with intelligence, and yet hides kindness within... At times sharp, and at times... warm... It strums the strings of my heart. [Chuckle.] Yes... just like the finest canzone.
2:10 Kun-Kun Laplace... I feel as if you and I could become good friends!
2:14 [Music stops.]
2:16 Laplace That would be the pinnacle of honor for me. And yet...
2:20 [Music starts.]
2:20 Laplace I'd like to get to know you better. I am afflicted by an urge to make you all mine.
2:33 Kun-Kun Ehhh?! Wha... what are you-?!
2:37 Laplace Don't be afraid. This is a ceremony, for times when one must leap over that difficult-to-overcome wall between strangers. One that will forge strong, passionate bonds between us. Yes... people call this, "love".
3:00 Kun-Kun Ah... ah... Laplace...
3:06 Laplace Kun-Kun...
3:07 Kun-Kun Laplace...
3:09 Laplace Kun-Kun...
3:11 Kun-Kun Kun-Kun...
3:13 Laplace Laplace... Ah, oops, got that backwards * ... Kun-Kun... Kun-Kun!
(* Kun-Kun and Laplace's Demon are played by the same voice actor.)
3:21 Kun-Kun Laplace! Laplace! Ahh... ahh...!
3:33 [Music changes.]
3:35 Kun-Kun Alright! All of the mysteries have been resolved! That closes the case!
3:41 [Music stops.]
3:42 Shinku [Giggle.] As expected of Kun-Kun! Today as well, his reasoning was splendid!
3:47 JUM But... don't you think Kun-Kun was somehow weird today?
3:52 Shinku Eh?
3:52 [Music starts.]
3:52 Kun-Kun If you see any kind of crimes committed around you, honeybuns, just come right to little old~... er, ahem, right to me, OK~~? *
[* Kun-Kun is letting very feminine-style dialect slip into his speech.]
4:04 Shinku ... Certainly his voice seems somehow, coquettish, doesn't it?
4:10 JUM I wonder what happened?
4:12 Kun-Kun Well then, darlings, watch again next weeKun-Ku~~n!
4:21 [Music stops.]

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