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Track 3 - "It's 'Question-and-Answer'"

[Music starts.]
Suigintou: [Echoing voice:] "Suigintou's 'Koyoi mo Ennu~i' - Christmas Special".
[Music changes.]
Suigintou: Welcome back again. I'm Suigintou.
Megu: Welcome back again. I'm Megu Kakizaki. Since today is what they're calling a Christmas Special, we're broadcasting to you now from a hot springs resort.
Suigintou: Honestly. What the hell's with following me here on my day off? Staff, remember this!
Megu: By the way, Suigintou?
Suigintou: What?
Megu: Because we've just gotten out of the hot spring, I tried on a yukata. What do you think?
Suigintou: Hmm~? Oh, I see.
Megu: What... do... you... think~?
Suigintou: I... it looks nice on you, I guess?
Megu: It does? I'm so glad.
Suigintou: [Sigh.]
Megu: Suigintou - aren't you going to put one on - a yukata?
Suigintou: There's no way you'll get me into one of those.
Megu: Then, how about a Santa suit?
Suigintou: Huh~? A "Santa suit"~?
Megu: Oh come on now, that outfit that Santa Claus wears. Don't you think that a "Santa-Girl Suigintou" would be moe?
Suigintou: M... moe...?
Megu: Yes. I think it'd go over pretty well.
Suigintou: I... I can't imagine. A... anyway, there's no way that I, a proud Rozen Maiden, would wear something created by a person other than Father!
Megu: But, I think it would definitely look nice on you.
Suigintou: M... make that face all you want, but I said no and I mean no. I refuse - refuse!
Megu: You do? That's too bad. [Chuckle.]
Suigintou: H-hmph! H-hurry up and read a letter!
Megu: Okaaay... This letter comes to us from Medium Name "I'm Called 'Micchan' By Kana"-san. ... "Hello. I always enjoy listening together with Kana. It's nearly Christmas, isn't it? How are the two of you going to spend your Christmas ~kashira? Parenthesis, I've caught that '~kashira' speech mannerism from Kana. Eeek!"
Suigintou: [Groan.]
Megu: "Music note. Close parenthesis. I'm arranging a photo-shoot party where I'll have Kana wear all sorts of outfits. I'm including a few of the photos of her wearing the outfits, okay? Isn't my Kana cute? I can't wait for what happens now. P.S.: I plan to invite other dolls besides Kana. Tee-hee-hee! I'll be waiting ~kashira! Music note." ...is what she says, Suigintou.
Suigintou: Whaaat are these photos supposed to be of? Kanaria? And, is this supposed to be Kanaria's Medium?
Megu: So it seems. But, there's such a huge quantity of them. She wrote that these are just "a few", but... Ha! In this photo, she's wearing a Santa suit!
Suigintou: Eh? Let me see that... Ahh, so this is... Whaaat, that doesn't look good on her at all~! After all, rather than by a little kid, this should be worn by more of a sexy, "older sister" type of character, don't you think~?
Megu: I agree. It would look better on you, Suigintou. I think you'd definitely look cute in it.
Suigintou: ... Megu.
Megu: What?
Suigintou: I swear I'm not putting it on.
Megu: [Giggle.]
Suigintou: But what's with her, so weakly being forced to wear this and that sort of thing? Does this girl have no sense of pride~? Honestly, she has no right to call herself a Rozen Maiden! Kanaria, I'm going to take your Rosa Mystica from you~! [Laughter.] Rest assured~!
Megu: Say, Suigintou? It's written here that you're invited to the photo-shoot party, but...
Suigintou: There's no way that I'd attend such a thing! Honestly, it's so stupid.
Megu: I agree. Really, it's so stupid. Because, you're going to spend Christmas with me.
Suigintou: ... Eh...?
Megu: [Giggle.] I can hardly wait.
Suigintou: [Nervous laughter.]
Megu: [Laughter.]
Suigintou: ... [Weakly:] W-well then, next...
Megu: This is from Medium Name "Delicious-Seeming Place Of Honor"-san.
Suigintou: Thanks.
Megu: "Gin-sama, Megu, Ennu~i Christmas."
Suigintou: Ennu~i Christmas...
Megu: "On the last 'Megu's "Happy Medical Exam Room"', the astrological forecast corner was very fun. Please, by all means, continue this corner. Megu is cool."
