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Here's a translation that I threw together of an article in Megami magazine about the upcoming Rozen Maiden OVA, for people who are curious as to what information it may contain. Please forgive the clumsy wording in places; it's a very quick translation without much attempt to smooth the wording into more presentable English in places. Thanks to the anonymous imageboard contributor of this scan, as my subscription unfortunately has lapsed...

Ouverture - Megami Article (Annotated)
(click on the image for a larger view without the annotations)

1 Autumn/Winter Advance News - MEGAMI SCOOP!
2 Megami Scoop, bringing you the latest news from the world of Bishoujo Anime! This time, we’ve happened upon some astonishing latest production news on Rozen Maiden and Digi Charat! In addition, there is news that Idol Master, which is the cause of such mania in the gaming arcades, is being made into an anime. With this, autumn and beyond is sure to bring an abundant harvest!
3 Gin-sama siezes the lead role!
4 Rozen Maiden - Ouvertüre
Anime Special Edition, currently in production
[Staff and cast credits: translation omitted; appears to be much the same people as for the TV series]
5 Declaration by the staff!
Shin’ichi Nakamura (Producer):

Suigintou is cool at first glance, but she is extremely passionate and more deeply loving than anyone. Due to the sadness of the destiny she bears upon her back, our hearts will be affected all the more. As to what sort of existence she led, the stage is set long ago in 19th century Europe, when the Rozen Maidens had just met one another. To say it frankly, regarding the Rozen Maidens’ past… please pay attention to how their personalities and relationships were. You may be able to see aspects of Suigintou that noone has seen before.

Shinku and the others are in the OP as well!

7 Will the light shine upon Suigintou, who lives for the darkness?
8 In the OP this time as well, Suigintou confronts Shinku. Perhaps we’ll be able to see the first battle between the two of them?!
9 The normally solitary Suigintou, in thrall to her hatred. Will the reason she became that way finally come to light?
10 It is sad, but you can see that when Suigintou fights is when she is most lively and carefree.

With rose petals fluttering about her, Shinku is the the one to whom the name Rozen Maiden is most fitting.


It’s easy to forget about them, but these two are also fine and proud Rozen Maidens.


Since this time the title is “Prelude”, will we get to have a reunion with Souseiseki (bottom) who had lost her Rosa Mystica?!

14 Message from the Diva:
ALI PROJECT (Singer of the Theme):

Since Suigintou has the lead role this time, I thought I’d like to make the song about “the ferocity that dwells within the silence of the dark”. Suigintou appears cold, but that is probably because of the pain and wretchedness she holds in her heart. I think the truth is that she is a pure and serious girl. Doesn’t everyone have within them qualities of both Shinku and Suigintou?

With these thoughts, I created a theme song with an atmosphere different from that of “Forbidden Play” and “Holy Girl’s Territory”. Please look forward to our work.

The popular Rozen Maiden, a story written about the tough battles and everyday routines of sweet and heroic dolls. Among those Rozen Maidens, the one to whom fans throng enthusiastically is the first doll “Gin-sama”, Suigintou. Of all the dolls, she is the one most fervently seeking victory in the Alice Game, and she ends up defeated respectively by Shinku in the first season and by Barasuishou in the second season. Although Gin-sama is made out to be the chronic loser, it has been decided that this winter she will return in the starring role of the Special Edition!

This time the subtitle “Ouvertüre” has been attached, which in German musical jargon means “Prelude”. As the word indicates, this is written as a prelude to the story of the Rozen Maidens that has been unfolded up until now. The fans’ spirits are sure to be gripped by the appearance of Suigintou before she became fanatical in her hatred and before her destiny became trifled with. In order that our blood pressure doesn’t rise too high, let’s buy some lactic acid bacteria and await the production!

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