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Track 7 - "My Dearest Black Angel"

[Music starts.]
Suigintou: [Echoing voice:] "Suigintou's 'Koyoi mo Ennu~i' - Christmas Special".
[Music changes.]
Suigintou: [Echoing voice:] "My Dearest Black Angel".
Suigintou: This corner is one in which I entertain your so-called words of wooing. I always get delivered entreaties from people trying to sway my heart, to make me believe that I wouldn't mind making them my Medium. But, this being a Christmas Special, I'm concentrating specifically on the wooing words of listeners who say they want to spend their Christmas together with me.
Megu: Hello. I'm Suigintou's Medium, Megu Kakizaki.
Suigintou: ... Is it all right for you to be back out of bed already?
Megu: Yes. I'm feeling better now. Sorry, everyone, for making you worry.
Suigintou: You should have stayed in bed longer.
Megu: Thanks to you, too, Suigintou, for worrying about me.
Suigintou: I... I'm not particularly worrying about you or anything!
Megu: No? But, I can tell.
Suigintou: Hmph! Say what you like...
Megu: Hey, Suigintou? Were you lonely, being by yourself?
Suigintou: Huh? There's no way I'd be lonely~!
Megu: I was lonely.
Suigintou: M-Megu...?
Megu: Whenever I'm around you, Suigintou, I feel very energetic. It's as if somehow you're sharing your strength with me - that's what it feels like.
Suigintou: To... to be sure, whenever I'm around Megu I do feel like somehow my energy's being drained away...
Megu: Want to eat an apple?
Suigintou: Where the hell did that come from, all of a sudden?!
Megu: I got it from a hospital visitor. Suigintou, do you like apples?
Suigintou: N-not particularly!
Megu: There~!
Suigintou: [Gagging sounds.]
Megu: Eat up.
Suigintou: [Chewing and swallowing.] E-enough, already! More importantly, hurry up and read a letter!
Megu: Okaaay.
[Paper rustling.]
Megu: The first one is from Medium Name "One Week Old Cake"-san.
Suigintou: Thanks.
[Music trill.]
Megu: "Tonight, I'd like to be your reindeer."
[Music starts.]
Suigintou: [Laughter.] Yes, be one~! And then let me ride on your back, and I'll go wherever I want~!
Megu: Then give me a ride, too.
[Music stops.]
Suigintou: Yes~!
Megu: Next. This is from Medium Name Akachouchin-san*.
          [* Akachouchin is the name of a fan art character you may have seen before, who looks kind of like a drunk half-naked cross between Shinku and Suigintou]
Suigintou: Thanks.
[Music trill.]
Megu: "Your smile is protein."
[Music starts.]
Suigintou: Huh? I don't understand what he means. Protein, what the hell?
Megu: Dunno. Next.
[Paper rustling.]
[Music stops.]
Megu: This one's from Medium Name "The Eraser Dust Inside My Head"-san.
Suigintou: Thanks.
[Music trill.]
Megu: "The one to become Alice will probably be Shinku-sama. Anyhow, Gin-sama, you aren't suited to become Alice, so please do the prudent thing and become my wife instead."
[Music starts.]
Suigintou: [Seething.] E-eraser dust...! Your head's packed full of eraser dust, isn't it?! I'm not going to be your wife, moron! [Echoing voice:] Become Junk and end yourself!!
[Breaking glass.]
[Music stops.]
Megu: He's already Junk, isn't he?
Suigintou: Yes, you're right~! After all, his head's packed full of eraser dust~!
Megu: Next. This one's from Medium Name "Mahjong Quiz"-san.
Suigintou: Thanks.
[Music trill.]
Megu: "Ah, Gin-sama. Wherefore art thou, Gin-sama? But, it just occurred to me, I was looking that up in a dictionary the other day, and..."
Suigintou: Mm-hm.
Megu: "What do you know, it means 'senior citizen'*."
          [* Gin-sama = literally "honored/venerable silver"]
Suigintou: [Gasp.]
Megu: "Even though you try to act young, you're just a dead-ender."
Suigintou: "S-Senior..."?!
Megu: "I love you when you act like that, Gin-sama, from the bottom of my heart."
[Music starts.]
Suigintou: Th... th-th-that doesn't follow at all! These silver locks of mine... [Gasping for breath.] Megu~!
Megu: Shhhhhhhhhh!
Suigintou: Megu~!
Megu: Shhh! Shhhhhh!
[Music stops.]
Suigintou: "Shhh"?! What's with the "shhh"...?!
[Sounds as if the voice actresses are trying to keep from cracking up for some reason.]
Megu: Well, next. This is from Medium Name Punk-san.
Suigintou: Thanks.
[Music trill.]
Megu: "Suigintou. I love you."
Suigintou: Ugh-! I'm gonna be sick! Ahh...
Megu: "... Second best, after Souseiseki."
[Music starts.]
Suigintou: What?! Whaaat?! Second best, after Souseiseki~?! Didn't he just say first that he loves me?!
Megu: Second best. After Souseiseki.
[Music stops.]
Suigintou: Fine. That's enough. Next.
Megu: This is from Medium Name "The Idiot's Military March"-san.
Suigintou: [Sigh.] Thanks.
[Music trill.]
Megu: [Singing retardedly:] "Heyyy, like, y'know, big sister Gin, I'm like, super-seeeeriously in loooove with her, and, this feeling's like, seeeeriously not half-hearted, I, like, super-seeeeeriously want to date her and stuff, and it's, like, seeeeriously not half-hearted..."
[Music starts.]
Suigintou: [Singing retardedly:] "Super-seeeeriously, do you seeeeriously want to, like, die? Su-su-super-seeeeriously I'm gonna Ju- I'm gonna turn you into Ju-Ju-Ju-Junk-" MEIMEI!!!
[Breaking glass.]
[Music changes.]
Megu: ... That concludes this week's corner, "My Dearest Black Angel".
Suigintou: W-w... what?!
Megu: Is something the matter, Suigintou?
Suigintou: No, n-not particularly... It's nothing!
Megu: Did you want to hear one from me?
Suigintou: Eh-?! ... Umm... That's not it, but... I was just a little bit disappointed that...
Megu: [Giggle.]
Suigintou: W-what's so funny?!
Megu: Nothing. Well then, I'll say it. ... Suigintou.
Suigintou: W... w-what?
Megu: ... The two of us meeting was no coincidence. It was meant to be.
Suigintou: ... [Stammering.]
[Bells ringing.]
Megu: How was that? Did it bring a lump to your throat?
Suigintou: ... H-huh? W-what are you talking about?! O-of course it didn't! Ahh, geez, honestly, every single time... What are you, stupid?!
Megu: It didn't? That's too bad.
Suigintou: ... Th... this corner is waiting for letters from you! I-if you're one who insists that he must become my Medium at any cost, then send one in! Try as best you can~!
Megu: So then, at this point, please listen to a song.
[Music stops.]

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