Suigintou: On what the hell grounds do you call her cool? I totally can't understand it, though, that kind of fortune-telling.
Megu: That fortune-telling? Ah, Suigintou, could it be that it didn't come true very well for you?
Suigintou: Of course it didn't. You aren't going to tell me you plan to do it this time, too, are you?
Megu: Well, Suigintou, to meet your expectations...
Suigintou: [Gasp.]
Megu: ... I'll do it again this time, too. Look forward to it.
Suigintou: FATHER!! [Crying.] ... Ahh... Well, next... This one comes to us from Medium Name "Lactic Acid Bacteria Antibody"-san. Thanks. "Gin-sama, good evening. Lately it seems that you haven't been standing up to Megu, but, is it all right that Gin-sama - proud first doll of the Rozen Maidens - should be treated in such an offhand manner by a mere human Medium? Please, here's where you should tell her off." That's right! Megu! Don't you think you've been getting a little bit full of yourself lately? You're my servant, so please refrain a little more from causing me so much trouble! ... O-okay? Do you understand?
Megu: Oh? Suigintou?
Suigintou: What?
Megu: Is it all right for you to be saying that sort of thing to me?
Suigintou: ...?
Megu: [Chuckle.]
Suigintou: [Nervous breathing.] I retract my previous statement. ... Grr... Let's move on to the next!
Megu: Medium Name Kazuppe-san. "Gin-chan, how do you do."
Suigintou: "Gin-chan"?! ... How do you do...
Megu: "In the two previous CDs so far, my beloved Hina-chan still hasn't made an appearance. When will you call her into the studio as a guest? I'm expecting next time for sure to be able to hear a talk between Gin-chan and Hina-chan, and I'll be waiting with anticipation for it to go on sale."
Suigintou: Hinaichigo~?! If she were to come as a guest, I'd eat her instead of the strawberry on top of her shortcake~! [Laughter.]
Megu: [Laughter.] Ahh...
Suigintou: Right?
Megu: Delicious.
Suigintou: Delicious~! Seconds, please~! ... Next. This comes from Medium Name Puniyo. "Gin-sama, is there anyone about whom you think, 'I can't measure up to her~'? I think that I could never measure up to you, Gin-sama." Let's see~. Lately I've been thinking... that maybe I... couldn't measure up to Megu... [Shiver.] After all, that Megu... Megu, even though she's my Medium... SHE'S SO BLACK-HEARTED~! [Sobbing.]
Megu: Ah, Suigintou?
Suigintou: What...
Megu: Did you just say something?
Suigintou: [Breathing nervously.] I didn't say anything. [Sob.] ... Shall we move on to the next one?! ... This letter is from Medium Name... Huh? ... "Hinaisago"? ...-san. What's this? Such sloppy handwriting... But, what is this person thinking, sending in a picture to a radio program? But, it's really not possible that-
Megu: It's magnificent! What an avant-garde drawing!
Suigintou: Eh?
Megu: [Breathlessly:] This dynamic sketching, and this subtle yet bold use of color resulting in such a unique contrast... Truly, it is a mixture of dreams with reality... The emotion and inner feelings flowing at the artist's roots are masterfully opened up with the power of the imagination! Yes, if I may speak figuratively, it is like a romantic opera by Wagner!
Suigintou: Ah... ah, huh...
Megu: Say, don't you think so too, Suigintou?
Suigintou: Eh?! Ah, don't I think so...? Now that you ask...
Megu: In this picture, together with such human feelings as unease, trouble, and melancholy, I can yet feel a love of nature... That such a picture as this could exist... it's existence itself is truly a wonder! ... Even Friedrich, Runge, Goya, Delacroix, and William Blake would be amazed!
Suigintou: I... I'm amazed at you, Megu...
Megu: It is truly a strange work.
Suigintou: That, I can understand.
Megu: Say, Suigintou, don't you think that you'd like to be able to speak with the artist who drew this?
Suigintou: Not at all!
Megu: You'd like to be able to speak with her, wouldn't you?
Suigintou: Not in the slightest!
Megu: I'd like... to hear what she has to say...
Suigintou: "Silence..."
[Click. Dialing.]
Megu: Geez, you're so dishonest with your feelings...
Suigintou: Hey, Megu! Don't just go and...!

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